how to improve memory You can be intelligent, well-read and educatedman, but all this will not do you any good if it becomes hard to concentrate and remember. If our brain were something like a computer, we would simply put an additional chip to update and amplify our memory. However, the human brain is much more complicated than any of the most modern machines, so this is not so simple. It is about how to improve memory and how to keep your mind and memory in excellent shape until the most respectable age, we will talk with you. Human memory - both short-term and long-term - requires regular training. Only in this way is it possible to fully use memory, and with it, attention, at full power, retaining clarity of mind until old age. You can ask - why, when we talk about memory, do we mention and attention? Attention (or concentration) are two mental faculties that are directly related. In fact, very many memory complaints have nothing to do with the real ability to remember. They appear because of the inability to properly focus on the task. That's why people are actively looking for a way to improve their memory.

How attention affects the ability to memorize

Take, for example, this case. You leave the supermarket, look at the parking lot - and can not remember where they put their car! It is likely that when you park, you just did not pay attention to the details of the place where you leave the car. Your brain did not "register" any information that would later help you remember where the machine should be searched. The same happens when we can not remember where the champagne glasses are, where we put the purse or where the gloves were. Well, how can I not ask myself how to improve memory ?! Many of our actions are performed automatically, and therefore the ability to concentrate attention is gradually weakened. In addition, with age, the brain needs all more time to process information. Decreased and other brain functions. It is especially difficult to concentrate and ignore distracting factors. All this does not help improve memory. What can be done to improve the brain? How to improve memory and attention, so as not to lose efficiency for many years? Perhaps there are some special exercises? Let's look at it in order. memory how to improve

How to improve the ability to concentrate?

The most reliable way to improve memory will beimprovement of a person's ability to concentrate. It is on this that the attention of a person trying to understand how to improve one's memory should be focused. There is no special exercise for this, but we offer you a number of very useful recommendations that will surely prove useful.

  • Focus on the task. Ask additional questions to clearly understand all the details;
  • Try to eliminate all distractions. The more complex the task, the more you must concentrate;
  • Do not try to make several importantcases, this will increase the probability of error. When trying to do a few cases, you will need to share your attention, so you can not properly focus on each individual task.
  • Use meditation. Scientific research has shown that meditation can be a good tool for teaching the human brain.

How to facilitate memorization?

After you learn with easefocus on what is important, you can go further. If you follow the recommendations below, you will not have to ask again and again how to improve memory. If all the recommendations at once - for you too hard, you can implement them gradually, one after another.

  • Concentrate your attention and focus (see above!) When you need to remember something;
  • Repeat the information you need to remember. Go back to her several times until you are sure that you remembered finally;
  • Use associations when tryingremember something. Attempts to give additional meaning to information in the future will help to facilitate recall, because your brain will have more signals to search;
  • Say out loud what you want to remember. You can turn on the music at this time - it will create an associative series (for good reason we can more easily remember the lyrics of the song than the same poems, but without music!) And also add to the impact on your ears. The more sensory organs are involved in the process of memorization, the more "paths" arise that lead our memory to the necessary information. For the same reason, it is useful to write down remembered information;
  • Connect new information to the fact that you are alreadyyou know, whether it's a new material that relies on previous knowledge, or simply the address of the institution that is located on the street where your acquaintances live.
  • For more complex information that you need to learn and remember, apply the method of studying the basic ideas, rather than memorizing individual details.

memory improve

Exercises to improve memory

You can train your memory, not evennoticing this. For example, when you play with children in words or go through an evening after solving a crossword puzzle, you also train your brain - these are all wonderful exercises with which you can correct the situation. By the way, try to teach poems along with children - humanity has not yet thought up the best exercise for training memory. In addition, you can do simple exercises to improve memory:

  • Make a list (for example, listpurchases for tomorrow) and try to remember it. After about an hour, try to reproduce it. Then check with the previously written list. When you succeed, make a longer list - this will allow the greatest mental stimulation;
  • Try to make all the calculations in your mind without using paper or a calculator;
  • After returning home from some newplaces try from memory to map a district or a room in which you visited. Repeat this every time you visit a new place. After the sixth-seventh exercise, you will do this automatically, without even realizing it yourself.
  • Learn a foreign language. This very well stimulates the brain;
  • Take a great interest in cooking. During cooking, several senses are actively used - smell, touch, sight and taste - which activate different parts of the brain.
  • Use your fingers more often. Get some new skill that includes fine motor skills such as knitting, painting, building a puzzle and the like.
  • You can ask your relatives to help you. Make cards with numbers - from one to ten. Let them show you these cards in random order, and then you will have to reproduce them. Do not smile - in spite of the fact that this task is at the level of a kindergarten, a very small number of adults copes with it. After there are no problems with ten cards, you can complicate the task by adding new ones. And if you involve the whole family in performing this exercise, it can become a very exciting pastime!

You can think up for yourself how to improvememory, which in this case will be to your liking. The main thing is to do this not necessarily from time to time, but regularly. And then a clear and strong memory will remain with you until the deepest old age! We advise you to read: