how to draw luck How often do we, in trying to solve a problem,hope for luck, which, in the end, bypasses us. We are upset and puzzled - what are we always frightening off of it? Or does luck only shine in the life of the elect? Then, it turns out that we have nothing to count on ... Is it so? Well, how to attract luck to yourself, if luck with enviable persistence bypasses? It remains to be reconciled ... Yes, nothing like that! Each of us in this world has the right to success, and if it is not, then we just do not know how to attract good luck. She is a whimsical lady, and does not really seek someone who does not know how to indulge her whims. Luck needs to please, and then she will be supportive and friendly. Let's see how this is best done to attract good luck.

The secret of luck

Who are the losers? Losers are those who usually focus their attention on the fact that one or another question can not be solved. What kind of luck can it be then, if they simply do not notice how to solve this issue? Those who know the secret of success, try to think positively and optimistically, and, focusing mainly on their capabilities, in most cases achieve excellent results. So, it turns out that good luck in life is nothing but the ability of positive thinking? And no mystery is a secret to success? And luck has nothing to do with it? It turns out so. To understand why this happens, let's try to understand the peculiarities of the work of our subconscious. Imagine the human brain as a large walnut, which is divided horizontally into two halves. The upper part of it is an active mind, a consciousness that processes thoughts. The lower part is the so-called subconscious, where all kinds of programs for managing human actions are stored. These programs are innate and acquired throughout life. So, it is from the purchased programs that it depends whether we are lucky or not. Every day about fifty thousand thoughts arise in the person's head. If most of them are negative, a program is created in the subconscious that works for negative events. After all, our subconscious does not care what to orient ourselves to, it does not know what emotions are and does not distinguish good from bad. The program is there, that's all. The subconscious mind does not reflect on how to attract luck, it simply includes the program installed in it. The program turns any of our thoughts, if it is regularly repeated for quite some time. Here, for example, we learn how to drive a car. Initially, we think about each of our actions by the upper part of our brain, in which when we sit behind the wheel, there are thoughts like: "Lift your leg, move it, gently push the pedal," and so on. If such thoughts appear regularly and for a long time, they form an automatic program in the subconscious that works regardless of whether we are thinking about our actions or not. In the end, we press the gas pedals and brake reflexively, not at all over it without thinking. Experienced drivers usually do not remember how to drive, even if they spent several hours driving. Because for this the subconscious program answered. The same thing happens in the matter of attracting good luck. When we for many months, or even years, think that we can not get out of poverty, a program of poverty is created in the subconscious. It will begin to work only on poverty, and ways to combat it will become inaccessible to us. If we start to think about our bad health all the time, we will create a disease program, think that nothing will work out, a program of failure is formed, we think that we will never have money, there will be a program of lack of money, and so on. And all these programs will function independently, without yielding to consciousness control. Is it bad? Of course, since it's almost impossible to become a successful person in the presence of such programs. And we become simply doomed to solid misfortunes and troubles. how to attract luck to yourself

How to attract happiness and luck?

Many of us often wonder about why they are notaccompanied by luck and luck in life, not even suspecting that they themselves frighten off this luck, constantly scrolling in my head thoughts of my defeat in some endeavors. We program ourselves for lack of success, and, at the same time, we look for the reasons for this absence in destiny or in the external world. But no man is written to be a loser. And the whole secret of luck is to inspire confidence that everything will turn out. In order for a program of such confidence to appear, we must begin to control our thoughts, forming patterns of success. Of course, this will take time and effort on oneself-it's not so easy to change the way you understand reality and yourself in it, but it's worth it. At the same time, one idea of ​​positive thinking, even if it has carried on extremely, will not bring success. So, let's say, we get up in the morning with the goal of changing our life for the better and even following the advice of psychologists we write down the vision of this best on paper ... And then, going to work, we think about the negative all day, only occasionally recollecting and trying to think positively. What can we talk about how to attract happiness and luck, if they can not approach us half a step? In order for luck to appear in life, discipline of the mind is required. There are, of course, people who do not think about how to become a successful person - success accompanies them in almost everything, even in small things. As a rule, these are those who from early childhood were taught positive thinking and confidence that nothing is impossible in life. However, such education of children is, unfortunately, quite rare. Usually we are taught from childhood that the world is full of dangers, that it has a lot of negative and, in order to achieve something in this life, it is necessary to have the initial prerequisites for success: appropriate education, money, communications and so on. And if, they say, education, money and connections are not present, then there is nothing to think of luck and to think. So people in this life are melancholy in life, even without trying to change something in this life. They explain their unfortunate traditionally: "Such a fate ... It is not given, it is not given ... It does not shine ..." and even "Someone has jinxed me." Meanwhile, around a lot of opportunities for success, but the subconscious minds set to fail people simply do not notice them. Yes, events are different and not always happy, but those who have a successful program of luck, even the most serious troubles are easier, and from the failures of households, they automatically benefit from something. People with the opposite program completely plunge into trouble, thus denying the very possibility of a way out of the situation or the likelihood that the situation offers new options for success. So how to become a successful person, if the idea that something good to us does not promise anything to us now and then? Of course, to attract good luck. Attract luck

How to become a successful person?

In order to know how to attract happiness andgood luck, it follows, first of all. It is necessary to understand that it is necessary to adjust consciousness to positive constantly. One or two days is not enough for this. After all, even we train muscles for a long time and persistently, what then to speak about such a delicate substance as our consciousness! Trying to stick to positive thoughts for only a week, we will not make any special changes in our life. But the month of such thinking already promises significant changes for the better, which can happen though gradually, but persistently. In general, in order that the secret of luck was solved to the end, and the world spoiled us, almost, at every step, we must spend our whole life cleaning our own consciousness. The task is not simple, but solvable. It is only necessary to check your own thinking, which most of us, especially now, during such turbulent times, now and then switch unnoticed to the negative. If such switching is frequent, our life begins to deteriorate significantly. Features of human existence, its relationship with others, health status, wealth level, real opportunities for happiness - all this is an indicator of the number of its negative thoughts. If we consider those around us as enemies, they will attack us. If we are afraid of getting sick, we will be pursued by various ailments. If we believe that we will never become wealthy people, money will bypass us. If we think that we can not love, love does not shine us. And so on. Conclusion: all our troubles are alive, because we allow it, fueling our negative thoughts. The channel of this negativity should be blocked, since it is impossible to become a successful person when he is active. Well, how can you resist the impact of negative external factors, if the consciousness for him is not only open, but also enhances this impact through the channels appropriate to him? If they are blocked, information that carries a negative in itself, simply slides on the surface of consciousness, without causing any harm to it. And this means that the problems that such information can create will simply not arise. For example, someone wants to quarrel with us, but we categorically do not accept the reason for this scandal. What will happen in this case? Yes there will be no scandal, he will die at the very beginning! And the conflict will be resolved by itself, because it will not become a man to row with himself! Or, here's to take at least some familiar cases when you step on the ice, not suspecting that it's ice. After all, we boldly walk on it, if we do not know that we can slip, right? One has only to realize that under the feet it is slippery and it's dangerous to walk, as we immediately fall! Familiar? In short, so that problems do not arise, you need to try not to think about them. Any event is neutral until we begin to consider it from some side. Then it takes either a negative or a positive color. If we do not think about this event at all, it will not touch us. So with luck in life. The fact of success does not exist by itself until we start thinking about it as success. It simply does not exist, and it will not happen if we do not take the optimistic attitude to the surrounding reality and the events happening in it. The result of such optimism is a change in the perception of problems at the emotional level. After all, they become problems when we think of them as problems. Well, here, let's say, we lose our job or even part with a loved one. Misfortune? Oh, yes, even what! If we perceive this fact as a grandiose problem, and it will become the object of all our attention, it will turn into an unsolvable task as a result. And we will be tormented for months, or even years. And when our consciousness is set to positive, then we quickly reorient ourselves from trouble to find new variants, which in life are always innumerable. And it will happen subconsciously, unnoticed for ourselves. In other words, the secret of luck is not something mystical. It consists in the peculiarities of our thinking, which must be controlled as much as possible. We begin to think about the bad, - stop! We direct thoughts on the positive, forgetting about the negative. This gymnastics mind will first be given with tension, but eventually it will become familiar, creating in the subconscious a lucky program. Let's try to think only of the good, because it's impossible to become a successful person without believing in your success! After all, now you know the main secret - how to attract good luck. And all of you will definitely succeed. Otherwise it can not be. We advise you to read: