affirmations for losing weight How many times have you said to yourself: "I want to lose weight. I want to look better and feel more confident. I want to have a beautiful, slender body! "Like most people who have tried to lose excess volumes, you may encounter at least one of the major obstacles to weight loss:

  • You can not adhere to the necessary regime;
  • You hate physical exercises;
  • You are constantly experiencing an exhausting feeling of hunger;
  • You lose weight, and then it comes back.
  • In this article we will show you an effective methodweight loss - affirmations for weight loss. This method uses hidden methods of the subconscious, which allows you to get a guaranteed success. This method can be used alone or in combination with a diet or any program for weight loss; you will safely and quickly permanently get rid of your problem.

    Little-known facts about weight loss

    Even the best programs with whichmany manage to achieve their ideal weight, give chances less than one to twenty, that you keep this weight for a year. The key to the success of the program for weight loss should be the search, discovery and calibration of all the hidden motives and resources in your subconscious. The reason that most weight loss programs provide temporary success is that they are trying to solve the weight problem from the outside (that is, acting on the body), instead of solving it from the inside (by acting through the subconscious). We will try to explain this statement to you. Since birth, we have been developing an intensive relationship between comfort, interaction with loved ones and food. Food becomes something much more significant than just the process of saturation - it is acceptance, warmth and love. Thus, we take food for several reasons, and not just because we are hungry. Often we eat for the company with friends, or because it is boring or sad, or we are worried and try to distract ourselves, or because we want to reward ourselves with something delicious. affirmations for losing weight

    When the subconscious enters into force

    Our desires, emotions and motivations are inour subconscious. This is the center of our "I". Moreover, the subconscious is so powerful that it becomes almost impossible for us to consciously do what our subconscious mind does not do to us! Try, for example, to ask someone to wave his hand right in front of your eyes, and make yourself not blink. You are almost doomed to failure! Your subconscious will order you to protect the tender eyeball from the threat of possible injury, and you will surely cover your eyes and even flinch. Similarly, the subconscious mind constantly sabotages all the efforts of our consciousness to make the body lose weight. The question arises: can we change the program of our subconscious? Is it possible to find a way to make it work for us, and not against us in the struggle for harmony? Fortunately, yes. And one of the most powerful ways is to do this, resorting to affirmations for weight loss.

    How Affirmations for Weight Loss Work

    The basis of this method is specificallyselected statements that are able to penetrate the subconscious mind and correct at the same time your motives and emotions. The more you repeat these statements, the more they become your internal "guidance system". They will change your self-esteem, your desires and behavior, and, fortunately, your attitude towards food. You will no longer desire the former quantity and types of food that led you to fullness. All of your life you have acted according to the "script" written for you by your parents, relatives and friends. It is a system of values ​​that is embedded in you from the outside. These thoughts, habits, attitudes and inner convictions of other people have formed strong attitudes with which you live. It's they that prevent your impulses from controlling your weight, even though you really want it. These settings will continue to restrict you further if you do not take positive steps to change them. Almost every day in our head dozens of thoughts revolve about who we are in this world, or about what our life is like, or about what we might want to have; and each time our subconscious mind reacts to these thoughts. You can, for example, think: "I really want to lose weight, but I seem not to be able to achieve this. It seems to me that I will not succeed, because I, no matter how hard I try, can not control my weight. " At the beginning of reasoning, the thought is sent by our consciousness expressing our desire to lose weight. But further from the subconsciousness comes the limiting belief that we can not do this. And this subconscious comment is strengthened every time we allow ourselves to let it through consciousness, or even utter it out loud. That is why so many people do not believe in their strength and feel completely helpless, leaving all attempts to lose weight. It is not enough to try to gain control over weight on a conscious level, forcing yourself to eat some food, but not to eat, becoming almost an expert on the diet. It is also not enough to struggle with oneself and show remarkable strength of will, consciously loading yourself with physical training. Strong, constant weight control should come from within when you resort to affirmations for weight loss, change your beliefs and form in your subconscious mind the image of a new body. correct affirmations for losing weight

    How to ensure that affirmations work most effectively

    The greatest effect of affirmations you get, ifwill be in a relaxed state. Relaxing your mind, you will have direct access to the subconscious. We recommend doing this on a daily basis for several weeks (or as long as you need to achieve and maintain an ideal weight). The best time for affirmations is the morning when you just woke up, or in the evening before going to bed. At this time, you can most easily get the "login password" in your subconscious. If you repeat affirmations for weight loss regularly, they will strengthen your determination and willpower so that you can free yourself from unnecessary kilograms. This method of mental reprogramming works directly with your habit of talking in your mind with yourself (the so-called "internal dialogue"), blocking and eliminating your negative self-image. Here are the simple steps that will help you get the most out of affirmations:

  • To better influence affirmations, choose a place and time when you will not be distracted for at least fifteen minutes.
  • Sit in bed or sit in a chair so that each part of your body is as comfortable as possible.
  • Start with a slow, deep breath through your nose,hold your breath for a few moments, and then slowly exhale through your mouth. Feel the body's stress on the inspiration, and then watch how it will begin to relax on its own.
  • Do not get distracted anymore no matter what. Concentrate on your feelings and try to completely relax.
  • Take another deep breath through your nose, filling the lungs, and on exhalation, try to finally relax.
  • Relax the muscles of the face and jaw, unclench the teeth.
  • Continuing smoothly, but not so deeply breathe, feel how the relaxation spreads throughout your body. Every muscle becomes relaxed, and you are completely calm.
  • Mentally start to say affirmations:
    • I relaxed
    • I'm very calm
    • I feel myself good
    • My body naturally burns unnecessary fat
    • I have full control over my weight
    • My hunger is easily satisfied with a small amount of food
    • My body receives all the nutrients that it needs
    • My body dissolves surplus fatty tissue, which no longer needs
    • I'm strong and healthy
    • I see myself slim, beautiful and very attractive
    • I'm easy on food
    • I am calm and relaxed when I eat
    • I have great self-control not to break the diet
    • I have a strong desire to adhere to a healthy diet
    • I'm happy with myself
    • My body is strong and healthy
    • I take good care of my body
    • I regularly go in for sports
    • I love me
    • I have perfect control over my weight
    • I refuse unhealthy food
    • I eat only healthy food
    • I get and maintain my ideal weight

    Affirmations for weight loss will help change yourinternal predictions about yourself, your body and diet. Most diets do not work because they force you to do something that your subconscious mind does not want to do. Only with the help of willpower should you stay away from the foods that you love and feel deprived, refusing them. Your subconscious interprets this as an attempt to starve the body of the body. But with affirmations you can gradually change your desires and tastes. Thus, by switching to proper nutrition, you will feel satisfied, and therefore easily achieve your goal. Your subconscious mind will now work in unison with consciousness, and more it will not make you overeat. We advise you to read: