a simple diet on soups Holidays, especially the New Year, are able to withdrawout of balance any girl, even the most persistent. After a large number of days off, as a rule, people gain excess weight, which is very problematic to lose. In this case, definitely need a diet. But it is not necessary after a heavy feast to sharply sit on a rigid diet. It is enough to arrange a self-loading week, which will not put stress on the body. To do this, you can just use the slimming soup, which quickly and effectively helps to solve the problem. Many modern girls prefer to lose weight with the help of salads, which contain very small calories and have good reviews. But, as a rule, this diet is usually designed for strong and strong-willed people who are able to cope with their hunger. For people more "nervous" nutritionists have created a whole course, which consists of soups with low caloric content. Bonn soup for weight loss

Diet on onion soup: recipe and reviews

Modern soup for weight loss includesseveral varieties that can be varied all week. First of all it is onion soup, which is called Bonn in a different way. Reviews about this recipe are positive. In order to cook onion soup, you need to collect the following ingredients:

  • 1 kg of cabbage.
  • Six large bulbs.
  • Five tomatoes. Suitable as fresh or salty.
  • A couple of carrots.
  • A couple of sweet Bulgarian pepper.
  • A few stalks of celery.
  • A bunch of greenery.
  • Spices to taste.

After all the ingredients are collected, you canstart the process of cooking for a diet that takes not so much time. First of all, it is necessary to finely chop the onion, and also to roast it in olive oil. Then you need to cut into cubes all the main vegetables, including cabbage. After this, you need to add all the vegetables and pour cold water, slightly pouring for taste. It is necessary to add fat-free broth so that the recipe is a success. Next, put the contents of the saucepan on a fire and bring it to the boiling point, then cook for at least 10-15 minutes to give the dish a rich taste. After 15 minutes, it is necessary to reduce the heat and cook until all vegetables are ready. Usually it does not take much time. Before you serve the diet soup to the table, it is best to sprinkle it with herbs to give an unforgettable aroma. This is also promoted by various spices that can be used in the recipe, such as curry, coriander, ginger and cumin. They are able not only to give flavor and aroma, but also disastrously affect fat cells, destroying them. cooking soup for weight loss

Diet on cauliflower soup: recipe and reviews

Soup for weight loss is not only usefulproperties, but also a very fragrant taste that will amaze even the most demanding gourmet. Reviews of this soup, as well as on onion, give hope for rapid weight loss. The soup recipe consists of the following ingredients:

  • One large carrot.
  • For the recipe you need a couple of stalks of useful celery.
  • Approximately 100 g of rutabaga.
  • A quarter of a cauliflower.
  • A large and juicy bulb.
  • A small amount of spices, such as turmeric and pepper and salt.
  • Olive oil and vegetable broth.

To give flavor and a pleasant rich tastesoup, it is necessary to cut the diced vegetables for about a couple of minutes in olive oil. Then you need to add spices and broth, which will add extra flavor and pleasant taste. This creature is cooked for no more than twenty minutes, so that the taste does not get lost.

Diet on cream-soup of celery: recipe and reviews

Celery slimming soup is prepared from the following ingredients:

  • First of all, one large stem of leeks will be needed to give an amazing piquancy and utility.
  • A small bunch of celery will perfectly match the recipe, which will set the desired consistency.
  • A little sage, which will give a pleasant aroma.
  • Half a liter of low-fat chicken broth so that the soup does not turn monotonous.
  • It is also necessary to add a small amount of low-fat milk, approximately 1%.
  • And also spices for individual taste.

To make a great soup for losing weightfrom celery, it is required to cut onions in small circles and fry it in olive oil, for 10 minutes. After ten minutes, it is necessary to send celery and sage to the pan with butter and onions and continue the dressing for no more than five minutes. Then you need to add all the other ingredients and cook until ready, that is until the celery stems become soft. After that, the soup must always be passed through the blender to give it a consistency of puree. Serve best with warm, decorated with a leaf of basil or parsley. Diet based on cream-soup of celery has very positive feedback. cream celery soup

Diet on tomato soup: recipe and reviews

Soups for weight loss, recipes of which can bemeet on any site dedicated to useful and proper nutrition, have positive feedback due to their effectiveness. The recipe for tomato soup includes such useful ingredients:

  • Four large sweet red bell peppers.
  • Litre of salted tomato juice.
  • A couple of strongly ripe tomatoes.
  • A little chicken non-fat broth to give a rich flavor and aroma.
  • A half-liter of fresh orange juice, for the spicy taste.
  • Spices for individual taste.

It is necessary to pass through the blender pepper,rosemary, sugar and a half-liter of tomato juice, a little tomatoes. The necessary consistency is puree. After this, it is necessary to mix the prepared puree with orange and tomato juice and send it to the stove. Cook should be at least ten minutes from the time of boiling. Such soup is best served with warm and decorated cilantro or parsley.

Diet on carrot soup: recipe and reviews

Excellent dietary advice on carrot soup-puree. In addition to the fact that carrots promote weight loss, it also improves eyesight. A unique recipe consists of the following ingredients:

  • One large onion.
  • Five large carrots.
  • A couple of small potatoes.
  • Tablespoon of olive oil.
  • A liter of chicken fat-free broth.
  • And a small amount of spices, which a person determines individually for himself.

To cook soup with an unusual recipe,it is necessary to add oil to the pan, cut into small pieces of onions and fry it for no more than five minutes to give flavor and saturation to the whole soup. Then you need to cut small cubes of carrots and potatoes and add to the onions. Fry, and then, gently stirring, add broth and cook after boiling for twenty minutes. After the soup has cooled, it is necessary to pass it through the blender and add a little lemon juice and spices to taste. Before serving, it is necessary to warm this dish and decorate with greens. Soups are able to bring any figure to perfection, giving curves a pleasant outline. It is worth noting that this diet for a month can help to lose from five to ten extra pounds. Not surprisingly, the reviews about her are only good.