painful parting with your beloved Poets and writers of different epochs praised the eternallove in books, musicians in songs, actors in films. However, eternal love from books is encountered in life less and less. Increasingly, relations, which at first seemed promising, suddenly end in parting. People are less likely to appreciate each other, do not want to work on relationships. And the reasons for parting can be a lot: did not agree with the characters, too different, the difference in age, social position, etc. And immediately the question arises how to survive the parting with your loved one. take all your free time with different hobbies

Do not fall into depression

In order to answer the question of how to surviveparting with the former, you should learn a few rules. First of all, do not panic, depressed, go into yourself. Yes, this period will be difficult, especially at the first time. Of course, you can cry out, express everything close to a person, friend, friend, say everything that disturbs the soul. Once you can regret yourself, cry out for a long time, but do not stay in this state for a long time. Otherwise, you can only make yourself worse - to disturb the psyche, to spoil your nerves. To make this deplorably depressive period go faster, you just have to switch to something else. For example, you can completely go to work, study, do self-improvement, learn foreign languages, learn a new profession, take some courses. Anything, if only it completely occupied and on what did not distract. You can, on the contrary, arrange a vacation, a vacation. You can collect friends, go on a trip to another city, country. It does not matter where, the main thing is to change the situation, to catch new impressions. After this rest, you should tell yourself that a new life begins, there will be a new love, new relationships, new emotions, joy, happiness. The main thing is not to hold a grudge against the former loved one. First, you need to let him go and thank him for all the minutes he gave, say thank you for giving happiness and love. Secondly, it is important to understand that since the heavens did not want this relationship to continue, so it is necessary. So, in the future there will be a person who really will present happiness, love. You can take care of yourself, psychologists say that in this way it is easier for a person to come to their senses after parting. It is recommended to go in for sports, it is possible to change a hairdress, style of clothes. Changing the image, a person mentally starts a new life. After parting, girls like to watch films about love, listen to love songs, cry while watching and listening. Doing so is not recommended, this only exacerbates the situation, as again a feeling of loneliness and uselessness emerges. If you want to get out of depression, then viewing romantic movies is still undesirable. It's better to watch a comedy with friends, to laugh heartily. do not fall into depression

To begin a new life

Most people who are thrownto take revenge. They find partners for themselves, get in touch with them, and at the end they throw them and leave with a feeling of satisfaction. It is important to understand that in this way it will not turn out to revenge the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, but simply to play cruelly with the feelings of other people. If the heart does not want to let go of a loved one, if the former is always the ideal person, the most gentle, beautiful, unique and beloved - it does not matter. Of course, he was like that, but he also had shortcomings. Maybe he joked like that silly, maybe insulted you all, offended, brought to tears, did not have a style in clothes, did something terrible that you pushed him away. Of course, it was. You just have to think about it more often, so that everything inside will push you away from the former. If after such a session you will even be pleased that you broke up, it's good. The main thing is to know that there will be true love with another person ahead of him, he will soon be found, very, very soon. After parting, do not be afraid to remain alone. Friends can not always be with you, relatives too. They also have their own problems, their partners, families. You do not need to be selfish and demand that you are always around and supported by your relatives. Staying alone, you do not need to think about breaking the relationship. Do not look for minuses in yourself. If you look for them, complexes will develop. You can cook some unusual dish, the cooking process will completely distract from sad thoughts. You can do a house cleaning, disassemble your wardrobe, find yourself a certain hobby, such as knitting, embroidery, assembling puzzles. Turn on the music, fun, moving, move under it, dance, sing songs. Even if it seems stupid, do not think about it, because no one sees. These tips help when it is not known how to survive the parting with your loved one. Even if they are difficult to carry out, you still need to force yourself, and as a result, you will be grateful to fate for having settled this way, and not otherwise.