how to wind hair on curlers Do you have straight hair? But you want to have curly hair, do not you? This problem is quite frequent, but, thank God, solvable. Its beauty is easy to emphasize curly locks, which can help hair curlers. If you decide to emphasize your natural beauty with beautiful curly hair, then you just need to know how to wind hair on curlers. For beautiful curls you need curlers of the right size. The modern market can offer a huge number of very different in shape and size curlers. There are plastic curlers, metal with plastic coating, foam rubber and electric curlers. And fastenings of hair curlers also differ a variety. The most popular among women are hair curlers with an elastic band. What are good curlers? Yes, because they absolutely do not harm the hair, in contrast to the perm and hot tongs. Of course, in the curling of hair with curlers, there is a small drawback - at first this procedure takes quite a long time. But in time, if you do the perming regularly, you will learn how to quickly wind your hair. Of course, each of the types of curlers on the technique of their use are different. But all kinds of curlers combine several rules. So, do not dry your hair too much before curling, because overdried hair is difficult to wind on curlers, and curls on dry hair will quickly lose shape. But also it is impossible to curl too wet hair, as they can unduly steam out, which also does not contribute to a quality wave. And the process of laying hair on curlers and their further drying will take too much time. If the hair is too dry, they should be sprinkled with water from the spray gun before curling.

What is important to know before curling?

So, what you need to know before windinghair on curlers? Let's look into this. First you need to prepare the necessary tools for curling. First of all you will need, of course, the curlers themselves. Also two mirrors and a comb with a thin long handle will be necessary. Also it does not hurt to have a spray gun with water at hand. The presence of two mirrors is necessary in order to be able to wind hair on the back of the head. With the help of a comb with a thin handle, you can easily separate individual strands of hair, and the atomizer is needed in the event that the hair is overdried. When winding hair on curlers, each strand must be carefully combed, especially if the curlers used are with bristles, because badly combed hair will simply get entangled in these bristles and free them from the curlers will be quite problematic and long. In order to keep the wave for longer, you can use special fixers, which should wet the hair before curling. Such fixers on the hair are laid with a light film, and also strengthen and protect them. When choosing a fixer, remember that it should suit your hair type, because the incorrectly chosen fixer not only does not improve the quality of the curl, but on the contrary it only hurts the hair. So, if a finisher with the easiest degree of fixation is applied to thin hair, then the hairstyle will be well preserved, while the fixers with stronger fixation will only weight the hair and it will quickly lose its shape.

How correctly to wind hair on curlers?

The technique of winding hair on hair curlers is not something unimaginably complex. There are several rules for winding hair:

  • With the help of a comb (which is needed - we have alreadytold) you should separate a lock of hair equal to the width of the curlers used. To ensure that the separated strand does not fall apart in the hands with a curl it should be slightly sprinkled with water from the spray gun. Twist the strand from the ends of the hair, attaching them to the middle of the curler and wrapping the curlers inward, so that her hair is wrapped evenly. And so to the very roots of the hair, and do not screw the hair too tightly, so that it does not hurt. So it should be wound all the hair, after which you should wait for the hair to dry completely and then remove the curlers. To comb hair it is necessary not earlier than in a quarter of an hour after a wave - so locks longer will keep the form.
  • If your hair is thin or naughty, whichwith minimal moisture, they lose their styling, then, before winding the strand, special gel or foam should be applied to it. Modern hair styling products not only help keep the hairstyle much longer, but also strengthen the hair. Choose a styling product according to your hair type.
  • If you decide to use electric curlers, then you know: too often they can not be used. In addition, on the electric curler, only dry hair should be wound.
  • Hair in the forehead needs to be wound on larger curlers than on the back of the head and the sides of the head.
  • It is important that the tip of the strand should lie flat on the curlers, as otherwise the tips will turn out to be sloppy and it will ruin the entire hairstyle.
  • Strands need to be wound strictly at an angle of 900 to the roots of the hair with a slight tension of the strand.

Kinds of hair curlers and features of winding hair

Well, here we figured out the technique of winding uphair on curlers. Now it's time to find out what types of hair curlers exist, and how to wind hair on curlers of one kind or another. To date, the most common are just a few types of curlers, including electric curlers, hair curlers with hairpins, curlers with elastic bands and foam rubber curlers. Foam curlers - the most simple in their application, they allow not only easy, but also very quickly curl hair. But this type of curler has one big drawback - the curls wound by such curlers will not last long, so it's better to choose more rigid curlers. Electro-curlers, of course very comfortable, but they often spoil the hair. Electro-curlers are equipped with heating rods, on which curlers are attached. Heating rods heat curlers, after which they can wind hair. Very often the electric curlers are equipped with bristles. On this type of curler, never wet the hair. When winding hair using curlers with hairpins, the standard winding technology is used, but after the strand is wound on the curlers, one should take a hairpin and slip it in the curler so that the hairpin at the bottom end rests on the head. Curlers with an elastic band are used as well as all other types, but the strand wound on a hair curler is fastened by an elastic band. To do this, pull the tip, which is attached to the elastic band, and transfer it to the opposite end of the curler so that the hair is secured with an elastic band on both sides.

How to wind long hair?

So, the general principles of using curlers and theirkinds we have considered. Short hair to wind on the curler is quite easy, which can not be said about long hair. Let's figure out how to wind hair on curlers - long hair requires more time and skill. In general, the technique of winding long hair on curlers is exactly the same as winding short and medium hair. Also, when winding hair on the curlers, long hair should be combed, moistened from the atomizer, separated from the thin strand and, starting from the tips, wound them on the curler, holding the strand perpendicular to the head. It should be noted that the strand should be separated much thinner than with the winding of short hair, otherwise long hair may simply not fit on the curler, which will not give good results. In addition, when winding long hair, you should always use styling products - mousses, foams and the like. You can use for this purpose, and beer, and gelatin, and sugar. In general, what you use for styling - whether purchased or cooked according to folk recipes - is up to you. Dry winded long hair can be either a hair dryer or a natural way. For winding long hair, you should not choose a curler with an elastic band, as the elastic band can leave marks on the hair, resulting in curls that turn out to be sloppy. Well, that's our little tour of the world of curlers. We wish you to choose the right hair curlers and from the very first time get the best possible result! We advise you to read: