Before each meal on a diet malachovoy need to consume 100 g of vegetables The diet of Tatiana Malakhova is growingpopularity. This is not surprising, because when the results are really pleasing, you want to share this with the whole world. By profession Tatyana Malakhova is a heating engineer. It would seem that it is possible to connect this woman with the development of effective methods of losing weight? However, it is she who wants to create a unique system of weight normalization. If you want to look great, feel the vitality, enjoy yourself and the admiring looks of others, you should familiarize yourself with this amazing system of weight loss. on an empty stomach in the morning should drink one glass of water

Basic principles of diet

There are basic principles that must be observed by all who are ready to adhere to this method of losing weight:

  • To drink on an empty stomach one glass of water. This is a long-known fact, which generally has a positive impact on health.
  • Just a day to drink at least four glasses of water. Thus, the drinking regimen of the day is stabilized.
  • While eating, think only of the good,to enjoy various tastes. In our life, and so too many stresses, so you should allow yourself to stop at least several times a day and relax for half an hour, allotted for a meal.
  • There are at least 4 times a day. Frequent meals will make you feel full.
  • Do not eat before bed. Do not load the stomach, because at night he should rest with you.
  • Do not skip breakfast. Morning meal gives strength for the whole next day.
  • An important psychological aspect: the desire to work on yourself, the desire to change. Half of the work on yourself and your body occurs in your head.
  • A good night's sleep. Well, what can I say, a good rest has not hurt anyone yet.
  • More to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, salads. Vegetable products give energy and vitaminize the body.
  • Refuse from products harmful to health (salt, foods containing high amounts of sugar, smoked products, sauces, alcohol, fried in oil products.)
  • Observe the balance between fat and protein in food.
  • Before each meal, eat raw vegetables.
  • Increase physical activity. Adhering to this diet, you yourself will want to move more, because you will be full of energy and strength.
  • For better results, you should increase physical activity

    Let's draw conclusions

    The main thing in this system of losing weight is that you do notyou will be hungry, you can afford to fully eat, and this is the dream of all those who lose weight. A well-fed person feels comfortable, does not get irritated over trifles, and does not break off at his relatives. Surely you know this, if you have already tried to adhere to a particular system of weight loss. Here are the products that you can safely use (even with pleasure):

    • seafood,
    • bitter chocolate,
    • dried fruits,
    • vegetables (except potatoes),
    • fruit,
    • dairy products,
    • herbs (as seasonings),
    • wholemeal products,
    • even seeds.

    Diet Tatiana Malakhova normalize all exchangeprocesses of your body, relieves of excess weight, gives a good mood. You definitely should try this method of losing weight, because you do not risk anything, you just need to adhere to simple rules. You do not have to starve or severely limit yourself, you do not need to cook some awkward dishes. For success, you only need a desire to change and a little control over your diet.