affirmations for women Each of us wants to be happy. What is the main secret of this becoming a reality? In the right attitude and attitude to life. It is no longer a secret that the fact that our view of the world determines those things that will happen to us. Of course, everything can be attributed to various factors: luck or failure, heredity, characteristics of nature, a combination of circumstances - yes, anything! However, psychologists more and more often say that a positive world view is capable of doing miracles. But the question arises: how to form it yourself? And then help comes affirmations for women who really work.

What is their secret?

Affirmation is a mental statement,formulated in a positive manner, which already contains the image of the desired reality. Simply put, with the help of such simple verbal constructions you program your consciousness to success, after which it more and more believes in them. So it turns out that this is the easiest and most elegant way to be happy. Affirmations are able to give you exactly what you want. This can be a banal improvement of mood and the formation of a positive outlook on life, facilitating the achievement of desired goals, for example, building the desired relationship or a dizzying career. The most important thing is that you do not have to go anywhere, do something actively and pay someone huge money. All you need to do is set aside in the morning and in the evening for fifteen minutes in order to pronounce aloud statements about important life spheres and goals that are important for you. Just do not forget that you need to work with affirmations every day, because their action is based on a cumulative effect. It is worthwhile to stop, and you will need time to return to what has been achieved. correct affirmations for women

Affirmations for all women

Of course, you can practice working with generalaffirmations that suit any person. For example, "I have an inner strength" or "I really love myself." They are effective and very specific. But we all know that women have quite specific desires and goals, and we can talk about special affirmations that are right for us. Among them are:

  • I am strong, because I am a woman;
  • I accept myself as I am;
  • I greet this day with joy and anticipation, for I know that amazing events await me;
  • I have a wonderful character;
  • I love my body the way it is;
  • I have the strength to change my life;
  • Every day I become wiser and stronger;
  • I am a woman, and because of this I have unique abilities and strengths;
  • I know that I can be loved;
  • I experience love every day and even every hour;
  • I have the ideal weight for me;
  • I listen to my intuition, because it often tells me the right way;
  • When necessary, I shield myself from all negative energy;
  • I appreciate every sigh;
  • I take care of other people and give them love, which comes back to me tenfold.

Affirmations for housewives and young mothers

You know this feeling when every day is likeon the day of marmot, and it seems to others that you are not doing anything? Congratulations, you are a young mother or a housewife! According to statistics, this category of women has the most requests for improving one's own life and stabilizing the mental state. Which affirmations will suit you and your lifestyle?

  • I love my husband and my children;
  • I enjoy socializing with my family;
  • I am a very important part of the global ecumenical plan;
  • Every day, caring for my children, I'm learning to be the best mom for them;
  • Motherhood is a great opportunity for me to realize myself and get love;
  • I am in harmony with everything that surrounds me;
  • I am a positive example for my children.

affirmations for women

Affirmations for "careerists"

A modern woman has the opportunity to be notonly the basis of the family hearth, but also to work, earn money and build a career. It's very cool, but many working moms feel guilty about this. But even if you do not have children, building a career and achieving success at work can require a lot of mental strength, and in this case, affirmations will come in handy.

  • Working, I rejoice that I can provide for myself and my children;
  • I enjoy my work;
  • My career guarantees the fact that I can give my children all the best for them;
  • Thanks to my work, my children see before themselves a positive example of a working person;
  • I easily make a career;
  • I like to go to work;
  • I have an excellent boss and wonderful colleagues;
  • I draw to myself the best clients, which are pleasant to serve;
  • My income is increasing every day;
  • I give my beloved one hundred percent, and it's very appreciated;
  • I like being at my workplace;
  • I'm happy that I have my job;

If you feel unhappy every day,fight with obstacles, suffer and feel heartache, remember - it should not be so! You can and have the right to become happy. But happiness does not come to you by itself - in order to get it, you need to make at least some efforts and start taking steps in the right direction. Affirmations are a wonderful beginning that will help you change your life for the better. Dare, and the results will not take long to wait! We advise you to read: