what kind of kisses are there What are the kisses? Pleasant, of course, we say! But are they just pleasant? When they are sincere, not forced, official, they cause in people a lot of positive emotions. It's very cool - to kiss with someone you love, who is infinitely dear to you and close! I must say that people have not come up with a better way of expressing feelings. And it is not because when kissing, as scientists say, the hormones of joy begin to ramp up, - when they are intimate, they are at least as rampant. And because in touch with the lips, besides physical contact, there is also spiritual contact. Such is the story. Okay, let's leave the spirituality alone for now and see what kind of kisses there are and why people generally kiss.

Why do people kiss

Inclined to the classification of all the world's scientistsminds, the theme of kisses, of course, could not ignore. Still would! You keep firmly to humanity, you say that kissing is unhygienic, and it does not care about all warnings! It's kissed, smacked everywhere, and that's it ... Our pragmatists scratched their noses and decided then to determine why people generally kiss. They fought and fought, but they did not give any exact answers to this question. Versions, however, was a lot, but they all could not withstand any criticism. Well, and in order not to look incompetent, our know-it-alls decided to divide the kisses into several kinds. And enlighten others in what kind of a kiss. From their point of view, it happens:

  • Fraternal;
  • Related;
  • Friendly;
  • A kiss of reconciliation;
  • Welcoming and farewell;
  • Love and erotic;
  • Diplomatic.
  • Well, in general, it's hard not to agree with this. We kiss for a variety of reasons. In some cases, this is a kind of ritual or a tribute to tradition. But such kisses are uninteresting, and there is not much point in discussing them. Well, people touch each other's lips, because so it is supposed, that in this remarkable something? That's when the kiss contains feelings and eroticism, then it deserves attention. Because he has many options. And each of them causes its reaction. What kind of kiss is this? what a kiss is

    Kisses of love. What are they like?

    Ah, kisses, kisses! Well, is it possible to do without them when a person is deeply in love? How much happiness they give! And how we are timid before the first touch to the lips of our beloved, how we freeze, when it, fearful, tremulous, tender, finally happens ... Yes, can this be forgotten? The memory of the first kisses lives in the heart all my life. The first kisses - it's clean and romantic, a brief moment of involvement in the spirituality of a loved one, the moment of merging with its essence. They are unique, because this is the debut of love. And the debut does not repeat twice. We are growing up. Mature and our kisses. They already creep in first erotic, and then frank passion. What kind of kiss, when it has sexuality? She is explicitly expressed in a French kiss. It usually lasts a few seconds, but even in such a short time it can just drive you crazy. How can you not forget about everything in the world, when the skillful movements of the language of a loved one and easy biting make even the ground underfoot shake? In addition to the French kiss, there are also provocative, seductive, tantalizing kisses, kisses of recognition in love and gratitude to one's half. Kisses - teasers can be different. You can just get close to the object of passion, for a few seconds, imprint on his lips with his lips, and then pull away and make an abstract look. Such a feint, repeated several times in a row, will bring to frenzy even the most seasoned person. No less effective in this case, and gentle kisses in the corner of the lips or in the earlobe. They seem to be fascinating, forcing the body to start and respond to caresses with each of its cells. Inviting and promising, such kisses are often even more effective than French ones. After all, not every person gets aggressive sexuality. Many want a penetrating sensuality, which manifests itself as though fleetingly and at the same time insistently. A very popular kiss vzasos - more chaste than French. When only his lips are involved in such a kiss, he will rather be a demonstration of love and tenderness than an indicator of passion. However, if you add a kiss to the suction and a gentle touch of the tongue lips partner, it will already be a hint of a desire for greater intimacy. In general, love kisses can be divided into passionate and tender. But this is in general. In fact, each of us has his own, unique manner of kissing. She is as individual as gait, gestures, voice. Psychologists say that by the way a person kisses, one can form an opinion on his character. Interesting version, right? Well, let's try to determine from it what kind of character our beloved has! what a kiss is

    Character of the man and kisses

    Masters of psychology argue that if the younga person during a kiss is almost inactive and as if does not take part in it, he is not capable of fast-flowing novels. This is a reliable, permanent and predictable man, a family life with which he promises to be like a quiet harbor. But when a guy kisses greedily, demandingly, long and intensely, it means that he is passionate and prefers to dominate the weak sex. Such men do not believe that they have any responsibilities to women. I came, I saw, I won - and I went about my business. It seems that you should stay away from such a young man. But how he kisses, how he kisses! Try, do not fall in love ... Well, what if it does not work out otherwise, then you need to be ready for the volatile mood of the chosen one. Men, kissing at the lips caressing, gently biting and greedily licking the tongue with everything that comes under it, are also very windy towards girls. Yes, they can make you forget where you are in the world. But then a beautiful dream ends, and the cloudy morning comes. If a young man kisses gently, as if afraid of hurting a girl or some inconvenience, he is capable of sincere love and deep affection. Kiss the guy in this case expresses delight and adoration. And he certainly will be a faithful husband, simply worshiping his wife. We advise you to read: