useful argan oil for hair Moroccan, or argan, hair oilare obtained by the method of cold pressing of bones, which are taken from the fruit of the tree of argania. For many centuries, the Berber people have been using this wonderful elixir for hair, for body, and for cooking, because it considers it curative. Nowadays all plantations with argan trees belong to the state property and are protected by UNESCO. The Moroccan king himself made sure that the trees did not fall into the ownership of any major cosmetic companies - they are still the property of Morocco.

Argan oil production

Like many centuries ago, in order toto produce argan oil for hair, raw material is collected by Berber women exclusively by hand, and Moroccan it is called because Morocco still retains an absolute monopoly on its development. From this it follows that any hair oil that is available is sold in Morocco, and if you see this cosmetic product on the shelves, for example, in Ukraine, then you've got a fake. This valuable product has found its application mainly in the care of hair, skin of the face, body, as well as the skin of the hands and behind the nails. argan oil

Chemical composition

Argan oil mainly consists of fattyunsaturated acids: the proportion of oleic acid is 40-60%, linoleic - 28-36%, palmitic - 12-16% and stearic acid - about 3-8%. In addition to these components, there are antioxidant substances, vitamins A, F, E, fungicides and antibiotics.

External characteristics

The product itself has a thick consistency and canbe yellow or golden in color. If it is intended for food purposes, it has a bright nutty aroma, and if it is created to care for the body or hair, it has almost no smell. When this cosmetic for hair or skin is prepared, the original raw materials are not heat treated, the seeds are crushed with hand presses and the so-called "liquid gold" is the present possession of Morocco. To obtain one liter of finished argan oil, it is necessary to take 100 kg of argan tree fruit, and, meanwhile, each tree yields no more than 6-8 kilograms of fruit, and these trees do not bear fruit every year. It is because of this consumption of fruits that this type of cosmetic products is not so cheap. Healing properties and the effect of argan oil on hair Argan oil has the following useful properties:

  • creation of a protective filter on the surface of the hair and on the scalp area, which protects against harmful influence of ultraviolet rays;
  • giving softness;
  • giving shine and radiance;
  • elimination of dryness and damaged areas;
  • endowment with elasticity;
  • protection of color after staining;
  • simplification of the laying process.

In order to achieve all these positiveeffects, based on oil, argan make masks and wraps. It is worth noting that the oil consumption will be very small, and a positive result will be visible after the first use. use of argan oil for hair

Masks and wraps

If you want to make an oil maskargan, it is better to take it in pure form. A distinctive feature of this oil is that it works well on the hair without any additional additives. If your hair is healthy and does not need to fix any problems, then you can use argan oil in the amount of 2 or 3 drops to protect against ultraviolet rays. Exceed this volume of oil should not be, otherwise the curls will look fat.

  • Mask for softness and shine of hair

After a usual washing of a head on still wet locksapply 2-3 drops of oil and distribute them evenly, for this it is good to use a massage brush. Rinse hair after 15 minutes under clean running water.

  • Mask strengthening with argan and burdock oils

Take equal parts of argan oil and smallburdock, mix them and heat with a water bath. Then apply this beneficial elixir to the scalp and the roots of your hair. Wrap the hair of your head with a film, and over a towel - such measures will improve blood flow. This mask should be washed off with clean running water with shampoo application in an hour. When one burdock oil is used as a mask, it is not easy to wash it off, and in combination with arganov long and careful washing it will not be necessary. Applying this type of mask will strengthen your hair.

  • Mask for strengthening hair with argan oil and egg yolk

It is necessary to take 1 egg yolk and mix it with 1a tablespoon of argan oil. Then rub the resulting healing mixture into the scalp, wrap it with a film, and towel over it. This mask should be washed off after 15 minutes with clean running water. Mask with yolk and argania is good to do 2-Z times a week - 10 sessions, and a positive result will appear very soon. The use of argan oil in combination with egg yolk will allow your hair to gain strength, a healthy appearance and get rid of brittleness. Wraps for prevention should be done approximately once a week for 3 months. If your hair has recently been prone to coloring or perming, or if there are obvious problems, then it is better to wrap the course 10-15 times about 3 times a week, and after this time - once a week for a further 3- months. The same applies to masks.

  • Wrapping from dry hair

You will need 1 tablespoon of argan oil,which must be heated in a water bath. After heating, apply liquid to the scalp, while paying special attention to the roots. When applying the product, it is better to rub it with massaging stroking movements for 5 minutes. Then distribute this healing agent with a brush, moving from the roots to the tips. Wrap hair with a film, and over a towel - such measures will improve blood flow. This mask should be washed off with clean running water after an hour. The use of such wraps will allow hair to get rid of dryness and dehydration - your hair will shine in a new way.

  • Mask for hair based on butter bei and argan oil, not requiring rinsing

Take about 5 drops of oil bee and 1 dining rooma spoonful of argan oil, mix them and apply to hair, and then comb - this useful mixture will allow your hair to fill with glitter and surprising softness, and also get an excellent growth stimulation.

Enrichment of the hair care product with argan oil

Take your shampoo or hair balm and add about 3 or 5 drops of argan oil to it - so you will give your hair conditioner additional beneficial properties.

Storage of argan oil

Argan oil has a shelf life of 2 myears. Please note that the bottle should be kept closed, in a cool place and in a place where the sun does not penetrate. At the time of buying oil argens look, that it was not darkened.