how to develop charisma You probably paid attention to the fact thatsome people easily become the soul of the company, they are listened to, admired by them. And all this sympathy can not be explained simply by an attractive appearance - they have some magical and very special quality that makes them leaders. This quality is called charisma. It has become a symbol and source of success, so for many people the question is urgent: "how to develop charisma?" It is gratifying that charisma is a quality not inherent, but acquired. But the desire to develop charisma should not break the personality. On the contrary, it can become the core of your personal growth and self-improvement. So do not change yourself, but try to improve and refine what you have.

Charismatic personality - who is this?

A charismatic person is not just a collection of somequalities is a mature and integral personality. A variety of people can develop charisma: thick and thin, judicious and impulsive. But all these people have one common core, consisting of the following qualities:

  • Self-confidence

This, perhaps, is the very basis on whichcharisma is built on. Confidence arises when you believe in yourself and in the possibility of achieving your goal. The emergence of this belief can be hindered by past failures, fears and anxiety, various internal complexes. Past failures affect the perception of the present in any case, but they begin to interfere only when past experience is overestimated, and there is no boundary between the past and the future. You will be helped by a clear realization that the current situation is different from all the previous ones, and you have every chance of achieving success. In case of occurrence of strong fear and anxiety, try to realize to the end the subject of this fear. In most cases you will come to rather absurd conclusions - for example, you are afraid to speak out because someone might not like what you say. But do you like absolutely everything? With internal complexes, the situation is more complicated, because this established personal education, which is the cause of insecurity in their abilities, is often difficult to change. You can try to understand the reasons for your uncertainty, however, in case of deep personal problems it is better to contact a psychologist.

  • Optimism and positive perception of life

This is the second most important personal quality. It is based on forecasts for the future, assessment of current and past events, self-esteem and many personal attitudes. Optimism is the quality that requires constant training. Reflecting on the future, try to present in all details various positive variants of the development of events. Negative options do not necessarily sweep away - just do not stress them.

  • Awareness of personal responsibility for everything that happens to you

Agree, it's a pity that people who in allfailures that occur to them, blame circumstances, other people - in general, the entire white light. A charismatic person understands that every person is worthy of the life that he lives, and it is a consequence of his choice. When you create your own life, it attracts other people. There is an excellent psychological exercise for awareness of responsibility. It is called: "I am the author of my life." Its essence boils down to the following: every time an important event happens to you, answer for yourself the question: "how did I do it?" At first it will be difficult because of internal resistance, but gradually it will go away, and your thinking will be rebuilt. The main thing is that responsibility for one's life does not grow into responsibility for the whole world. This may be the soil for the onset of a neurosis. For example, a person believes that if he does not go to work with a temperature of 39 degrees, then all work will rise.

  • Courage and independence

Sometimes a charismatic leader needs to takea risky and responsible decision, and he must have certain personal resources for this. Others can exert pressure, argue and disagree with such a decision, but a charismatic leader is able to resist them, sometimes even alone. The development of these qualities can begin with the periodic replacement of the word "we" with the word "I". For example, instead of "we did not prepare a presentation" - "I did not prepare a presentation." When working on projects (and in any life situations), try yourself as a leader, making decisions and taking responsibility for the result.

  • Developing your talents

A charismatic person knows himself, his strong andweak sides. Deficiencies he tries to compensate or turn to advantages, and strengths - to emphasize and provide them with application. Therefore, for the development of charisma, it becomes important to find one's vocation and be realized in this direction. Each person has his own talent, however, sometimes there are difficulties with his search. But But everything is very simple - just focus on yourself and try different areas of activity - sooner or later there will be one. Do not try to become a director of the plant, if you discover an obvious propensity for music - still the probability of success will be small.

  • Respect for yourself and for other people

A charismatic person at any time can becomeleader leading other people. But this becomes impossible if the person is overflowing with anger, irritation or dislike for himself. People are attracted to the opposite - goodwill, inner harmony and self-respect. Respect for yourself and for others are two sides of the same quality. When you allow yourself and others to show the opposite qualities - for example, to periodically be smart and stupid, cheerful and sad - your anger and irritation go away by themselves, and harmony reigns within. Pay attention to the rigid frames that you put yourself and try to push them wider. how to develop charisma

Secrets of a charismatic personality

These qualities and attitudes are strategicpoints of growth - they together constitute the concept of "charisma". But there are also tactical methods - concrete steps and actions, which in fact are an answer to the question: "how to develop charisma?"

  • Discard the negative. Negative emotions such as anger, fear and resentment arise in every person, only someone accumulates them in themselves, and they become traits of character. A person who has charisma, also experiences them, but he tries to dump them as quickly as the accumulated tension. This can be done with the help of sports, theater or just screaming. Also you can write a letter to the offenders or beat a doll or a soft toy.
  • Be engaged in the correct setting of goals. First set global goals, then break them into intermediate goals, and them into even smaller ones. The realization of each shallow goal is marked with something positive. This is how you approach the achievement of major goals.
  • Learn to speak. Eloquence is one of the main qualities of a charismatic leader. You can try to attend the training of oratory. Learn to control your voice, consider the characteristics of the audience when speaking, use various techniques of NLP programming to make your speech expressive, and you - convincing.
  • Emphasize your individuality. Charismatic personalities, as a rule, have a bright personality. For its emphasis, create your own style in clothes, get your style to speak, practice your brand gestures - all this can become your calling card and will allocate you from the crowd.
  • Become an expert in your field. After defining your vocation, try to learn as much as possible about this area - read books, watch movies, communicate with people already in this field and, of course, try to get practical experience.
  • Improve communication skills. Communicate, learn to listen to others, set goals that motivate not only you, but also other people. In case of doing something publicly create your own site - it will help interested people to quickly get the necessary information about you.
  • All of the above can be reduced to three mainmoments: independence and responsibility, self-presentation and the ability to motivate and influence other people. This is the key point of growth, reliance on which will help you develop charisma. Use the above psychological exercises and training regularly, and the result will not take long. We advise you to read: