delicious fat-burning soup In the arsenal of culinary recipes of any mistressthere is more than one soup. Everyone knows about the benefits of such a meal. The liquid consistency is very easily digested by the body, without loading the digestive tract. Soup quickly saturates and gives a feeling of this satiety for a long time, and the reason lies in its volume. The main component of this dish is water, which when ingested into the stomach quickly fills it and stretches the muscle walls. It turns out that a small portion creates the effect of a "full stomach". For people who are trying to lose weight, nutritionists often prescribe a diet based on soup. It turns out that he is able not only to purify the body of toxins and toxins, but also to help in getting rid of excess kilograms. So what is this soup that is used for weight loss? The answer is simple: fat burning! In order for a person to lose weight, he needs to eat such food, the digestion of which the body spends a lot of energy. So, fat-burning soups just fulfill this function. They are extremely low-calorie, but to digest all the ingredients, the body will have to spend a lot of energy. By the way, fat-burning soup is also great for preventing excess weight. European and Western nutritionists are advised to use it regularly for patients who are obese or simply overweight. But for those who decided to try to lose weight this way for the first time, it is better to start from 5 days and gradually increase to 14. The main thing is not to hurt your health, because if you base your diet only on this soup for a long time, it can lead not to losing weight, but to exhaustion. A simple ordinary soup can become fat-burning only if the correct formula is chosen. The most suitable ingredients are white cabbage, celery, tomatoes (a wonderful antioxidant), onions, carrots, greens, garlic and bell peppers. Salt should be very little and seasoning is not worth it. cooking recipes for fat burning soup

History of fat burning soup

In search of a diet that effectively leads tolosing weight and does not have a detrimental effect on the metabolism in the body, nutritionists have developed a soup recipe that can burn fat and permanently dull the feeling of hunger. A woman who loses this way, can not be afraid of stress, mood swings and depression, which often occur when various diets are observed. A fat-burning soup has been tested by many people for a long time, and their feedback about it is very positive. They claim that they observe this diet with appetite and pleasure, but the result does not take long to wait. The recipe was passed on by nutritionists to patients and for a long time remained unknown to a large audience of people. Therefore, he did not have popularity. Soon this soup was made public. This happened after the miraculous properties of soup and the recipe for its preparation were published in the media. Almost immediately a lot of fans appeared, and their number is growing every day. The reason for this trust in soup is a healthy diet that does not burden digestion and effectively eliminates excess kilograms. Happy are all: and nutritionists, and grateful patients.

Composite fat-burning soup

Now cooking recipes for fat burning soupdivorced very much, and each of them has the right to exist, because the action of losing weight for all of them remains the main factor. But initially the recipe included 11 elements, which we will consider:

  • Chicken bouillon. Excellent reduces appetite, promotes digestion, acts soothingly on intestines and stomach mucosa. The caloric content of the broth is so low that the best basis for the fat-burning soup is not found!
  • Potatoes. It turns out that boiled potatoes are very useful for those who lose weight, since it contains vitamins and quickly saturates the body. Starch, which is contained in it, is not dangerous for dietary soup.
  • Carrot. This product is great for slimming, because, in addition to maintaining useful vitamins and trace elements, the carrot contains coarse fibers, which, like potatoes, allows you to satiate the body.
  • Cabbage kohlrabi. Due to its content of vitamins and minerals, dieticians actively use this vegetable in dietetics.
  • Bow. This vegetable can work wonders! First, it is non-caloric, and secondly, it binds together and removes from the body all that fat that was not deposited in our favor, and also seizes toxins and wastes together with it.
  • Greens: dill and parsley. Dill helps to cleanse the intestines and suppresses the feeling of hunger, while preventing the deposition of subcutaneous fat. Parsley normalizes metabolism and accelerates fat metabolism in the body. Effectively removes radionuclides.
  • Garlic. This ingredient has a fat burning property! It perfectly cleaves the fat molecules.
  • Tomatoes. They have a very low calorie content. Tomatoes are not only the main source of vitamin A in the diet, but also in combination with products such as carrots, kohlrabi cabbage and onions, preserve the carbohydrate balance.
  • Ground black pepper. It is a metabolism activator and is used as a seasoning.
  • Chicken fillet is the main source of protein in the fat-burning soup.
  • Basil. It is used as a seasoning in a dry and fresh form. Perfectly enhances the fat burning effect of garlic. Also deals with the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body.
  • Each ingredient fulfills thehis function and copes with this on "excellent", but in sum they effectively fight with extra pounds. Having studied all the properties of the fat-burning soup, we smoothly pass from theory to practice, namely to the recipes for its preparation. tomato fat-burning soup

    The classic recipe for cooking fat-burning soup

    For preparation it is required to take all 11 ingredients in the following quantities:

    • 1 chicken breast;
    • 1 potatoes;
    • 2 carrots;
    • 300 g of kohlrabi cabbage;
    • half one bulb;
    • 3 tomatoes;
    • garlic to taste;
    • one bunch of parsley and dill;
    • basil to taste;
    • a pinch of black ground pepper.

    To begin with, it is necessary to boil in salted waterchicken fillet. When the breast is ready, it must be taken out of the broth and set aside. Sliced ​​potatoes, onions, cabbage and tomatoes at the same time should be thrown into the broth and cook for about 20-25 minutes. Now you can add finely chopped garlic, parsley, dill, basil and black ground pepper. All this is still 5 minutes cook and set aside. In the finished fat-burning soup for weight loss, add finely chopped chicken breast and let it brew.

    The recipe for cabbage fat-burning soup

    To prepare a cabbage soup that burns fat, you will need the following ingredients:

    • cauliflower - half a head;
    • onion - 1 piece;
    • sweet paprika - 1 piece;
    • white cabbage - half a head;
    • tomatoes - 5 pieces (it is possible and 4, all depends on their sizes);
    • carrots - 3 pieces;
    • lemon juice - 50 ml;
    • stalks of celery - 7 pieces;
    • chili pepper - pinch;
    • garlic, coriander and herbs to taste.

    Two kinds of cabbage, paprika and carrots should be finely dividedcut and cook in ready-made chicken soup so that the vegetables are almost ready. When vegetables are cooked, you need to make sure that they are completely covered with water. If this condition is not present, then pour water. 5 minutes before the readiness to add all the remaining ingredients, before cutting the onions, tomatoes, garlic and celery. Soup can be eaten in small portions where it is 5-6 times a day. In this case, you can add fresh vegetables, but exotic sweet fruit is better to exclude. results of a diet on a burnt soup

    Recipe for tomato fat-burning soup

    So, another kind of soup for slimming,who are trying to lose all the accumulated kilograms, is a tomato fat-burning soup. To make it, you can use all the same products that are part of the previous recipes. But there are also small changes:

    • tomatoes are ripe, but dense - 3 pieces;
    • white cabbage - 500 g;
    • onions - 1 head;
    • carrots - 1 piece;
    • celery root - 30 g;
    • garlic - 2 teeth;
    • salt, seasonings - those that you prefer;
    • greens - to taste.

    The technological process begins with slicingcabbage and celery. Now you can put these vegetables in a saucepan, add water and cook in salted water. At this time, chop the carrots and onions finely and wesser in olive oil. In this roast we add tomatoes, previously rubbed and peeled, and seasonings with shabby garlic. Then we add all this to our soup. Already in the ready dish we throw greens. The important thing is that for this recipe we use vegetable broth, not chicken. Now you can try!

    Recipe for onion fat-burning soup

    Onion soup will help to remove accumulatedpollution in the body and will give a great mood and cheerfulness! With strict adherence to the diet with these soups, you can get rid of 7-8 kg, and this for one week! Is it intriguing? Then, lovely women, write down the recipe! Composite practically do not change, in this recipe they look like this:

    • white cabbage - half a head;
    • 6 onions;
    • 2 tomatoes (either fresh or canned);
    • 2 green sweet peppers;
    • 1 bunch of celery;
    • seasonings to taste;
    • greens (any);
    • salt.

    Preparing this miracle soup a littlethan is different from the preparation of recipes above. As usual, chopped cabbage and celery roots are sent to cook, the broth immediately soli. Celery leaves should not be cooked immediately, it is better to add them with the rest of the greens at the end. Onion and pepper finely chop and fry lightly in a pan. To them we interfere with the wiped, peeled tomatoes and favorite seasonings. Frying should be mixed in the broth and after 2 minutes in the pan throw greens.

    Principles of a diet on a fat burning soup

    When preparing broth, do not usecubes. Those supplements that are contained in them in large quantities are simply incompatible with such a concept as weight loss. Cook only a natural chicken or vegetable base. The amount of soup eaten per day can vary from three to five servings. Besides this soup, you can not eat anything else! The portion is determined by the standard deep dish. The course of this method of nutrition is 5 days. Fans of the diet often increase the course to 7-10 days. In any case, longer than two weeks to comply with this diet is highly not recommended. Why? Yes, because weight loss can be from 0.5 kg to 2 kg per day, and this is considered a sharp weight loss (normal weight loss, when the weight is reduced by 2-3 kg per month). Because of this, your body simply needs rest and a transition to rational and substantial nutrition. If you feel hungry, you can eat more than five servings. Excess calories do not add it to you. And be healthy and slim!