lilin dichloride What image comes to mind when you speak"Fashion model"? Surely many will say: beautiful, tall, slender, thin. And some will add: skinny, anorexic, without a breast. What to do, in our minds, the thought has long been established that it is possible to get into the world of high fashion and glossy cover, only being a subtly skinny beauty. But, thank God, times are changing, and more and more popular in the world of fashion are girls, whose parameters are far from the generally accepted standards. And the perfect confirmation of this is the Russian top model of the "plus" size, Dilara Larina. And indeed, why not change the beauty standards if a revolution has already happened in the model world, and after dozens of deaths of anorexic models on the catwalks, girls with appetizing, rounded forms appeared. Dilyara is removed for clothing catalogs, defiles on the catwalks, appears on television, is an honored guest of secular events and proves by his example that it can be effective regardless of the size of the waist. model of lilin dilarate

Way to glory

The future photo model in Ukraine was born on March 291987. All her childhood and youth, the girl did not even suspect what an amazing career she was expecting. She was never too thin, but this did not stop her from being a bright, creative person. She was always a very active child: she studied at a music school in the piano class, swam in the pool, danced in local circles. In addition, young Dilyara simply loved to perform at festivals and various events. At the birthday of her beloved uncle, she climbed without preparation to a chair and sang a song about a butterfly, on family holidays she danced with a broom and performed songs in Tatar with a comb in her hands instead of a microphone. Everyone admired such a talented and creatively gifted girl, but no one thought that this little pretty pampushka would someday conquer the podium and become a well-known model of the "plus" size. Dilyara herself had planned a completely different career. From a young age she studied in depth the Russian language, considering literacy and ability to communicate interesting trump cards in the successful development of the future specialty. And Larina dreamed about the position of presenter on television, believing that a charismatic appearance and an unconditional creative gift will help to fulfill the dream. She entered the university at the Faculty of Psychology to better prepare for the role of an expert interviewer and an incendiary TV presenter. The relatives also predicted her career as a singer, since not for nothing did Dilara perform for many years in the Tatar folk ensemble "Chishmya", and as a student, she organized a singing duet called Infiniti. Professional talent girl did not want to be a singer, but she managed to become a participant of numerous television and advertising projects. But this is later, when the glory of the top model has already struck Dilya and she has become a recognizable person in the fashion world. The first step to success she made six years ago, when she took seriously the offer to try herself as a model. For a girl who does not possess the coveted parameters "90-60-90" it was hard enough to believe a stranger on the street, who offered to pass a casting for a photo shoot. Cinderella's story, you say? It may very well be, however, it was not possible to wake up famous the next morning after the tempting offer of Dilyar. Fashion for "size plus" appeared relatively recently, and 5-6 years ago, work for girls with forms was practically not there. Orders arrived catastrophically rare, the quality of photos in the catalogs of clothes left much to be desired. Anyone would surrender, but not our Dilyara! She simply set herself ambitious goals and went to him without a break, despite the obstacles. And participation in creative projects, where Dilyara received the best photos, helped her to get to the top: finally she began to receive real, big orders! the known model of the lilin dilariant

Development of the career of Dilara Larina

Becoming a famous and successful model, Larina does notI did not calm down, but I began to develop my career in other directions. Few of the modern stars of the modeling business can boast such amazing creative versatility. Judge for yourself:

  • In 2011, Dilya Larina was recognized as the best model by;
  • She took part in the filming of such TV series as "Happy Together", "Cream", "Country in Shop", "Trace", "Margosha" and many others;
  • She became the TV presenter of the live broadcast of the channel "Shopping Live" on Tricolor TV;
  • She starred in a commercial for Smarts GSM;
  • Her photos participated in prestigious exhibitions of photo artists in Moscow and St. Petersburg;
  • Opened the first model agency in Russia for girls of the "plus" size;
  • In 2013, she was nominated for the title "Person of the Year" (European Prize "Top 25 Diamond Companies & Persons");
  • Works on a line of clothes for girls of large sizes;
  • Prepares for publication the book "In the body of a non-standard", where he shares with ordinary girls the secrets, how to become a model of the "plus" size.

And all this for some 6 years of modeling career. Agree, not bad for a start? Dilyar is especially proud of his "child" - agency Plus-Size Model Agency, where the girls can get the work of non-standard parameters. There are selected young ladies, whose sizes of clothes vary from 48th to 60th. Moreover, an excellent portfolio is by no means the only advantage that the agency's models get in the process of work. Dilyara considers successful only that career of the model, where really large orders are poured onto the girl. And the gorgeous beauties from her agency have already won an excellent reputation in the fashion world. model with a size plus the lilar dyar

Advices of Dilara Larina to future models of non-standard size

Strange as it may seem, Dilyara does not think at all,that the large size of the girl - the key to success in the modeling business. On the question of whether it is necessary to lose weight to full girls, she answers ambiguously. Like, if the young lady has a few chins, the face and body weight are constantly full, and the body weight is distributed unevenly, then you need to lose weight unequivocally. But if, despite the rather impressive weight, the girl has a well-marked waist, and her face does not grow stiff after the rest of the figure, then it is not necessary to lose weight. The main thing is that a person feels comfortable in his weight and does not feel any complexes. Not every "pyshechka" can become a model of Plus-Size Model Agency, Dilyara leads a very strict selection of models. In addition to the required parameters, the figures who came to the casting should have perfectly clean skin and beautiful, well-groomed hair, their growth should be at least 170 cm. In addition, there must be a certain highlight that distinguishes the girl from all other pretenders. If Larina does not see the potential in the girl, then she will not take up her training. "Not everyone is allowed to conquer podium tops, someone needs to be treated by people. And if the failed model dreams of a world of fashion and gloss, then she can try her hand at the role of stylist or make-up artist ", - this is the verdict of the strict mistress of the agency. Диляра it is assured, that if also it is mistaken, having refused the next pretender, the present model always will break into the fashion world independently, and without its agency. In the end, that's how it once became a top model herself. Girls who dream of a career model of the size of "plus", she advises to appreciate her body and adore every fold on the tummy, every bulge, every kilogram. And to understand that the model should be a beautiful and effective woman, not only in photos and podium, but also in ordinary life. The habit of taking care of oneself and the ability to dress properly is an integral part of the life of any model, including the "plus" size model. But there is a lot of sweet and drink alcoholic drinks Larina does not advise future models. From excessive love for baking and desserts, skin deteriorates, and after taking alcohol under the eyes there are bags that no makeup can not cover them. But retouching in photographs for commercial catalogs practically does not happen! Another good advice from Dilara Larina for those who dream of a career model of the size of "plus" - do not be shy about the defile, as well as photo shoots in swimsuits and underwear. If the girl is ashamed of her body and is afraid to show it to thousands of spectators, then the decision to become a model was mistaken for her. It will be felt by her, she will understand this and the customer who pays for the defile or the photo session. To be ashamed of the characteristics of his figure - unprofessional, because from the model of a non-standard size, the press is expected not to be pumped up and the aspen waist, but natural female forms that have been and remain popular among men all over the world. The literal translation of the name "Dilyar" is approximately this: "we look at this universal favorite, and the soul becomes warmer." Perhaps, more precisely about the nature of this girl can not be said. Despite his stellar status, Dilara remains an amazingly benevolent, sincere person. Her friends love her, respect her competitors, love her relatives. And in her still very frivolous age - Dilyara just 26 years old - the girl does not want to stop at the achieved results. She, like a living flame, is always sparking with gay fantasies and serious plans for the future. We wish her success and the embodiment of all the most cherished desires! We advise you to read: