Lamination of hair Use of means for laminating hairallow you to make your hair feel chic. The hair instantly becomes more shiny and protected from the effects of the external environment. It is only necessary to make the right choice of the method and means for laminating hair.

What is lamination?

Lamination of hair is acosmetic procedure, which eliminates the problem of brittle and split ends. Ideal for those who can not cope with naughty locks on their own. Even after washing, the effect persists for a while. Hair can easily be laid and combed without any problems. Also, lamination is a way to protect the head of hearing from negative environmental factors, since during the procedure each hair is covered with protective substances. In addition, this procedure allows you to keep an intense shade and reduce the impact of chemicals. After laminating, any haircut will look more impressive. This is due to the fact that the structure of the hair is smoothed, unevenness is eliminated, and the hair itself becomes thicker and more elastic. hair lamination in salon

Cosmetic procedure

It should be noted that the human hair consists ofa lot of keratin scales that do not have color. They are often called the cuticle. In healthy, these scales or the outer layer fit tightly to each other, allowing to preserve the trunk of the hair for a long time. Under the influence of negative environmental factors, scales are detached from each other. As a result, the hair surface becomes more uneven and rough. The open spaces between the scales are the main place for damage. This leads to thinning and the formation of split ends. The lamination procedure is carried out in order to restore this protective film to the surface of the hair, whereby the flakes abut each other and continue to preserve the structure. A certain amount of time applied means for laminating hair protect them from damage. To the effect does not stop, you must regularly visit the beauty salon to re-conduct the lamination.

The Benefits of Laminating Hair

Of course, there are supporters and opponentsany cosmetic procedures, including procedures for improving and strengthening hair. But the modern drugs that are used for this procedure are completely safe for the health of the hair and the body as a whole. The process itself consists in applying a cellulose film that has protective and water-repellent properties. It should be noted that this layer does not interfere with the breathing of the hair, therefore they remain beautiful and healthy for a long time. The incoming nutrients remain inside while applying balms or masks, because the film does not allow them to go outside. After the first treatment session, the hair becomes more smooth and shiny. Not every procedure gives a visible result immediately after the procedure. It is advisable to use the special care products, which are designed specifically for hair after lamination, to fix the effect. It can be shampoos, balms, conditioners, masks and others. lamination of hair at home

How to perform lamination at home?

It is not necessary to create a beautifulhairstyles to visit expensive beauty salons, in which professionals will easily conduct any procedure. There are a lot of ways to give health and beauty to your hair at home. This also applies to lamination. The most simple and affordable means for home laminating is the use of a ready-made spray. It is applied to each strand, after which the scales adhere and envelop the hair shaft. To wash off such means it is not necessary. This method is called rapid lamination, as it is carried out quickly enough, but to fix the result, it is necessary to spray regularly. A full-fledged procedure is more laborious and complex, but professional tools sold in specialized stores and salons allow you to make your hair stronger and healthier. For high-quality lamination, you need to purchase a special shampoo, which is used for deep cleansing, a polymer reductant, a moisturizing emulsion, a softening spray, a nutritive oil for weakened tips. Of course, it is recommended to consult a specialist beforehand in order to choose the optimal set of products for a particular type and structure of hair. Also at home, gelatin lamination is used. To do this, the gelatin dissolved in cold water is evenly applied over the entire length of the strands, after which it remains for 1-2 hours. After such a mask, the hair becomes shiny and more durable.