how a man in love behaves At a certain stage of the relationship to each womanI really want to know if her chosen one is in the "network", or is not yet the time for a more confident offensive. But to do this, alas, is not so simple. Every woman sooner or later wonders how the man in love behaves, what signs of love exist and in general - can this somehow be understood? If you are very attentive, you can read in his eyes, evaluate by deeds or words spoken. Although a loving man can behave very unconventionally, after all, after all, he is an individual person, with his feelings and views on relationships. In any case, all loving men can be divided into those who love, and those who try to hide their feelings for the woman. how a guy in love behaves

Signs of love in men

  • Pay attention to his behavior, and yoube sure to notice some awkwardness and confusion. Of course, the man has not yet had time to get used to the first manifestations of raging feelings inside him, so he is confused. All men are proud of being able to cope with themselves and hide their emotions, but everything turns out the other way around. Only a strong man can confess his feelings. Over time, he will certainly do it, but first he will begin to justify himself, that he is blinded by your charm and elegance, a glint in his eyes, and it's even difficult for him to think that he is next to such a beauty. Either way, the behavior will still issue it, and you can not miss it if it really interests you.
  • Sometimes your chosen one may seem enougharrogant and even narcissistic, and his behavior will be similar to the behavior of a thick-skinned rhinoceros. But be sure, this behavior is entirely logical, because in your presence it does not leave uncertainty and attacks of shyness. And this "mask" is just an attempt to hide real feelings from you. The man tries to behave as cheekily as possible to show that he is supposedly completely free and self-confident. He can not do anything with himself, such is the masculine nature.
  • Another important sign of falling in love withmen can be considered excessive perseverance. He begins to pay a lot of attention to your person. And it happens because instinctively he has a desire to conquer you. Perseverance can be expressed in different ways: it can be an invitation to a restaurant or a cafe, a walk or a movie theater, with friends at a party. You can be sure that behind such a surprise "lies" a subtle strategy and deep planning, and most importantly - the fear of being rejected. If you really want to be with this man and try to build with him a real relationship, then you can safely take his perseverance.
  • Men who are accustomed to hide their feelings,persistence can manifest in the form of aggression, that is, his behavior will sometimes have an aggressive tone. The reason for this - the inability to cope with their emotions, so with all his might he will try to show you that you are unworthy of what he is experiencing. Sometimes there are also cases when stinging jokes and "jokes" can be "showered" on the beloved's address. But do not somehow malignly react to them - you interested him deeply and seriously.
  • Why is he always there and you feel himlook at yourself? He accompanies you everywhere, is interrogated, when and where did you go, are interested in your plans? Yes, yes, you are on the road to the complete conquest of his heart! And do not pay attention to the fact that he always keeps saying that your person is not interested in him at all - this is just a way of protection.
  • To the signs of male love can be attributed andself-presentation. He always talks a lot about himself, talks about "exploits" committed in his professional and personal life, his achievements in sports, work and so on. For him plays an essential role, what exactly will you think about him. And he wants this to be the best opinion. He dreams in your eyes of being a "cool hero" and "superman".
  • Very pleasant manifestation of love withthe hand of a man is a concern, a desire to help you. It says a lot about him, as a person, about his values ​​and concepts in life. He will try to be useful, apply a lot of effort to just make the pleasant, "fit" into any of your difficulties and solve them. For him it's a matter of honor. And even if he refers to the type of men who try to hide their emotions, he will still be there and will help you, only with a bit of irony in his actions.
  • To understand how a loving man behaves,it is enough to pay attention to his indifference to you, that is, jealousy begins to appear. Where is the man in love and without jealousy? He will not tolerate rivals who circle around the lady of his heart. And there will be jealousy in assertiveness and aggression. The feeling of jealousy is destructive, it seems to eat the soul from the inside, so the guy can even avoid you for a while. He does this in order to reduce his worries and emotions. There are men who skillfully hide jealousy, being nearby, but behind your back of competitors there is a collapse. And the most interesting is that you will not even notice it. Remember that jealousy in men is a reflection of his weakness and vulnerability, so an intelligent man will not show it.
  • Important is that the guy in loveis always interested in you and your thoughts, so he carefully catches each of your words, even those that you did not attach special importance to. He is trying to get to know you better, to determine what gives you joy, and from what you are upset. He can sometimes ask very stupid questions, but in his head he already has a whole structure of how to subdue you and what to do.
  • A man in love, no matter how the lady behaved himselfheart, always looks at her actions with admiration, he accepts her shortcomings, touched by missteps and awkwardness. This means that he appreciates all the aspects of his chosen one.
  • If you really like a man, he will trymake the first steps towards the proximity, namely intimacy. It will not be any trivial hints - in any case. He will try to touch you imperceptibly, to smell your smell. And if you give him a kiss, then he will be a real pleasure for him. The guy himself initiates this kind of tenderness.
  • And finally, to answer the question, how does it leada guy in love, just listen to him, the words he says, pay attention to the intonation, the voice. And sooner or later you will surely hear a declaration of love. It can sound even in the most unusual form, be a little shocking, but always treat it calmly, it's so nice to be loved, desired. In addition, the guy is not easily given this step. Sincere recognition in love is a big act for a man, because male love is somewhat different from a woman's. Let him express it as he can, and if you feel the same, then you will understand a man in love without problems. Never break it and do not laugh, just be yourself and then it will carry you in your arms.
  • how a loving man behaves

    How to recognize a cold heart?

    How many wonderful feelings we can seedaily, people fall in love and enjoy emotions, sensations, but there are people with different views on life. A man can doubt his feelings, but worse, if there are no feelings, and he knows about it. Here, a woman should be extremely cautious, you need to recognize the falsity in time.

  • Between lovers there should be no secrets orsecrets, and if a person tries to hide something, then it is worthwhile to think twice about the problem. Not without exception, of course, but in most cases just like that. After all, secrets are based on long-standing sins that a man can hide for years. Undoubtedly, there are secretive people, but if they like, then sooner or later everything should be known to both. This advice should always be used carefully, do not immediately after the confession of leaking and interrogating a loved one.
  • Love "walks by" not only with trust andcare, but also with jealousy, if there is no pure relationship with the manifestation of jealousy at least sometimes, then we can say that there is no love either. This is explained simply: if all the women who surround a man are indifferent to him, he does not care about them and is not jealous.
  • Hard criticism of her chosen one, and sometimestyranny, they give out a cold, indifferent person. Of course, there are no feelings. A man can even disregard the lady, her wishes. All the main decisions are just for him, and her word will not mean anything. A girl can act as a comfortable toy, but not at all beloved. And besides, it should be remembered that criticism, witty and sharp, like a wasp sting, is a sign not only of a cold heart, but also a liar-actor.
  • Excessive number of compliments thattruth have nothing to do - it's just "zamylivanie" ears. An experienced seducer knows that ladies love with their ears, so his weapon is his flattering word. You have to be very careful with those people who already on the first date crumble in compliments and shout that they fell in love like a boy. They do not speak sincere feelings right away, but only when there is no more strength to keep silent about them!
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