how to attract the attention of a guy Spoiled attention is won by patienceHave you ever looked at a handsome young man and did not know how to approach him? How to interest a guy who likes you terribly, and does not seem intrusive or accessible at the same time? In this game, women play since the beginning of time, and, as is known, in any game there are rules. As they say, there are periods when a man is not available to you - this is the first, second and third period of hockey. The rest of the time you can conquer it! Well, let's start learning the ancient hunting instinct and do not let the nice guys get away from us.

Beauty will save the world

There are many proven ways to attractthe attention of the guys to their person. And before we talk about them, let's dispel one myth: one often hears that beauty is not the main thing for a woman. That men are much more interested in a rich inner world and a high intellect. Perhaps this is so - but later, much later than the first date. Any man, looking closely at the girl, first of all evaluates her appearance. He decides whether it's a shame to introduce her to his friends and how cool he will be with her. If nature has not given you excellent data - it does not matter, everything can be fixed. A well-groomed and stylish girl will attract much more attention than an untidy beauty with unwashed hair and dirty clothes. So, if you have problems, immediately take care of your appearance - this is the first step in attracting the attention of the guys to yourself. Well-groomed and shining appearance, shine in the eyes and seductive manners will not be left without attention at any party, meeting with friends or even during an ordinary trip to the store for groceries. Remember that you should not seek advice on style and makeup for a friend or acquaintance. Even if you are very close to her, a natural instinct will still prompt her not to give the best recommendations; and perhaps she has her own view of beauty and her own notion of style, which you will not like. After all, nothing so adorns the girl as the modesty and unattractiveness of her friend. So the girlfriends in this matter are not advisers, and it's always better to be original and direct, because personality is what distinguishes us from the crowd. The best option is to turn to a professional stylist who can make you beautiful, because it's his job. It will not hurt to get advice from a cosmetologist, especially if you have skin problems, you may need a visit to a dermatologist, a dentist. Be sure to go to the salon, make a beautiful, suitable for you hair, consult with a make-up artist, what make-up is best for you to do. They will not answer the question of how to attract the guy's attention to himself, and the attention of that particular guy who likes madly; but they will always help determine the image that will become a powerful weapon in the struggle for popularity among members of the opposite sex. Remember, it is very important to give yourself time, many girls love it, but due to the constant lack of time, you have to do everything "on the fly." Make yourself an approximate schedule of what and when you should visit, how often you need to do this, then you will all be in time, and your appearance will become the envy of all the girlfriends and the admiration of men. Be beautiful if you want it, because beauty is a very loose and individual concept; everyone has their own tastes, but a well-groomed and stylish girl can not not like it, she always enjoys the attention of the guys and receives a lot of compliments. how to draw the attention of the guy that you like

Ask for help

So, having brought you into a state of combat readiness,we will pass directly to the techniques that will help attract the object of your sympathies, because the attention of the guys does not happen much. In fact, there are a lot of receivers - it all depends on your imagination and ability to correctly act in this or that situation. Here you will see several "templates" that you can change, focusing on your situation. In order to understand how to attract the attention of the guy you like, you need to collect more information about him. Learn about his habits, hobbies, special talents and hobbies - everything goes to play. Men in the majority are rather vain, on their small weaknesses it is simple enough to play, the main thing - carefully to think everything over. Let's say you learned that your guy plays the guitar perfectly. Well, this is an interesting hobby, and you can easily use it. Just go up to him and tell him that you have a problem - parents gave money for courses on learning to play the guitar, and you spent it on something else. And now, if in a week you do not play something intelligible at home, you will seriously fly. Any man in such circumstances will not refuse a beautiful lady. Protection and assistance to the weaker sex is one of the oldest male instincts. In addition, he will also feel like your savior and already to some extent responsible for your "musical success." This option is wonderful for a girl who wants to attract the interest of a guy in school. If you have already outgrown that age when you need to report to your parents, then you can come up with another option. For example, you argued with a friend that you will learn how to play the guitar for a week, or it is vital for you to show off on your corporate culture to your employers with your musical skills. Do not forget that you should approach the guy with such a kind, as if only an extreme necessity made him turn to him. Look at this day, as usual. If, getting ready for a conversation, you are discharged to the nines - everything will be sewn with white threads. Remember that men are arranged a little differently than women, it is more difficult for them to switch from one case to another. Therefore, it is important to choose the right time to not be refused. If you, for example, have thought about how to attract the attention of your boyfriend, you should not approach asking for help when he is busy with an important matter. In this case, a remark in his direction can be regarded as an encroachment on personal space. Similarly, it can happen if you need to get the colleague's attention on work asking for help when he is seriously busy or alarmed by some problem. Most likely, failure will follow.

Look for common interests

What if your boyfriend is a real fan of tennis(however, like any other sport)? This is an excellent occasion to flash before him and interest that you have found "common interests". This is a fairly good way, if you are looking for how to attract the attention of the guy you like. Carefully, from cover to cover, study all the magazines and newspapers in search of articles about tennis players. You do not need to know the rules of the game and really love tennis - it's enough to be informed, and on occasion with enthusiasm to tell about the news of the sport. This will surprise the guy very much, and he will be interested in you and your knowledge. Of course, it will not suit you, but be prepared, that you will throw over a couple of phrases about sports. Then you will translate the topic of conversation into the channel, interesting to you. The main thing is to successfully start a conversation and show that you have some common hobby. In this way, you can attract the attention of an unfamiliar guy by simply bumping into him, for example, in a sports goods store. That is, a lot depends on the circumstances in which you will get, from a certain situation. It will be an additional plus if you get a tennis racket. It is possible that you really like to spend time on the court, but for now it's enough to brag about it before the guy. Men like women who share their interests, with whom there is something to talk about. A girl who understands their hobbies is just a treasure! how to attract the attention of a guy

Conspiracy theory

And how to attract the attention of a guy who,especially not interested? Maybe try to collect information about him? Is it possible at all? Cunning is the main weapon in such cases. That is, we will prepare a "conspiracy". Tell a girlfriend to have a party and make sure that you two are without a couple. Willy-nilly, he will have to talk with you, and there it comes to slow dance will come. All in your hands - do not frighten off your happiness, act carefully - talk less and listen with interest to his speech, smile at his jokes and flirt, do not forget about the little women's tricks and the rules of seduction. These tricks always work great, even to attract the attention of a guy who already has a girlfriend. Do not overdo it during the dance with intim - hot touches and deliberate exposures of the shoulders and legs can lead to completely wrong conclusions. You do not want to become a girl for one night? And do not try to overdo it with alcohol - this is a chance not only to lose the guy, but also to spoil your reputation for a long time.

Random meeting

If the guy you are interested in likesgo to cafes and restaurants, then this is a great chance to get acquainted with him. To do this, you need to know exactly the place and time when you can catch it at a regular table. But in any case, do not come to the restaurant with friends - if he is even interested in you, then he will hardly dare to approach. He understands perfectly well that all the girls will evaluate and criticize him, and this test is not for everyone. And even more so - you were determined to attract the attention of the guy, you never know .... Be alone, sit facing him. From time to time, give him an interested look, shake your hair and smile. Of course, everything should be very natural. This applies to the attire. If this meeting is supposedly accidental, it will be suspicious to look like you just finished a week's visit to all the beauty salons of the city. Do not forget about the magic method of our grandmothers - shooting with your eyes. And do not smile - this is real art, the method of "angle-nose-object" works almost always! So, look in the corner of the room, slowly look at the tip of the nose and look at the object of interest with wide-open eyes. In this way it is easy enough to attract the guy's attention to himself. In addition, you can from the first minutes madly like your object. Training in front of the mirror will not give results - rather you will earn a strabismus, peering at the reflection and performing the necessary actions. Better work out this technique on friends and girlfriends, there will be more sense!

The trick of the city takes

There is another great way, but it works,if you are already with a guy in a friendly relationship, working together or studying in school. Hint him in words, gestures, a look that he, they say, you care about. And after a while, stop paying attention to him, as if you were not connected with anything. Believe me, men in such cases first puzzle over what they did wrong, and then try to prove that they are the most-most, and are trying to regain your location. This trouble-free method works on many vain men, for whom it is undeserved to lose attention - a catastrophe. The method is perfect for young girls who want to attract the attention of a classmate at school. Several days of his torment and attempts to "turn you into his faith" again, and he will be at your feet.

Men love to be the best

Men are like children. Throughout their life they are trying to prove their masculinity and grandeur. Remember, if they have succeeded in something, they certainly expect your praise. Even in domestic trivia - whether he screwed a light bulb, whether he repaired a chair - praise him sincerely (please do not mix it up with flattery). The line between flattery and praise is very subtle, so you can not make mistakes here. An important point: during the story of how good he is, how you like his help, your eyes should burn with admiration and shine with sincerity. This method is not bad, and in order to attract the attention of the former guy. If he will feel like a real man with you, and you will not let him forget about it, then the chance to become his girlfriend is very great. So take this idea to the note and do not miss the opportunity to emphasize its merits out loud. What man will refuse from a woman who so appreciates him?

At a subconscious level

Do not forget the body language. The simplest rule is to accidentally copy his movements. Of course, do not grimace, or repeat the purely male gestures - to keep cigarettes with four fingers or spit over your shoulder. It will be enough to turn his head to one side at the same time or to hold a hand through his hair. At the subconscious level, the man will understand that you are tuned to the same wave with him, and he will be interested in you. So you will be able to attract the attention of an unfamiliar guy or that man whom you know very little. The following way works very well - it is sweet to stretch, arching, and shake your hair. Seeing the outline of your figure and the beauty of hair, the guy will long think about your body and the possibility of closer communication. And no longer at work or in school, but in a more romantic setting. Do not apply all methods at once - choose something closest to your situation. Take into account your own abilities, as well as the character of the young person. It is necessary to act very naturally and carefully. A man in no way should feel that the girl is making efforts to entice him. At best, he is simply flattered, but he will always look at those women who need to be conquered. After all, men are conquerors, so they avoid hunters. So let him conquer you and enjoy his attention. We advise you to read: