beautiful chestnut hair color Chestnut color of hair - brownish shadered color, named after the fruits of chestnut. It is suitable for young girls, and for successful business ladies. It is one of the main trends of this year. If more recently, fatal brunettes and luxurious blondes have walked confidently along the world catwalks, today the fashion brings out a mysterious brown-haired woman. Chestnut color of hair is the most variant, it is rich in shades: caramel, chocolate, honey, walnut, copper, nutmeg, cappuccino, gold, melted milk, chocolate, sand, etc. hair coloring alone

Who will approach a chestnut color?

Despite the fact that the chestnut hair color is veryis beautiful, it goes far not to everyone and can enter into contrast with color of a skin, creating an inharmonious image. Therefore, if you still chose it, it is better, of course, to consult with a specialist. Given your color pattern, he can correctly choose a shade of chestnut. Chestnut color of hair is ideal for green, golden (autumn and spring type), light-brown eyes. How to choose the right shade of chestnut? Owners of light skin will look aristocratic with chestnut-colored hairs of ripe cherry blossom. The most suitable for mulattoes will be walnut shades. If you have green eyes, it will be appropriate to honey or light chestnut shade. The color will become more expressive if done in highlights. For this purpose shades are best suited: caramel, cream-brulee, coffee, walnut. When coloring, use the same tones as for highlighting. Chestnut color is quite convenient for home staining, but it is better to do it in the salon if a shade is chosen lighter than the native color. Coloring is also better to produce in the salon. Secrets of staining:

  • To avoid a red or reddish hue, you need to choose a cooler color tone: chocolate or nut.
  • To avoid the effect of "light roots", the paintit is necessary to apply first to the roots, and afterwards - along the entire length, lastly - to the tips. Another way: before dyeing, moisten the tips with ordinary water, and the paint will be less intensively absorbed.
  • Psychologists believe that natural brown-haired women haverefined taste, girls, coloring their hair in this color, have charisma, which helps them to reach unprecedented peaks in the economy, management, politics. Natural and unnatural brown-haired women are bright and creative personalities. This color perfectly matches almost any color of accessories and clothes, is relevant for any style and is suitable for any event. care for chestnut hair color

    Care for chestnut hair

    What hairstyles and styling can come up? Ideal option is the ponytail - the standard of style, femininity and coquetry. To give volume to short hair, a curl with large curls or with the effect of wet hair will do. Another great option for long chestnut hair is smooth strands, they can be secured with fashion accessories:

  • hairpin with rhinestones,
  • hoop,
  • satin ribbons,
  • an elegant barrette.
  • Chestnut hair is not whimsical in care. To maintain the natural beauty and healthy appearance, they must be carefully cleaned and moistened. Conditioners, masks, cosmetics with UV filters are mandatory for regular use. The structure of hair damaged by frequent use of paint will help restore masks for chestnut hair. They are made on the basis of rosemary or walnut. To achieve a golden shine, the hair can be rinsed with a decoction of chamomile or rhubarb.