betrayal to her husband From the earliest childhood, you knew thatchange is not good. That adultery is betrayal, treachery, a knife in the back. You with grief noticed that public opinion is very tolerant of male infidelity, listened to sad arguments that all men are the same and that they all change their wives. Internally, you even prepared for the fact that in your life there can be a story when a beloved man will commit adultery with another woman. But they just could not imagine that you'll find yourself in the role of a betrayer. What exactly are you destroying the previous relationship with your husband, having changed him with another man. What happens in the soul of a woman who has committed such an act? Repentance, shame, fear of losing a husband? Or does treason entail triumph and joy from what was done? Everything depends on the situation and on what led this woman to treason. Now we will not talk about those young ladies who easily go on to have sex with other men, despite their status as married women. It does not matter at all, the official marriage is civil or the most important is that the girl is not free. We will talk about those women for whom treason is an event that can turn lives around. Before wringing your hands and lamenting "what have I done", try to calm down and understand the objective reason for your action. Even if everything happened spontaneously, even if after a good dose of alcohol - still your betrayal of her husband has a deep underlying reason. In order to move on and decide what to do with your life, you just need to put everything in order. It will be just perfect if you reflect far from your husband, because a sense of repentance will not give you the opportunity to concentrate and think logically. Find an excuse to leave home for a couple of days to think things over. betrayal

Why did you change

It is believed that all women are divided into 2 categories: those that are good and faithful, and those that are bad and walking. More often than not, society treats women with contempt for "going to the left," but there are situations when such behavior can be justified. Life sometimes presents surprises, and female treason is no longer a reproach, but approval and even a loud applause. On the part of other women, of course, because men will never approve of such an act. Even if they themselves regularly "rest" on the side, even if their girlfriends are married ladies, they will still beat their fists in the chest and scream that any traitor woman is the last rubbish. But we know that there are situations when loyalty to the husband is not the main sign of virtue. So what can lead a woman to a situation where she forgets oaths of loyalty and changes her husband with another man?

  • The desire for novelty Speaking of novelty, not at allwe mean the change of sexual partners as such. Women perceive intimate intimacy not only as the act itself, but as the totality of all actions leading to it. Living for a long time with the same man, many girls stop feeling welcome. Sex with time turns into routine, there is no more compliments, no hot looks, full of passion. And most importantly, those magical "butterflies in the belly" that appeared earlier with one touch to her husband, long ago and completely disappeared. And what about without butterflies? And if suddenly with some man a woman suddenly experienced a thoroughly forgotten feeling of sexual arousal, then there is a chance that she will not stand. As a consequence - treason, and after-deep remorse. And to stand in such a situation is not only possible, but also necessary. Even if we admit that treason and a crazy passion for a lover lead to a break with her husband, if a woman starts living with a new partner, then where is the guarantee that in a couple of years the situation will not happen again? What if, with this sexy macho, eventually a metamorphosis takes place and he stops seeing in a recent mistress a sex bomb, but only the mistress and the mother of his children? Again treason, a search for new impressions? Just over any relationship you need to work, and if your husband becomes bored in bed, then the situation needs to be corrected together. There are many ways to revive the old passion, but none of them say that a decision can be treason. Because this is the way to nowhere.
  • The sexual impotence of her husband Alas, in our time allmore men suffer from impotence in bed. And if earlier problems with potency were experienced more and more men "almost retired," now no one will be surprised if the thirty-year-old guy is not wealthy sexually. What is the fault - ecology, sedentary lifestyle or stress - it does not matter, the main thing is that wives of such men have a hard time. It is hard to love a man and not to experience any physical pleasures with him. Over time, scandals on nerves, headaches begin, depression comes. And the husband perfectly understands, that is the culprits of such condition of the wife, and this excruciating feeling forces him to suffer not less. And if a woman decides to betray her, then she does not bring much happiness. Though she will correct her health, and emotional torment will bring her many sorrows, because treason is still a betrayal. If cheating is not for you, but you just cry in the pillow and do not try to help your partner in any way, then it's for nothing that he married you. Do not let these things go by themselves, you need to urgently go to the doctor and begin treatment. Of course, few of the men willingly agree to go to the clinic and make their "flaw" public to some strangers in white coats. But that's why you and your wife, to caress, and even cunningly, lure your spouse to see a doctor. The earlier you start to act, the more likely you are to achieve positive results. Did not work in one clinic - go to another, try everything - from potions and injections to acupuncture. Believe me, if you do not sit with your hands folded, but act, then the result will necessarily appear. And then you no longer need other men - enough will be yours.
  • Curiosity You will be surprised if you find out how muchwomen made love "on the side" out of simple curiosity. To your husband you quickly get used to it and you know it as flaky, but strangers, throwing interested looks at you - mysteries unknown. Vaughn, the girlfriends got lovers, and now they have blossomed and grown prettier, so why not try it? So these women are solved for adultery, to tickle their nerves and be "like everyone else." For them, treason is not a defect, but a way to get as much impressions from life as possible. Most likely, this is due to a lack of love for her husband. If there is no sense of boundless happiness from the fact that every night you go to bed with the same man, if his touch is only part of the marital duty, then up to betrayal not far. Perhaps you got married early and "did not walk up" too early, and maybe you were tired of life and wanted new sensations. But all this says that you just do not love your man. So why continue living with him under one roof, betraying and deceiving? Is not it better to go in search of someone who does not want to change?
  • Revenge Most often, women take revenge on their husbands by betrayal,if they learn about the unfaithfulness of their faithful. It's not surprising, because to understand that the husband has trampled all the brightest, the most beautiful in a relationship, is not easy. First - shock, then tears, despair, depression. And, as a consequence, a "bright" idea to repay her husband with the same coin - to sleep with someone on the side. Many women are convinced that betraying an unfaithful husband is the only way to get rid of feelings of self-indulgence that in such a simple way they will punish the traitor and win the "battle of the sexes". It all depends on whether you want to keep the family and continue the relationship with your man. No - your right to look for another option, but it's better to have sex with him after you stop living with your husband together. It will be much more honest and nobler, at least, your decency will do you honor. If you hope to punish your husband, hurt him, but do not intend to disagree with him, then better abandon your insidious plans. Chance that a man learns about your treason is not so little, and it is unlikely he will forgive you. It will be useless to prove who started first - your relationship will change once and for all. Your betrayal will destroy the last brick on which to build a trusting relationship in the family. Even if you succeed in preserving the marriage after this, then the former happiness will be gone.
  • Male tyrant This is exactly the same reason,when to condemn a woman for treason is very difficult. No, we do not encourage anyone to commit such actions, just think about this. If the husband beats his wife, offends the children, if he is constantly under the influence of alcohol and does not get tired of insulting, humiliating his woman, is the crime of betrayal on the part of a woman? A rare case, you say? Not at all. You can not imagine how many families live in such relationships. And it is not necessary that the wife is a miserable, tormented life poor thing. Sometimes in such situations are absolutely successful, beautiful ladies with a sense of dignity. But they can not escape from a tyrant husband for a number of reasons. Most often they suffer such an attitude because of insecurity in their abilities and because of fear of being left alone. But if suddenly the cards lay down so that the woman met another man, if she decided to surrender to him - well, her right. Perhaps this is the first step to getting rid of the bondage that binds her and to leave her husband, which causes only pain and suffering. Did not help the compassionate persuasions of girlfriends and smart books - so circumstances can give her the strength to escape from the tyrant.
  • unpleasant betrayal to her husband

    Tell her husband about treason

    Here, again, it all depends on whether you wantto save the family. One must know the psychology of men to understand that they do not forgive betrayals. Confident that the god himself created them polygamous and that treachery on their part is just a prank that should not be given value, they have a completely different attitude to the female adultery. Men all their life compete with each other for the right to be considered the most powerful, the most successful. And with regard to sexual wins, this rule does not change. To be a cuckold for a man is the same as declaring to the whole world that he is a loser. "I change - I have a woman myself, they change me - they have me," - this is the postulate of any man. In addition, it has long been known that female treason is much more dangerous than a man's. It is not immoral or dirtier, but it is more dangerous. A man who tied an affair on the side thinks with the "brain" that he is below his belt. He might not even want to part with his wife because of another woman, because for him treason is just another way of asserting oneself. With a woman everything is much more difficult, because she is looking for not sex, but relationships. And the usual betrayal can result in the fact that she will simply leave her husband for a lover. This is another reason to keep silent about what happened in the adultery and not let her husband think that you no longer appreciate him. Of course, you are tormented by remorse, and on the soul with a stone lies the memory of a terrible deed. But if you want to ease your conscience and honestly confess to a husband of treason, then it will not be easier for you. Even if after that you keep the relationship, then no one will trust you. Insulting words about your past betrayal will break out of the husband at every quarrel, he will remind you of the misdeed to the end of his days. Even on condition that he swears in that he forgave you and will not raise this topic again. If you understand that you do not want to continue your relationship with your husband, you can tell him everything. Although it is much more compassionate to simply collect things and leave without devoting it to these unpleasant details. Here you will catch two birds with one stone: spare his pride and save face, remaining in his eyes a faithful and decent person. After all, you once chose this man for your husbands, which means that he was very dear to you. So why end the knife in his wound, telling about the treason? If you want to leave your husband or not - it does not matter, in any case, you need to understand yourself. At least to ensure that in the future such a story does not happen again. Treason is a situation that can destroy everything that was dear to you in dealing with a man. After all, we, women, are very difficult to feel happy next to a man whom we ourselves betrayed. We advise you to read: