hair mask with dimexid At last thaws thawed, the sun shone brighter,frosts retreated to the next year, giving way to spring. Girls change their fur coats to light coats and take off their hats. And this, of course, is great, but not everyone has hair after "hibernation" look alive and well-groomed. Often only the memories remain of the hairstyle, and the strands themselves hang limply along the face. What to do? Resuscitate the hair with Dimexide. How exactly? Now we will teach. Only immediately warn that this is an effective drug, an overdose of which can lead to a burn of the skin. Therefore it is very important to strictly observe all proportions. We hasten to reassure those who do not trust the recipes of various online publications. Checking the correctness of the components is very simple. Any hair mask with dimexid should contain 1 part of the active substance and 3 parts of the auxiliary components. In the role of an active substance, as you probably already understood, dimexid is the one that acts. The remaining ingredients vary depending on the type of your hair and the effect you want to achieve. The number of auxiliary components may increase, while dimexide always remains in the minority.

What is Dimexide

Dimexide is a strong drug,which is used for tissue healing. It penetrates deep into the skin, saturating it with all the necessary substances. That is, if you add burdock oil to the mask, there is a guarantee that its useful properties will reach the very roots of your hair, and not just wash with shampoo the first time you wash your hair. In addition, dimexide has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects that help stop hair loss, cure dandruff and strengthen hair follicles. Agree, not bad for a modest bottle with a terrible name! Cosmetologists even consider dimexide first aid in the treatment of serious problems with hair. Come on, and we'll take advantage of his services. " mask with dimexid for hair

Precautionary measures

As already mentioned, dimexide is a pieceSerious, and you need to use them very carefully. Therefore, before you start experimenting with hair masks, be sure to read the list of warnings:

  • Dimexide corrodes the skin and erases the nail polish, so when applying the mask, use rubber gloves.
  • Do not be scared if the remedy starts to bake the head. This is normal. Those who have already tried on mustard masks, confirm this (by the way, dimexid bakes the head less than mustard).
  • Unpleasant smell is also included in the scenario, so you do not need to carry the bottle back to the pharmacy with the claim that the drug is spoiled.
  • What is still very important is the uniform consistency of the hair mask. Before applying the product on the hair, mix the mixture thoroughly again, otherwise get a skin burn.
  • Often women, washing off the mask from the hair, instead of the long-awaited improvement, feel discomfort and severe itching. Be patient. This dimexide is engaged in increasing the flow of blood to the scalp.
  • Many recipes suggest the use of warmdimexide. We hasten to warn you that it is not possible to heat the medicinal product strongly. It is better to warm the oil base on the water bath, and already there carefully mix dimexid.
  • Remember the proverb "like honey, and a spoon"? So she very well characterizes modern girls who, after seeing the first results of a mask with dimexidum, begin to carry out procedures almost every day. Lovely you are ours, everything is good in moderation. And if we talk about dimexide, then "everything is fine once a week." After all, similar masks with equal success how to cure your hair, and ruthlessly burn the scalp. Therefore, read the recipes using folk remedies and never exceed the exposure time of the mask on the head.
  • hair masks with dimexid

    Masks for hair with dimexidom

    The mask with dimexidum strengthening Those who have noticed,that hair on the comb was added, and luxurious curls turned into the remains of the former magnificence, dimexid (2 tsp) and sea buckthorn oil (6 tsp) will help. Heat the sea-buckthorn oil in a water bath, let it cool down a bit and add dimexide. Stir thoroughly - and, voila, the express hair mask is ready. Ingredients:

    • Vitamin A - 1 tbsp.
    • Vitamin E - 1 tbsp.
    • Burdock oil - 2 tablespoons;
    • Castor oil - 2 tablespoons;
    • Dimexide - 1 tbsp.

    Mix all the ingredients, heat a littlewater bath (to boil to bring strictly prohibited). All is ready. Now you can start to heal the hair. Apply mask on the head for 1 hour, then rinse with warm water and shampoo. Just get ready to wash the oil film for a few more days, because these masks have a very greasy consistency. Mask for hair growth with dimexidum Those who want to grow long hair, do not necessarily sign up for the procedure of building in a beauty salon. It is enough to go to the pharmacy for dimexid and be patient. And while you're dreaming of how to conquer men with a single wave of your head, mix lemon juice, vitamin A and E and dimexid (all 2 tablespoons). Apply on clean hair, and can dream for at least an hour. Then you again have to go back to the sinful land, wash the hair mask off your head and rejoice at the result. Of course, once the ambassador of applying the mixture you can not turn into a long-haired nymph, but the improvement in the condition of the hair will be noticeable immediately. Hair mask "Vitamin explosion" We all drink vitamins in the early spring to strengthen the body after the winter. However, our hair also needs additional protection and vitamins. And one of the tablets will be small. We suggest you arrange a vitamin party right on your head. To do this, mix one teaspoon of vitamins A, E, D, B6, B12, castor and burdock with 3 teaspoons of dimexide. I'm sure your locks will be immensely grateful for such care. Mask with dimexidom for blondes Today, blondes are so popular that they write jokes about them and take humorous programs. Cosmetologists decided to go even further and created a mask for the hair specifically for blondes. Its recipe is extremely simple (apparently, the beauty industry workers were afraid that blonde girls will not remember the long list of ingredients and the different amounts of each component). Mix 1 teaspoonful:

    • essential oil of lemon;
    • burdock oil;
    • castor oil;
    • dimexide;
    • vitamin A and E.

    Next, as usual - rub the mixture into the skinhead and rinse with warm water and shampoo. A rinse conditioner can be used. Dimexid did all the work for him. Mask for dry hair with dimexid Some owners of dry scalp are afraid to use hair masks with dimexid, on the grounds that the aggressive component will dry the skin even more. The course of their thoughts, of course, is logical, but fundamentally wrong. Especially as the most common constituents in the mask for hair with dimexidum are essential oils. And they will not only not dry the skin, but also add to it the missing moisture. Do not believe me? Check yourself. To do this, mix 1 egg yolk, a tablespoon of burdock oil and a teaspoon of dimexide. Are you ready? And now rub the resulting mixture into the head for an hour, rinse with warm water and shampoo. Mask-salvation for oily hair. Greasy hair dimexide also restores. And it does it quite well. Help him in this cognac (1 tablespoon), burdock oil (1 tablespoon), vitamin A (2 tablespoons). All the ingredients must be mixed, add 1 tablespoon of dimexide. Apply to the hair and suffer a little bit of the traditional burning of the scalp. What to do, dimexin is a rather aggressive drug, and it acts as well. But in the end you will have long healthy hair. And this is the main point. Although no. The main thing at all times was not the beauty or length of the braid, but simple human decency. If the woman was modest in communication, did not abhor the household, did not bully her nose, then she was willingly forgiven with rare hair and dandruff on her shoulders. While arrogant beauties often remained in proud solitude. And a long braid of them from this fate did not save. So what to be, it's up to you. No, we do not agitate you to stop watching for yourself so that people will believe in your virtue. Just in pursuit of the beauty of the outside, do not forget about the inner attraction.