how to understand that the guy wants to leave Perhaps, the most serious and difficult situation forwomen are a break with the person you love. Until recently you bathed in his tenderness and affection, your eyes burned with happiness and delight and nothing foreshadowed troubles. And even if sometimes you notice the nuances, saying that his attitude to you has changed, then you simply did not want to believe that your fairy tale ended. And they continued to wait and hope for a miracle - it is much easier to do this than to make a difficult decision about parting. But there comes a time when he disappears from your field of vision completely, or declares that between you all is over. It is not easy to survive, because being abandoned is the worst thing for any of us. How to understand in advance that the guy wants to leave, how not to remain alone in a broken trough?

Your boyfriend stopped answering calls

Not every man is able to be honest andopenly admit to his girlfriend that she does not love her anymore. Guys quite a long time make the decision to leave, especially if the relationship was long - it's not easy to break them. Therefore, the first thing they start doing in such a situation is to slowly move away from their passion. The very first signs that your boyfriend wants to "make legs" is his eternal amusement and the inability to contact him on the phone. You will immediately understand that something goes wrong: at first he does not call himself, then stops responding to your calls. About love sms-kah and good morning wishes can generally be forgotten! As a rule, a man explains this by the fact that he does not have a single free minute for personal telephone conversations: at work, the relatives get up at night and require immediate help from him. And he turns, poor thing, like a squirrel in a wheel, and can not talk to you on the mobile at all. What to do in such a situation and how to understand whether he is telling the truth? It is possible that your man indeed has problems at work, and at home there were troubles that require his all-inclusive presence. But if he still loved you, he would have found in his loaded graphics at least one minute, only to talk with you and hear your voice. After all, he perfectly understands that you are worried and worried that you are bad without him. And since he avoids calls and conversations with you, he probably has grown cold on you and is afraid to admit it. Of course, there are situations when obsessive or jealous girls call their boyfriend every five minutes, demanding constant reports about where he is and what he does. Here, and the most loving man will try to come up with a hundred reasons to not take the phone's handset. If you do not suffer from such a mania and call a man just a couple of times a day, then think: is not it again "temporarily unavailable", that his heart no longer belongs to you?

Grace disappeared in the relationship

Before, you could not talk to each other for hoursfriend, shared all the secrets, solved problems together. And now he suddenly became like a stranger, looks at you with a cold look and hardly talks to you. It is possible that your relationship here has nothing to do with it, that he has some unresolved problems that he does not want to tell you about. But this is unlikely. If the previous warmth in the relationship has evaporated, then the love has disappeared (at least, from his side). And maybe, for him it was just love, which melted like snow. In any case, if you notice these unpleasant signs, do not close your eyes to them. Try to talk with your young man, call him to frankness. If his head is really stuffed with something that does not concern your relationship, then just try to help him, if not by deed, then word. If he begins to avoid a direct answer, or admits that he is not interested in you - expect trouble. Most likely he wants you to part.

Lack of sex

That's from something, and from sex with your beloveda normal guy is unlikely to refuse a girl. If before he was a constant initiator of your sexual adventures, and then suddenly stopped and ceased to perceive you as a woman - it's bad. This is another weighty argument in favor of the fact that he wants to part with you. Perhaps he was just bored with your relationship, or maybe he had another woman. In any case, you need to discuss this fact with your man and demand explanations from him. If you do not meet very long ago, then the absence of sexual relations is a bad sign. You are not married with a ten-year experience of living together, had time to get saturated with intimate relationships with each other. If your young man does not have health problems, then most likely he just chilled to you. And if you do not want to hear a fatal phrase from him, say, let's part, then either urgently seek an opportunity to improve relations, or be prepared to strike first.

Unwillingness to lead you into the light

If before you always had a great time inthe company of his friends, and now he does not take you with him, then you have a serious reason to think. Picnics with comrades, trips to nightclubs, cinemas, corporate parties - and all this without you? Perhaps, his environment for a long time knows the true reason for your absence, and this reason has a pretty face and long legs? Although, the presence of a rival in this case is not necessary at all, everything can be much trivial: he was bored with your relationship. Whatever it was, but the reluctance to appear with you in the company of his friends and acquaintances can speak about a lot. Perhaps you no longer stand in his eyes too much and he does not consider it necessary to introduce people into your circle of people close to him. Once you feel that he has stopped "taking you out into the light," immediately analyze the situation and draw the right conclusions. But do it without fanaticism: what if he has serious reasons for being alone in such events?

He provokes you to a scandal

Until recently you lived in love and harmony, and nowhe constantly provokes you to quarrel and shout? It happens when a man no longer loves a woman and gets irritated by ordinary, seemingly, things. Everything is not so and not for him: dinner is not tasty, you can not dress, you do not know anything about football at all. And here he grumbles, like a routine, constantly pointing out your shortcomings - both real and imaginary. Who knows, maybe he specifically spoils the relationship with you in order to facilitate the upcoming parting. He can provoke you to quarrel in order to assure yourself that you are a nervous and scandalous person. Then he with a clear conscience and without special regrets will break off relations with you. Sometimes a guy who wants to end a relationship is burdened by the fact that he throws you - so loving and gentle. Here he gives you a chance to understand that he is not your hero at all and run away from him first, so that you can "save face." Do not miss such a clue - a relationship with a grumpy, eternally irritated man has not made anyone happy. Once you notice that he constantly provokes you to scandals - run away from him without looking back.

You notice that the guy looks at other women

You go with your boyfriend down the street, and heshamelessly stares at other girls .... Agree that the situation is stalemate. If only he does not want to kindle a fire of jealousy in you, then this is a serious bell to think about: is it time to run away from it? No matter how much you love him, no matter how painful it is for you, leave him first, because such a finale of history, alas, is just around the corner. This is simply the height of disrespect towards your partner - to do everything to make her suffer from jealousy and humiliation. Only those who do not see the prospect of communicating with you can afford to shamelessly look at other women and even flirt with them. Still no man appreciated a friend who, losing her own dignity, forgave him relationships with other women. Such disrespect for yourself is unlikely to sustain at least one normal girl, so think twice before continuing with him. Let him go free, surely your true happiness is somewhere near - you deserve a much more reverent attitude to yourself. For any woman it is very important to understand in time that a man has stopped loving her and wants to part. To be abandoned and lonely is the strongest blow to self-esteem, which can engender a mass of psychological complexes. And do not pretend that everything is in order, if you notice its gradual alienation. It is much better to be the first to make this difficult step and "disperse, as if ships are in the sea". At least you will not prove to be an unhappy girl, treacherously abandoned by a loved one, but a femme fatale, changing men like gloves. And this is a much more pleasant prospect, is not it? We advise you to read: