masculine qualities of character Men's qualities of character - it's for you, dear women, not a pound of raisins. Traditionally, women are considered unpredictable. However, this is not a very fair opinion. On the unpredictability of our men in general you can write whole treatises. Take, for example, a family woman. Where does she go after work? That's right, home. She has children there who are not nourished, the husband is about to appear hungry, everyone should be pleased, laid and cook everything for tomorrow. Where the married man will bring after work, God knows. And examples of such - the mass. Go ahead. Solve, that today at the right of the mind and how to understand the swings of his mood. And if a man is offended, then really do not know how to behave. Let's talk about the male offenses in more detail.

Male character traits with offense

So, we have spoken to our faithful bitesor did something wrong, he shut himself up and the third day walks frowned. In a word, the man was offended, silent and ignoring all our attempts to reconcile. It takes a couple of days, but the situation does not change. This, of course, begins to depress us. All sorts of bad thoughts come into my head, and my mood falls to zero. What to do, because it is already cold, like an iceberg, for some of our questions only angrily something burrs in response and somewhere it disappears in the evenings. Horror! Oh, what will be, and why we did it! All ... This is a divorce, divorce, divorce! Stop-stop! Calm down. About the divorce, while it is not being talked about. We'll figure out what's really going on. Male character is not female. And representatives of the strong half of humanity behave, taking offense at something, not at all like representatives of the weaker sex. This we can roar, complain to friends or mom, men, when they feel bad, go into themselves. They become closed, sullen and focused. And stay in a similar state can be quite a long time. We, being discharged, calm down, forgive the insult (if it is not caused by something cardinal, treason, for example) and believe that the same should happen to the beloved. But no! He is silent and frowns. So goes the day, the other, the third. It starts to bother more and more. How so? After all, we have already forgotten about the quarrel, why can not it? Anxiety grows, and we begin to make mistakes. What if the man was offended? Let's see what can not be done in this case.

Masculine qualities of character in offense

When a man closes in himself for a long time,most women, starting to rush, come to the conclusion that love has passed, he now thinks about another or about divorce. And that's why they are trying to break it open. How do they act? Begin to pester their half with questions like: "Do you still love me? Do you still like me? And why are you like that? Do you want to leave me? " Well, in the same spirit. The result of this unrestrained desire to talk heart to heart - a new scandal. And why? And all because if a man has gone into himself, he must be left alone. Of course, this is not easy, but it is necessary. Because that's how men are - either experiencing something, or solving something, they tend to remain alone with themselves, moving away from all the problems of the outside world. And to interfere with them in this case it is not necessary, is a property of man's psychology, one of the levers of the work of its mechanism. And, if we try to change this work, we will meet subconscious resistance. And it is expressed in irritation and anger, which, of course, will lead to a new quarrel with a man. Such are the masculine traits of character, - unconsciously to repulse everyone who tries to get into their souls. However, such a ploy - to provoke a scandal - many men use consciously. They intentionally offend the woman so that she for some time left her angry lovers in peace. Time passes, and the faithful himself comes to the offended wife, strenuously currying before her and apologizing for his rudeness. How to be here? How to understand a husband, if he first offended so much, as soon as you can imagine, and now he looks with enamored eyes and fights with all his strength? Everything is quite simple and is a clear expression of the male character traits. A dear husband or simply beloved has been alone with himself, has accumulated new psychological forces and is now able to love again. What to do in those cases when, after the quarrel between husband and wife, she has already recovered from the grievances, but he is still silent?

What if the man was offended?

The husband moves away, does not admit to himself after a quarrel,silent or rude? Do not panic, close and grumble after the scandal - one of the male qualities of character. He climbed into the hole and tries to assemble himself into one. If a man takes offense long enough, - God be with him, let him go! We'll go to my girlfriend, have a cool shopping, go to the salon, watch the favorite TV show, finally! But we will not touch it in this period in any case. And in any case we will not be hammering our heads with all sorts of assumptions that we have fallen out of love or are going to quit. He just needs inner loneliness, which will help to put everything in order after the stress of the quarrel. At the same time, you should always be alert, waiting for when he finally climbs out of his hole. To meet him you need a joyful smile, and not an offended face. And a beautiful appearance, and not dressed in a worn home robe. Because sex with a rested and newly filled with love husband is simply superb! Of course, it's hard to do this to a woman who has an infringed self-esteem and understated self-esteem. She is not able to soberly assess the situation, begins to panic and commits one mistake after another, trying to reach out to her husband. The same ladies who love themselves quite strongly, while respecting the freedom of their loved ones, it is easier. They just start doing what they like, letting the situation drain. And, in the end, the temporary detachment of her husband is perceived much more painlessly. So what do we do if the man is offended? Distracted from his resentment. If we start cackling, begging for attention and love, the situation will only worsen. He will hide, leave the house, seek solitude or comfort. And this can be very lamentable. Conclusion: a woman should not devote herself to a man, having her own goals and hobbies. Otherwise, the characteristics of the masculine character of the period of his stay in his own shell will be very difficult to survive. At the same time, a woman should be very sensitive to understand when the time comes for his release from this shell. Previously, a loved one can not be bothered - it can come out sideways. However, to fall into the other extreme, completely ignoring his beloved, if he suddenly became closed, it is impossible. Often a man at this time especially needs warmth, consolation and affection, but he does not know how to say this. After all, it is difficult for our representatives of the stronger sex to reveal themselves and to be frank with even very close people. They can very much experience some kind of trouble, but they will rarely tell anyone about it. And this is fraught with depression and stress. A man in such a situation needs the help of a loved one who is, of course, his wife. If she does not notice this, there is a high probability that he will go to some other woman for comfort. In a word, women need to be sensitive to the representatives of such a vulnerable strong gender. Men in this world live more difficult. We can talk this out, weep for a girlfriend or mother, when it's bad for us. And immediately it becomes easier. He did not - it's not allowed. Therefore, if a loved one is very worried, you need to try to understand and help him. After all, our beloved ones, they are the only ones. They need to be protected. We advise you to read: