how to learn to speak correctly The ability to write your idea correctly and beautifullyverbal expression, to bring it to one or several listeners - it's worth a lot. Such abilities are highly appreciated and cause admiration among people. There are lucky ones who have this talent from birth, which helps them to be successful in all life spheres. The rest of the people have to take care of how to learn how to correctly speak and express their thoughts beautifully, comprehend the secrets and nuances of oratory and skill. In order to develop the skill of speaking beautifully, correctly and correctly, one should show patience and perseverance, and the first fruits of the applied efforts will not be expected. You can enjoy the result in full when you develop the skills of communication and eloquence in perfection.

What distinguishes a good speaker?

In each of us lives a small orator who has something to say to listeners. But to make from him a truly unsurpassed master of words can only a certain set of qualities:

  • erudition and erudition. A large vocabulary and the corresponding baggage of knowledge - without these attributes, the speech will be quite colorless and not inspiring to others
  • clarity and intelligibility of spoken words. If your diction leaves much to be desired and listeners have to make significant efforts to hear you well, then you will not get the expected effect from your speeches. Either you get not the one that you counted on
  • the ability to control oneself and to feel the audience: at the right time to contain the excitement, and to the relevant - to give your speech the necessary emotional coloring. You influence the hearing of your interlocutors, but in the end you touch their souls. Always remember this!

learn to speak correctly

Silence is gold. Beautiful speech - a lot of gold

For each of us to learn how to speakcorrectly, beautifully and convincingly, it is necessary to adhere to only a few recommendations and rules. It is not too burdensome for time and physical expenses, does not affect your budget at all and will bring you a lot of extra bonuses. For example, expand your horizons and interests, you will find many like-minded people and new friends and girlfriends. Methods, exercises, techniques, methods - we will be fully equipped To learn how to speak correctly, we need to improve the following parameters:

  • Breath

Begin your training with his production. Properly placed breathing will be imperceptible during the utterance of long dialogues, when there is a danger that you will not have enough air. Usually this happens if the chest is breathing. It is easy to determine by inhalation. If during it your chest is raised, then your breath is chesty. We need to learn how to breathe a diaphragm, in simple terms - belly. The technique here is quite simple. Begin slowly to inhale air, let your tummy round and expand, like a balloon. Check the following point: your shoulders should not move or lift. For a moment, hold your breath at the extreme point and begin to exhale. Soon you will do it automatically.

  • Diction

Sayings and tongue twisters - these are your firstassistants for its development. If you want to complicate the workout, put nuts in your mouth. This technique is used by all the people speaking to the audience, if it is important for them that their speech is understandable to listeners. We are not just talking about radio or television announcers. Politicians, teachers, singers - all of them are important to have a perfect diction.

  • Voice, tone and speed of speech

A person's voice is a real musicaltool. On it you can play a real piece of music, if the one who will play, has the skill. Begin to study your voice - make an audio recording and listen carefully to it. What is the timbre of your voice? Is it unnecessary to be harsh? It is possible that you need to give it more melody. What is the loudness and emotionality of your voice? Maybe it's worth talking a little quieter or louder, a little slower or faster? What gives the voice extra touches? Of course, this is the ability to add emotion to spoken words. Make sure that your speech is not monotonous and indifferent - you want to be listened to, not showered.

  • The Word is Power

So, in order to be the strongest ineloquence, one must know many words. You yourself certainly encountered people who spoiled their impressions before the audience, when they could not find the right words, mumbled something inarticulate, paused for a long time in unsuccessful attempts to express their thoughts better. Or, worse, he used vocabulary cliches and cliches that clogged his lips, stitched sentences with parasitic words and did things like that that negatively impact his performance. You can avoid such a fate in a very simple, but most effective way. Read books. Fiction, especially the works of classics, helps not only to increase vocabulary, but also enrich you culturally. You will learn a lot of useful knowledge from other areas, which is a definite plus. Tell yourself that now you will collect new words, like a collector. Or like a rich man who puts coins into a piggy bank. Do not forget to use dictionaries when meeting an unknown word. By this you not only fix your sound in your consciousness, but you will also learn its true meaning.

  • Confidence in self-reliance

Stop thinking that your speechis not ideal. In fact, others are busy not only constantly looking for flaws in your speech. It's an illusion. Especially if they are caused by quite obvious reasons: your excitement, for example. But believe me, for you it will be better if you manage to gather strength, pull yourself together and calmly start a conversation, speech or negotiations with the audience. The more you practice, applying your skills in practice, and not in theory, the sooner you will get confirmation that everything works out fine for you. You have become a virtuoso - so rejoice!

  • Written speech

The reality is now that we are not alwayswe communicate with the interlocutors through personal contact. We have a lot and often have to use virtual communication with other people. We visit forums and other Internet sites, we sit in chat rooms, send emails, chat in social networks and programs for sending fast messages. Take for yourself the rule and in this communication always follow the rules of literate and beautiful speech. The correct spelling of words, literate syllable, use of punctuation marks and other subtleties will make your speech pleasant for the interlocutor even in virtual space. how to learn how to speak properly

Nightingale is poured, but there are no listeners

You turned out to be a diligent student,our advice and recommendations, have honed your talent beautifully and correctly speak simply to the ideal, but something strange is happening. You are a little uncomfortable with this, and in some moments even a deep resentment arises. In addition to having the ability to correctly and beautifully speak, you must have some other useful skills of pleasant communication with people around you. Look closely at your behavior, suddenly you are characterized by some mistakes, which we will now tell you. They strongly influence the desire to communicate with you around people, but it will not be difficult to fix them in themselves.

  • Bird Talker

You have discovered the wonderful world of the word. You are so impatient to use your knowledge that any communication with people turns into your personal speech. You do not hear or listen to anyone but your own person. The fountain of your eloquence is inexhaustible in the literal sense of the word. But the interlocutors would also like to speak out, and you deprive them of this right by their verbal flow, in which they are simply afraid to drown. Remember that communication provides for the possibility of communication and the right to vote to all participants in the discussion. Do not break them. Otherwise, you really will soon begin to talk only with yourself.

  • I refuse to speak without my lawyer!

You are so interested in communicating with the vis-a-vis thatYour dialogue from the outside resembles an interrogation with addiction. You ask one question after another, which can discourage an unprepared person. Perhaps, it is necessary to tell from your side something funny or interesting, so that the interlocutor does not have an incorrect idea about you. In addition, this is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your skills as a talented speaker.

  • We do not have anything to talk to you about

You perfectly find topics for conversations in the familiarcircle of communication. But you have difficulty if you have to come into contact with strangers or unfamiliar people. You begin to get lost, internally asking yourself a question about what you can talk about right now, no bright idea comes into your head. Here and there is an awkward and painful silence for all. Remember, there are always neutral topics that you can safely get into an awkward position to discuss even with strangers. Books that you continue to read, movies, travel, culture and more. You probably already have something to tell the world, and most importantly it's how beautiful and right you can now do it.

  • I understand you from the half-word

You are in full confidence thatare with the other person on the same wave. Catch on the fly his thought, tear words off literally from his lips. You are really excited about what is happening. What can not be said about your opponents. You think that you continue their thought, but they may well seem that you are impolitively interrupting them and do not give them the words to say. Perhaps you would have more eloquently put your own thought into words, but do not do it for the interlocutor. After all, he does not ask you about this service.

  • There is my point of view, and everything different from it is wrong

You possess such a capital of words and knowledge thatthis involuntarily inspires respect to everyone who has been lucky to talk with you. Only recently you notice that there has been less and less communication. Think about this: maybe your desire to share knowledge and defend your point of view in any, even the most unpretentious conversation tires your listeners? "Hold the horses" in the next conversation and talk not about the latest research in genetic engineering or nuclear tests, but about a sunny day and a fresh wind. It is desirable that you act as a listener, not as a storyteller.

  • Sad, boring, gloomy

Have you ever noticed that there are people,attracting others, like the heat of fire in the cold? They are fun, comfortable with them, positive with them. Now you can speak beautifully and competently - so speak to joyful, interesting and bright topics. Observe the audience: if you see that the topic has exhausted itself, then go on discussing something else, and do not bother the topic and do not pour it from empty to empty forever.

That's the whole science - use your health

As it turns out, learn to speakcorrectly, to lead a beautiful and elegant conversation, to spell the audience with their sweet speeches - not such a tricky science. All in your hands, ladies. Although, this is not entirely accurate. It is better and more accurate to say - in your mouth. Put your thoughts, your feelings into your voice, put them on words, in speech. Let communication with you delivers a huge mutual pleasure to all who have had the good fortune to communicate with you earlier and who it will be in the future. Using our recommendations, you certainly deserve the reputation of a beautiful companion, who knows how to beautifully and accurately express their thoughts and listen to the interlocutors. Perhaps, earlier the glory of Scheherazade did not give you rest either day or night. Now you could definitely make her very strong competition. Continue honing your eloquence further, because the ideal is unattainable, but chasing him is so exciting! In our life everything matters, it's not without reason that they say that you can injure or even kill a word. Let the words that you use, sow only the good, eternal and wise in the hearts of those people to whom they are intended!