how to become beautiful and attractive And young ladies, and women far beyond fifty alwaysinterested in the question: how to become beautiful and attractive? After all, who among us did not dream of becoming the most sexual, intelligent, charming and attractive, able to win hearts from the first time? Perhaps, any representative of the fair sex at least once in her life fantasized about the way she will go in a chic dress with a magnificent hairdo, and even from a car (for example, a cabriolet or limousine), while riveting all the views to yourself. Remember, as the heroine of the good old film "The Girls" Tosya Kislitsina reasoned at the time? I'll become a beautiful, simply stunning girl, I'll walk down the street, and all the counter men will fall, fall, fall, and themselves in stacks to fit! Eh! A wonderful thing is the power of attraction! That would all girls were born with the ability to be charming, it would be great, is not it? So no, this also needs to be learned! And do not rely on external data, because appearance in our time can and buy. People have long warned: do not be born, they say, beautiful. It's true, it's not just that the beautiful Anfisa from the mentioned film could not hold a single man beside her, and the best guy, the hero of labor and the dream of many girls fell in love with Tosyu. And what do you need to do to make sure that the looks of all the guys steadily turn to you, as the compass needle constantly turns to the north? How to become attractive to men, how to develop a charisma?

We remain always ourselves: say "no" to imitation

Who told you this, that you have to be surea spitting copy of Marilyn Monroe, to please all men? How many of them were, similar to each other blondes with the same styling, with a fly on the cheek and in the same dress! On this similarity, perhaps, and ends. As they did not try, no one managed to become as attractive as the world-famous Marilyn. A logical question arises: why is it so? Yes, because not appearance here played an important role, but an internal component. As the people say - the soul of a woman. Here try to remember: when you were in companies, you undoubtedly saw that most of the guys paid attention to certain certain representatives of the fair sex. What was special about these girls? Correctly, each of them was unique in its own way (as a person), and this is what attracted the others to it. Agree: Cute, in general, but there are many such identical, faceless beauties, and there are practically no unique ones. So first of all ask, what could you improve in yourself, in your personal qualities, to become an interesting and attractive woman? how to become attractive

Learn to love and believe in yourself

You, of course, want to please others, butfor some reason it does not work out? But in fact you do not allow them. And do not be surprised. A short skirt, a deep neckline neckline is not something that should be sympathetic. The whole problem lies precisely in the character, behavior of the lady. So, the first thing you need to learn is not to whine about or without. Does this not apply to you? And who yesterday cried in a circle of friends, that it is impossible to lose weight in any way, and the waist already begins to blur? Did not you notice how your eyes looked at your lush, shiny, chic locks with the same boy whose brown eyes so often you dream? He just started to admire you, as you talked about the extra volume of your thighs. He looked at your problem, it seems to you, the ass, and then thought: "And the truth is thick!" And about your wonderful hair immediately forgot. And then after that you are wondering how to become the most charming and attractive for him? Why bother to find fault in yourself, and even pull them out, trying to remove the guilt from yourself. Here, they say, they are my problem places, I know about them, I try to cope, but somehow it does not work. You'd better your dignity so puffed up! So stop immediately practicing self-flagellation, and learn to be confident in yourself and in your attractiveness. Big hips are in our time a virtue, not a flaw. Present all that way.

Do not listen to counselors and "knowing" girlfriends

The only opinion that really hasmeaning is your own. If everyone listens, then in general the head can go round. One will tell you that you are blue and have a short skirt. Another will say that from blue you look like a half-finished product, and your legs should be hidden in narrow or flared trousers. A woman Manya and generally say that you need to braid the braid, brightly chew on the cheeks and tie a handkerchief. It's the only way you can seem to an interesting person a man. And that, in her youth years it was sexy! And then what do you do? Do not rely on others, you can not always see from the outside. You must have your own idea of ​​what women should be like. And if you follow the advice of the woman Mani, then where is the guarantee that you will not become the object of admiration only for Santa's grandfather ?! The same girls who do not know how to dress and paint, will help either glossy magazines, or professionals who are taught to select a wardrobe and apply makeup. By the way, remember one thing: sexually - does not mean vulgar and provocative. Stylists have been talking about this for many years.

Be stylish, but do not chase fashion

Take for a firm rule - nevernothing to change in its appearance just to please someone. No haircuts on the advice of girlfriends, tattoos under the influence of your hangouts or short skirts, because so like your guy! For someone, red hair looks sexy, but someone more like blondes. You will not always change your color, following the whims of a new boyfriend. Change your appearance only to please yourself. And in general, do not bother so much about cosmetics, fashionable clothes, spectacular hairstyles. Here you are, when looking for a guy for a really serious relationship, you probably want to find someone who will appreciate you first of all not for beauty, but for other qualities! Believe it or not, for children it's really not the main thing. At least for those men who cost far more than ten minutes of your time. On the last even ten minutes to spend it is not necessary! And it's very important: do not overdo it in emphasizing your figure. You correctly understand, than it is possible to irritate children: short skirts, sexually fitting panties, tight fitting blouses, denuded tummies, deep cutouts of a decollete. Of course, they like to look at all this. No man will refuse the most frank sight. But if you overdo it, you will look very much available. It is unlikely that they will perceive you as a girl worthy of respect. And dressing is sexually better only for your MCH. how to become attractive to men

Learn to care for yourself

The fact that it is not a physical appearance that is given by nature,but individuality, you have already learned. Now you should remember about your appearance. He, unlike beauty, should always be at the highest level. Do not agree? And how does a girl become beautiful and attractive, if she does not understand, for example, that the hair should always be clean, the blouse is neat, the body taut, and the smell from the mouth fresh? Imagine only the situation: you managed to charm the guy with his perfect sense of humor, the ability to stay in the company, sexually laid out hair, a beautiful short dress. He dreams of meeting with you, as they say, with the moon, already imagining how he will take his hand, lean towards your face, approach your lips. And now he meets, takes his hand, bends down ... and you went to the dentist about five years ago, even under my mother's "escort," plus, just then the jaw began to ache a bit, evidently, already rotting in places. Teeth, by the way, you do not really like to clean. On the face shines under the moon a layer of fat, and a pimple on the nose just jumped up. And the deodorant is over, and the hot water in your house has not been given for several days. They say that somewhere the pipe burst. And now imagine what the unhappy guy will experience and think about you. Yes, it's better to follow health care and hygiene carefully, and take care of your skin, and bathe in time. In extreme cases, there are special napkins, gum, tonal powder, etc. Otherwise, do not walk you more under the moon!

Sociability and friendliness are the best assistants

Do you know how to become beautiful andattractive in a new company, when meeting a future boyfriend, etc.? Do not believe it - just need to express a willingness to support the conversation and be cute, sexually smiling. True! Some girls are proud of their ability to turn the approaching guy into such an arrogant look that he already has his legs podkashivayutsya! What for? With someone else, such a proud woman would want to talk, and he will not come near. But who likes to experience such humiliation? And most importantly - for what? For what has paid attention and made it clear what sympathizes with you? Representatives of the fair sex do not necessarily have common interests to talk with a young man who wants to talk. If you do not understand what he is telling you about, then do not be silent. Ask questions, show your interest, support the conversation. If you just look sullenly away, he will leave to look for a more interesting interlocutor, and you will remain alone. Do not sit in the corner with a bored look What kind of person is always in front of everyone? Active! So, you want to become attractive to guys - always be more mobile, especially when you are in the company. Be ready to take part in dancing, discussions, diving, or eating a cake for speed. Why shy, the main thing that was fun! And a neon sign with the inscription "I'm boring, I do not like fun" seems to be burning and fluttering over a seated girl sitting on the sidewalk and watching all the shy girl! "Who's looking at her, who's going to admire her? Yes, no one, still busy with fun. Hollywood smile and good mood Forget the gloomy look! This not only does not look sexy, but it also looks repulsive. And not because the wrinkles between the eyebrows appear much faster than the rays around the eyes. An evil or even just a neutral facial expression can not add to your attractiveness. By the way, the smile of the girl says a lot. Slightly elevated corners of the lips, as it were, call for an acquaintance, and if you whisper a sexy wink, the guy is unlikely to remain indifferent. And vice versa. I must say that the guys often feel insecure next to a woman in whose gloomy face they see the threat of humiliation for themselves. how to become attractive to guys

Find a zest in yourself, but do not be a cupcake

Now you can talk about what is alwayswill be able to really thrill and intrigue the guy, to draw you all his attention. Zest is your ability to be slightly mysterious, interesting and sexy. This is the most important female trick, and if you master this art - consider that you can make ropes out of guys! And it should not be too much:

  • Create an aura of uncertainty

For example, a young man will ask you howyour weekend passed. And you to him so vaguely: "Yes so ... With friends something has stirred up ...". Of course, he will ask, what does "something" mean? And you do not answer anything more, just smile so mysteriously, smiling sexually at the same time.

  • Master the "pensive look into the distance"

Use it only from time to time, otherwiseThere will be no use. Do you know how this is perceived from the outside? "Oh, this is such an interesting and mysterious person! Her brain is constantly busy with some problems, inaccessible to us, ordinary mortals! " Seriously, a slight thoughtfulness and some taciturn always create the impression of a great mind.

  • Bewitch him with a smile

Another good trick is to look silently atyou liked the guy, mysteriously while smiling. Let it be lost in conjecture, that you have there for thoughts in your head wander! Begins to ask - you quickly recall trick number 1: "Yes, nothing, nothing ...". And again silently you give it your sexual smile. Only not for long, but nowadays the male infarction is very much younger! Plus, a constantly laughing representative of the fair sex provokes mistrust and the thought that something is wrong with her.

  • Dress properly

Do not abuse too open and sexualclothes, because it completely deprives you of mystery. Moreover, with a vulgarly dressed personality, hardly anyone will want to build a serious relationship. Such women do not cause pleasant associations for men. It is more likely to suggest that they are unlikely to be good wives and mothers. By the way, mastering the main female art, do not forget that there is always a sense of proportion. Do not overplay and do not overdo with the mystery, otherwise it may seem that you are a little out of yourself. Being a mysterious and very strange lady is two completely different things. So you know how to become a charming and attractive girl. You will now never forget that men are attracted to their more soul, not body. And let them always meet us in clothes, but they escort us exactly in the mind. And do not forget this simple truth: in the world around you, there are millions of men, so do not limit yourself to one that is not capable of loving you for who you are. Even if you became much more beautiful and attractive, then his sympathy would be based only on this very appearance. Do you really want to be with someone who loves you just because you look good? We advise you to read: