how to fall in love with a guy Time goes by, girlfriends are all already married, manybecame happy moms, but you still can not experience the painful and exciting sense of love? Well, it happens so. But you are lucky, you even have a guy who has fallen in love and wants to connect his life with you. On the one hand, your heart is cold, and you breathe it absolutely exactly. And you want so that the spirit would grasp at one thought about your beloved and that the earth would leave from under your feet! But on the other hand - where is the guarantee that you will not doom yourself to loneliness if you push away a person who is ready for everything for you? Or maybe try to change something in yourself, try to fall in love with it too? It is difficult to say whether one can force oneself to experience a feeling for a man, if initially there is not even an easy falling in love. No wonder they say that you can not order your heart. But if you feel at least friendly feelings toward him, then there is hope. We are sure that love should be based first of all on sincere friendship. All relationships based solely on pure passion or passion, are destroyed much more quickly. Therefore, we will tell you how to fall in love with a guy who already loves you, and you try to follow our advice. how to fall in love

How to love someone

A number of recommendations that you will see below do notwill light a fire in your heart quickly, as if by magic. But the fact that your friendship will be strengthened is undoubtedly. You will be able to experience a feeling of affection, and affection will be the first step towards loving your boyfriend. And if you get in love, then you can fall in love with a guy and really. So, what should you do?

  • Love is a deep feeling. It will take time to develop it, and when you can fall in love, you will immediately understand this. Do not rush yourself, be patient and enjoy warm, friendly affection, instead of tormenting yourself with doubts: "I love - I do not like".
  • Be attentive to your chosen one. Take time to listen to him, understand his thoughts, worries, problems and opinions. Never interrupt a guy if he speaks, and try to make sure that you understand correctly what he wanted to tell you. Perhaps you still do not know him well enough? Sometimes a person does not immediately disclose to all the wealth of his soul and inner world, especially if he sees that he is not very carefully listened. And what is a real relationship without effort to understand each other? And in general, before falling in love, it is worth knowing a person well.
  • Often spend time together. This will help you to "get used to" and find common interests. Often being a friend next to each other, you let your feelings appear and grow naturally.
  • Do not forget that loneliness also happensuseful. If you suddenly feel that your boyfriend's society is starting to annoy you, then ask yourself: are not we spending too much time together? If this is true, then try to explain to your friend that you need more personal space and that you would like to spend hours or even days alone with yourself. When such an opportunity is reduced to zero, instead of warm feelings you risk feeling dislike, and then you will not be able to fall in love with your boyfriend.
  • Try not to criticize yourself someactions, words or traits of a friend's character. It is always better to remember the best that he has. Even if something really is not right, do not get angry, but just talk to him about it. It may well be that the guy did not even attach importance to the little thing that annoys you so, and when he finds out about it, he will try not to upset you more. But if you like something - be sure to praise it, make compliments. You will see - he will be glad of your praise, and will continue to try very hard to please you.
  • Try not to argue about the silly little things thatin fact, not so important, if we talk about the long term. Any dispute will cause you irritation, which in the end can lead to dislike. But you want to fall in love, and not hate, right?
  • If you all the same started arguing, and maybe evenquarrel, do not try to find out everything right now. Try to calm down, and then discuss everything on the "cold" head. One should even apologize for his incontinence. This will release both of you from feelings of resentment that has crept into your soul.
  • Share with your boyfriend any, even the smallestjoy and sorrow, and do not forget to share with him and his joys and troubles. It is very close to two, it makes their souls. Just always be honest and sincere in expressing your feelings. Any, even the most insignificant deception forever leaves a crack in the relationship.
  • Do not try to change yourself. Appreciate your quirks and peculiarities, let your behavior always be natural. All this is part of your uniqueness, which can not be worth more. Do not try and the guy has something to change, "re-educate" him. You just need to be patient, get used to, get attached to it, and love will eventually be born in your heart.

how to fall in love with guy advice

Our tips and warnings

To advise in love is a thankless task. But there are things that can not be said about. We will now talk about this:

  • Do not overdo it, building relationships: love should be happy and give a feeling of something refreshing. If she becomes a routine, she simply dies.
  • Love should be a consolation, not a source of pain and suffering.
  • Do not say that you love, just under pressure fromhand, if in fact there is no sense of it. Pressure and control can not be part of a good relationship. You can fall in love only when you yourself want it, and not when someone else wants it.
  • Try to understand your friend and learn to compromise. Without this, too, there will not be a good relationship.
  • Remember: love is never just "consuming". Want to love - learn to share and even give.
  • Very important: if you stop feeling love in the depths of your soul, then it will be very painful for you if you force yourself to be near this person. Similarly, nothing will force your partner to stay with you if his feelings fade. But it's also important to remember that the first romantic feelings will inevitably divorce, but love is not based on them at all. Much more important is mutual understanding, affection, respect, friendly feelings and sympathy for the person, in order to continue to love him.
  • If your relationship has not yet reached sex and you do notwant to do it, then do not do it just because your boyfriend wants it. Even if you already had time to fall in love with him. Do not give in to arguments like "if you love me, then you will do it!" Consent to sex (if it contradicts your desire) is not a proof of love. You in that case have the right to put forth your argument: "If you love me, then do not rush me!"
  • Do not constantly go on about and do everythingthe way your boy wants it. People get the feeling that we do not have our own opinion if we do everything that is offered to us. Do not be afraid to deny your friend something or act in your own way if your opinions are divorced. It does not allow you to love him, just like him - to love you, because everyone has the right to their opinion. Above all, do not forget about common sense.
  • Never ignore the alarm bells in the depths of your soul (when there is a feeling "something is wrong here ...") Remember - forcibly, no one will be.

But in fact, everything is not so difficult and scary. It is quite possible to love a person, the main thing is that he deserves your love. And so that you feel comfortable with him. Remember - no one falls in love at the first glance; this, if it does, is more a passion than a love. Love comes gradually when you recognize a person well and get used to the fact that he is always near you. So be patient - and fall in love! We advise you to read: