buckwheat diet for weight loss The desire of people all over the world to quickly and strongly lose weightmakes dieticians invent more and more new ways to combat excess weight. There is a category of rigid diets, which are extremely difficult to observe. Among them, you can identify a food system based on buckwheat, but to properly prepare it, you need to know the exact recipe. This diet has a very positive effect on the body, while helping to get rid of calories.

History of occurrence

Despite the fact that the buckwheat diet is indeedtough, it takes a leading position and is popular among housewives and business ladies. The forefather of the buckwheat diet can be considered a fasting day, during which brewed buckwheat for a couple of 700-800 g without adding oil, salt and sugar, divided into 6 parts that were eaten during the day. At the same time, nothing but water, did not drink. The recipe has not changed much today. We carried out this unloading, which became classical, only once a week, but we achieved the fact that extra centimeters left the waist and hips, and the movement became easier. Thanks to the efforts of nutritionists, a new prescription for weight loss was born - rich in calories (per 100 grams of buckwheat is 313 kcal), carbohydrates, a small amount of fat, dietary fiber buckwheat diet with the presence of various accompanying elements. Many have already had a chance to try the mono diets on their own and received tremendous results. For good work of the gastrointestinal tract and fast weight loss, micro-and macronutrients, which are very little studied earlier, are needed. They are 19. In addition, the body lacks phosphorus, iron salts, oxalic acid, iodine, calcium, rutin and a number of vitamins of group B, PP , R. The mechanism of the diet is designed for the rapid splitting of internal fats in order to obtain fast carbohydrates, which are not in buckwheat porridge in the right amount. the girl on the scales

Lose weight on rump and kefir

Follow the buckwheat diet for weight lossone or two weeks. Rest is one month. As a result of the splitting of fat in the subcutaneous tissue and its removal from the body by a broom of dietary fiber buckwheat, 7-12 kg of weight is lost. Preparing the cereal without adding oil, so it contains a negligible amount of fat. The recipe and method of preparation is simple: pre-groats (1 item) are peeled, doused with boiling water, then the water is drained and again poured into 1.5 st. boiling water. Porridge is not boiled, but wrapped in a woolen scarf and left for the night. At the same time, nutritionists recommend connecting a special power system. Buckwheat diet provides for consumption of porridge without salt in unlimited quantities. The last time you can have a snack 4-5 hours before sleep, drinking half an hour before or after 1% kefir in the amount of 1 liter. In no case do you need to combine buckwheat with kefir or another liquid, for example, juice or tea. Similarly, gastric juices, necessary for digesting porridge, will be washed from the stomach, and buckwheat will be excreted from the body undigested. Then the stomach and small intestine with broken acidity will not be until weight loss. For a day you need to consume at least 1.5 liters of mineral water, always non-carbonated. Drinking green tea with a slice of lemon is very useful during a diet, as it protects the intestinal mucosa and stomach from putrefactive bacteria. Excellent for any vitamin tea from the collection of medicinal herbs, which is useful for weight loss and blood cleansing. To prepare a blood tea, you first need to know its prescription. Equal parts are taken by the weight of sea-buckthorn, violet tricolor, celandine, birch leaf, white mulberry leaf, pumpkin seeds flaps. In a porcelain kettle, the collection (2 tbsp) is boiled with boiling water (1 tbsp.) And insisted for 20 minutes. Take 50 ml an hour before meals 4 times. If the work activity is connected with mental work, then in the mornings on an empty stomach it is necessary to drink a very useful drink. To make it, dilute honey (1 tsp) and flower pollen (0.5 tsp) in a glass of water. And when a monotonous buckwheat diet begins to strain, to relieve the feeling of hunger in porridge add a little chopped onions, garlic, herbs, soy sauce without salt or lemon juice. In a few days a person can feel that the buckwheat diet is too tough for him. And if he is already ready to get off the straight road of his weight loss, then you should make a small exception and please the stomach with two fruit fruits. Another allowed to eat a cabbage salad with 1 tbsp. l. honey, you can add greens as a source of vitamins. Apples and greens can be added directly to buckwheat. Other unsweetened fruits (all except dates, grapes, bananas or persimmons), as well as lettuce should be consumed separately from the porridge. buckwheat groats with kefir for weight loss

How to withstand a hard mono-diet

This buckwheat diet is observed for 1-2 weeks andbased only on the use of buckwheat. The effect of losing weight - 7-10 kg of weight, provided that during meals during the day no additional food will not follow. Repeated diet is allowed only after a month's break. It should be remembered that porridge should be without salt, sauces and butter. You can consume an unlimited amount of porridge. It is allowed every 2 days to eat 1-2 apples to replenish the body with pectin and carbohydrates. Too ripe and sweet fruit to eat is not recommended. They have a high glycemic index, which increases blood sugar levels. Do not use apples just for a snack. They need to be added to the porridge for the sake of weight loss. If before the diet the body was engaged in processing the next portion of chocolate, meat or bun, but now - the splitting of complex carbohydrates. The challenge of complex carbohydrates is to help the digestive system to work actively, improving metabolism and raising vitality. Due to this fat is not stored in the body. Do not forget that a person should drink 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight per day. As a supplement, it is recommended to use teas and infusions of herbs, which need to be taken every hour for 30-50 ml. Here are some recipes:

  • Tea recipe for blood circulation activationbuckwheat diet: crushed in a coffee grinder or blender rose hip (fruits - 2 parts), parsley curly (fruits), common bearberry - 1 piece. Steam in a teapot (300 ml) 1-2 tsp. collecting and drinking 1 tbsp. before eating porridge 1-2 times a day.
  • The recipe for vitaminized tea: knead a slice of lime or lemon cut into slices, add tarancha or melissa (2 tbsp) sliced ​​and mashed with a hammer, pour hot boiled water (2 liters), let it brew. The dose is calculated for a day.
  • Many people are not used to food at firstproducts without a certain taste of salt or sugar, but in time you can get used to it. Buckwheat diet is salt-free. It helps improve the delicate taste and smell, reduce the craving for sweets, which is so important for losing weight.

    How to switch to the usual diet

    During the period of weight loss, the stomach also decreasessizes. Therefore, after getting out of the diet, you need to do without a belly holiday and do not attack fat and sweet food. When the buckwheat diet is observed, a gradual transition to the usual diet is recommended. To begin with, you will have enough of a piece of bread, coarse egg, or low-fat cottage cheese for breakfast. In the afternoon - low-fat soup or vegetables with lean fish or meat, and for dinner buckwheat porridge is again used. Gradually included in the diet fish with vegetables without starch, chicken breast with fruits (unsweetened), turkey with bread coarse grinding. Like all other mono-diets, the buckwheat diet has contraindications. It should not be observed by nursing mothers, pregnant women and people with low blood pressure. Consultation of the doctor is required.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Dieticians recommend buckwheat diet because ofuseful composition of cereals. Carbohydrates make up a small percentage, and proteins, iron, phosphorus, amino acids, iodine, potassium and a complex of vitamins allow not to impoverish the body as a result of the process of losing weight. Buckwheat can favorably affect the condition of hair, skin and nails, so beauticians recommend it as a recipe for beauty and youth. Through fiber, she performs cleansing of the intestine, coping with toxins and toxins. If you choose a recipe for buckwheat diet with kefir, then thanks to lactic bacteria you can forget about the putrefactive microflora of the intestine, pimples and acne on the skin, dermatitis and excess ballast in the liver and gall bladder. Daily kefir often causes flatulence, and a three-day yolk leads to constipation, so they need to be alternated. If you are faced with such a problem during a diet as constipation, then it will be useful for you to learn the recipe for a special infusion. Just add a leaf of Alexandria or bark of buckthorn to vitamin tea and drink 1 tbsp. twice a day. If you choose a prescription for weight loss with a mono-diet without any additives, salt and sugar, then you can eat porridge only in small doses. The process of losing weight is accelerated. Buckwheat cleanses the body and removes excess water, which threatens dehydration. The lack of salt causes sweating in the summer, weakness and headache, which prevents you from doing sports. Therefore, it is so important during the diet to consume a sufficient amount of liquid.