love affair at work A service novel in our time is a phenomenon incorporate culture is not so rare. It is somewhat different from the usual sympathy. The difference lies, first of all, in the fact that cooperation in the sphere of work is priority, not love. But you can not order your heart! And, if it's just sympathy, you can still fight it somehow, but if it grows into something more and, besides, mutual? A novel with a colleague at work is usually not encouraged by other employees, because the curiosity shown to him distracts him from his work. Yes, and (what to hide?) Such relationships often cause envy. It may be negative for such novels and bosses, convinced that they create a number of problems. How to be? Hide your feelings or try to cope with them to please others and for the sake of career growth? Let's try to understand all the pros and cons of the service romance. service novel at work

Service romance - advantages and disadvantages

In general, the attitude to official novels in societyis twofold. Some people are convinced that personal issues can not be solved at work, some are certain that this is a great way to well arrange their future. Right, perhaps, both those and others. Novels and colleagues are often fleeting. And, if the former lovers continue to work together, this can complicate their relations as employees. In addition, such novels contribute to active gossip in the team, which, of course, negatively affects the overall productivity of the organization. Nevertheless, statistics that study the personal relationships of men and women at work indicate that two-thirds of respondents tried and attempted to organize their personal lives in offices. Some of them are still thinking about how to start a service romance, someone already has one or was, and someone even found his half in the walls of the office. Strangely enough, but such a half is much more likely than in a disco or on the street, looking for exactly in the workplace. This is explained quite simply: as a rule, the most part of the time spent by employed people is spent in the organization, among colleagues. And to understand what these colleagues are, you can quickly enough. It is enough to solve several problems together in order to find out which character traits prevail in one or another employee. In addition, such a joint decision brings together, and such relationships have more chances to be more reliable and durable than when meeting in other places. As for career growth, the situation here is ambiguous. Of course, if an affair with the boss happened, rapid advancement on the career ladder can be considered resolved. But a novel with an employee of the same rank can reduce the level of efficiency due to a whole swarm of intrusive extraneous thoughts and dreams. However, it often happens that the desire of lovers to look more worthy in the eyes of their chosen one or a chosen one promotes such achievements, which they did not even think of before! After all, enthusiastic colleagues are hurrying to work to meet the subject of their passion, and do not hurry to go home, so as not to leave this subject longer. A service romance of someone makes you fly to the sky and, filling with powerful energy, inspires new achievements. Therefore, today even many leaders encourage the affair with a colleague. After all, this is a great way to get the maximum of dedication from your employees. Nevertheless, in order for the career of our love interests not to suffer, everyone who had a novel at work should follow certain rules. how to end a service romance

Basic rules of service novels

If we managed to fall in love with our owncolleague for work, and he reciprocated, we must always remember: within the walls of the company requires careful control over feelings. Work requires a strict distinction between personal life and professional interests. Therefore, gentle embraces, kisses, fervor, romantic correspondence over the Internet, transfer of video files with confessions and other attributes of passionate love should remain outside the firm's threshold. It is necessary for all members of their collective to maintain an even and neutral relationship. The desire of two to fence themselves off from the whole world is natural and understandable, but such behavior is a violation of corporate ethics and can cause hostile attitude of others. And this does not help normalize the working atmosphere. Therefore, lovers should be more restrained and do not show their entire collective fervent feelings. At work, in no case should not find out their relationship. If a major conflict arose between the two, it is necessary to resolve it outside the company's walls. Otherwise, employees will find what to do on the sidelines. And then there is something to advise, so that the conflict has acquired a destructive scale. Others can inadvertently help you finish this novel, moreover, you can lose your place of work. Therefore, if the quarrel can not be avoided in any way, it will be better to take a small vacation and calm down or determine who is right, who is to blame, away from the curious views of colleagues. Many in love at the very beginning of the novel can not resist the temptation to talk about what is happening to their colleagues. Such frankness, if the novel proves fleeting, can come out sideways. Those who are dedicated to its details will start asking questions or expressing not always sincere sympathy. And this, - salt on the wound, which can not heal for so long. So, if you belong to that category of women who can not resist and are ready to talk about the novel with a colleague to everyone around you, then you know: it's time to finish with talkativeness and begin to behave a little more modestly. Thus, to devote to the details of their relationships with others is advisable only when there is confidence in the seriousness of the novel. It's better to keep silent about easy flirting. And only novels with colleagues, implying betrayal to a husband or wife, should generally be avoided. And if all the same it happened, in no case should not disclose the secret. In the same case, if the service romance leaves no doubt about its strength and lasts for a long time, it is possible to inform both the authorities and employees about it. This will eliminate unnecessary, based on speculation, rumors. In addition, in many organizations for close people there are joint holidays and transfers to some other departments. And, finally, one more rule concerning the collapse of the love of employees, which, unfortunately, happens very often - the statistics state that almost half of such relations proved to be unpromising. How to finish a service romance as painlessly as possible, if the former lover still remains a colleague? First of all, we must take ourselves in hand and establish a friendly relationship with him. Neither the dramatic scenes nor the dedication of the collective to the details of their relations with him at work are not permissible. In the event that such a style of behavior is beyond the power, and the daily meetings with the former lover are similar to terrible torture, the only way out is to see it as little as possible. First you need to try to go on vacation. If this does not help, you'll have to look for another job. Otherwise, the wounds from the unfortunate novel do not heal very long. And this will not only prevent you personally, but your work. A service novel, of course, can very well become fateful. And to be afraid of it, diligently killing in itself an incipient love, it is not necessary. After all, it comes suddenly and overtakes us anywhere. It is only necessary to behave a little more cautiously, because the novel in the service is especially vulnerable and subject to influence from the outside. Love is a fragile and tender feeling. And it is extremely in need of protection. We advise you to read: