beautiful haircut bob on long hair A hairstyle called "bob" liked many forits universality. Haircut bob on long hair is as good as on middle ones. It is suitable for girls with straight hair and curly hair. It is ideally combined with any type of face.

The many-faced bean

It's not so difficult to make such a comfortable hairstyle. The hairdresser cuts the control strand on the back of the neck and already cuts the rest with a small brace. Depending on the desired effect, the ends of the hair can be decorated with a special razor, profiled or trimmed with regular scissors. Haircut bob on long hair can be performed in different ways. It depends on the angle of inclination of the finished hairstyle. Graduated bean is characterized by a smooth cascade. It is distributed along the entire length of the brace and creates a beautiful volume. Graduating makes the image easy and flirty. In addition to multi-layering, such a hairstyle can also be asymmetric. A sharp angle of the haircut will make her owner effective and stylish. Thick bangs to the eyebrows - this is another "highlight" of the hairstyle. But the bean is equally good and with a rare, and with a short, and oblique bangs. For girls with an oval type of face, curly locks are more suitable, chubby should choose a smooth hairstyle with falling strands on the face. The same option is perfect for a face of the square type. It is strongly recommended that such a hairstyle be made to girls with short necks. "Bob" will add grace and visually stretch the neck. To make the image more interesting, you can play with coloring your hair. Coloring with two or three shades looks very stylish and fashionable. Choosing warm colors, you can add mystery and femininity, and the hairstyle as a whole will acquire a visually extra volume. For those who are not afraid of experiments and like to be in the spotlight, colors are better to choose bright ones, and transitions of staining make sharp. fashionable hairstyles bob for long hair

All sorts of styling

To look always well-groomed and beautiful,it is not necessary to spend a lot of time on laying. The main rule: the hair should always be clean. After washing, you must apply mousse and blow dry well with a hairdryer. A stream of air to guide to the roots of the hair, and then move to the tips, lifting each strand. The tips of the hair need to be screwed inside. You can do this with a regular round comb and hair dryer or using forceps. The daily hairstyle turns out to be simple, beautiful and voluminous. For a date or a trip to the cinema, the daily styling can be easily and quickly transformed into an evening one. For this purpose it is enough to put on hair gel and to smooth disobedient prjadki. Hairspray will help complete the image. Romantic styling will help to make hair curlers. They need to be wound on wet clean hair, then dry the head with a hair dryer and after completely drying hair remove the curlers, and carefully trim the curls with your fingers. If necessary, use a varnish with sparkles. The effect of "wet hair" is ideal for a party. This laying looks stylish, interesting and will certainly draw attention to itself, and it is done very easily. For washed damp hair, you must apply a special gel. Now you need a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle. Hair must be dried from the roots and at the same time squeezed them with their hands. This method gives each strand a very unusual and interesting shape. To fix the hair, use a varnish.