what breasts do men like What kind of breasts do men like? This is one of those issues that are now and then discussed in women's forums. It would seem that the answer to it has long been known: the guys like the female bust, and which one, depends on the particular man. Nevertheless, he worries over and over again many girls. Obviously, this question is not asked from idle curiosity. What makes them worry about their breasts and critically evaluate its shape and size? Probably, the fact is that every girl has a great desire to be perfect and like men. Oddly enough, it's easier for her to change her appearance than to love herself for who she is. Has pumped up the form of a nose? This can be corrected with the help of a plastic surgery. Not slender enough waist? It does not matter, you can remove a couple of ribs. Do you want to have a magnificent seductive bust? You can sew silicone implants, and then all the men will be at her feet. In this article, we are not going to condemn or approve such cardinal decisions to improve the appearance and figure. Provided, of course, that the girl takes them for herself and for herself, and not for someone else's sake. For example, if decides to increase the bust, then only because she likes it so much. It's quite another matter if she sews implants, because the guy who cares for her says that he prefers a different breast size. In this situation, we would advise her to think twice: the conclusion suggests that the beloved does not appreciate her as she is. what size of a breast is pleasant to men

Why men like women's breasts

Female bust always attracted the attention of men,excited them, made them want and adore women. Someone even once joked that if it were not for the bust, women and men would often meet with glances. There are many explanations for the increased attention to the female breast from the male side. If you ask the men themselves, they probably just shrug their shoulders or get off with a vague "because we do not have it." And psychologists believe that such a quivering attitude to the woman's breast is pawned from birth. For the newborn, the mother's breast (the breast itself, not its shape or size) is the most important in his still short life. It is a source of food, comfort and care. These are his first impressions, and they remain forever in his subconscious, although the actual memories of this period are erased. This can serve as a completely logical explanation for the attractiveness of the breast for men. When they grow up, the opportunity to caress and kiss a woman's breast is proof for them that she, like many, many years ago, belongs only to them and no one else. That is why during a passing love affair the man pays so little attention to the partner's breasts. But if he is serious about the relationship with a woman, he begins to literally deify her breasts.

Size matters?

As a rule, women with a large bust likelonely guys. At least, they show such preferences in the company of other single men: the stronger the "concentration of testosterone" in the room, the more importance they attach to the size of the female breast. If someone starts to argue that the size of the breast is not so important, then by the end of the evening he will still prove how wrong he is. Such is the unwritten male law: not to give each other doubts that the bigger the bust, the better. It's funny, but as soon as the ladies get married, they immediately forget that they once literally prayed for Big Chest. Then they begin to declare: it is not the size of the bust that is important, but love and mutual understanding. This only says that young people are not so much fixated on the size of the female breast, as it might seem, if you believe advertising and social stereotypes. In order not to be unfounded, we cite data from a sociological survey in which men of various ages and professions took part. Among other things, they were asked to answer the question of what breast size they prefer. The figures speak for themselves: more than half (53%) chose a second-size bust, while those who like a large-sized female breast were not much - only 4% (while almost all of them specified that it should be large "within reasonable limits"). There were even connoisseurs of the "zero" bust. Often, men added: they prefer a breast size that would allow them to hold it in the palm of their hand. How often did you meet guys with such palms, which would fit the bust of Pamela Anderson? One third of respondents said that breast size is of secondary importance; for them the main thing is a beautiful form. And - attention! - "your own, natural" bust is quoted much higher than silicone. In general, men admitted that they were attracted by the "beautiful", that is, the resilient and high bust. So, forget what advertisers and men's magazines are repeating. It turns out that the size of the breast is not so important for the guys, as everyone is used to thinking. Think, women in fact also like photos of male models, slender, smart, with deliberately carelessly disheveled hairdos and white-toothed smiles. And in reality they do not marry in marriage for Apollo. The shape of the bust, more precisely its elasticity and height, is what you should pay attention to. what breasts do men like

Secrets of attractiveness

The shape of the breast depends on a number of factors. First, of course, it is genetically asked. Moreover, there is an opinion that it affects the nationality of women. So, in europeans bust is most often rounded, in African - pear-shaped, and in Asian - conical form of bust. Secondly, age and lifestyle also affect how the female bust looks. And if it is impossible to influence genetic or national factors, then the youth and attractiveness of the breast can be preserved for every woman. Doing sports, yoga or dancing helps keep the pectoral muscles in tone and does not let them hang. Wiping with cold water or a contrast shower will slow the wilting of the skin. Big or small, round or oblong - men like a bust, because it emphasizes our femininity. There are no definite standards for an ideal bust. Any size or shape of the breast will find its connoisseurs. Are you still interested in what kind of breast men prefer? Of course, the breast of your beloved woman!