1 There are several types of behaviors,the way of thinking and the features of appearance that attract most men. As you know, men love eyes, so they in ladies first of all appreciate the external data. Men also appreciate women who have a taste, but that does not mean that they should have expensive and expensive clothes. Smell is also of great importance, since strong sex does not tolerate when the smell of sweat emanates from women. Almost all men like a pleasant, but not a sharp smell, so excessive passion for perfume is also not desirable. In addition, if a woman wants to please others, including men, the aura of satisfaction and success should come from her. Probably, no man will not have to like it if there is a woman next to him who constantly complains about her life. In addition, every woman should have her own subtle zest. In short, to please a man, a woman should be good-natured, intelligent and friendly. Strong sex does not like evil, envious, and also foul-mouthed persons. Among other things, a woman should have a harmonious figure, and not to abuse cosmetics, although her absence is also not welcomed by the stronger sex. Egoism, as well as excessive attachment, irritates almost all men. They're just crazy about women with a good sense of humor. Also, men prefer women with mild character, but at the same time possessing a sense of dignity. A woman should always remain a mystery for a man, otherwise he will quickly lose interest in it. We advise you to read: