what girls like guys What girls like guys? This question begins to torment all young ladies, tormented by their, in their opinion, too thin or full legs, a large or small bust, freckles, too high or, conversely, low growth, very slender or pretty well-fed figure and so on. After all, experienced women claim that the stronger sex loves us, first of all, with their eyes ... And this means that if in appearance, from the girl's point of view, there are some drawbacks, no one really will fall in love with her. So she thinks, looking at herself in the mirror and getting upset more and more. What do guys like in reality? What type of figure does most of them like? Does the girl need to look like models on the podium? Let's try to determine what is really needed in order not only to attract the attention of the guy, but also to evoke in him a feeling of deep sympathy.

What girls like guys

What do guys like about girls? Many naive little girls are sure that all young men go crazy from tall thin girls, who everywhere defile on the catwalks. After all, it is this type of representatives of the weaker sex that can be seen defiling on the catwalks and smiling on the covers of fashion magazines. And, consequently, this type is the standard of beauty. However, thinking that he impressed the guys in the girls only model appearance, the young fair sex representatives are mistaken. Thin, tall, almost bustless figures of models - this is not the standard of beauty. This type of physique is just one of the conditions for professional fitness, necessary for demonstrating any clothing styles. For tall, straight-looking girls, sewing this or that style is much easier than creating patterns for a girl with a high chest and round hips. Yes, and with the demonstration of clothes, if the girl has a magnificent form, these forms will attract more attention than new collections of fashion designers. Therefore, on the catwalks and you can see mostly very thin and tall ladies. So what girls like guys usually, what height and physique, and whether to strive for the Hollywood standard 90x60x90? All the guys are different, and girls of any height can always find someone whom they will be very sympathetic. As for the standard 90x60x90, its extreme attractiveness is also a rather controversial issue. There are many representatives of the stronger sex who prefer more lush girls. And they love them no less than the fragile young ladies. In a word, it's impossible to say exactly how much girls like girls and what figures attract them the most, young people are drawn to small, tall, plump, and elegant. It is impossible to determine exactly what hair color is like guys, and from what color of eyes they go crazy. Each of the guys has their own preferences and requirements, quite often quite different from the generally accepted standards of beauty. And often it happens that the girl, fully consistent with this standard, is gifted with attention from the stronger sex much less than some freckled, fatty-laughter. Girls are usually sure that in order to be happy, you must certainly have an unearthly beauty. Beauties are filled with flowers, they are presented with jewelry, they get a star from the sky for them and carpets of roses spread out before them ... In short, according to the girls, beauties live better. And it is this color of hair like guys, like them, and such a figure, and such manners. And therefore it is necessary to repaint hair, sit on a debilitating diet and zealously copy the style of behavior of beauties. Convinced in this, the girls start frantically searching for ways to change their appearance, apply a lot of effort and even achieve some success. However, through time they realize that happiness has not increased in life. No, maybe there were more fans. But all relations with them are superficial and short-lived, but there was no real love, and no. Why is that? It's simple. Because external beauty, of course, is valuable, but not so much that men lose her head for once and for all. Yes, they admire beauty, yes, they delight in it, and they want to win a beautiful girl. And having won, after a while they become accustomed to beauty and start looking for other virtues in the girl. If they are not, before the beauty opens a real prospect of being abandoned. Conclusion: one beauty can not become a pledge of happiness. In general, it is only a way to attract male attention, nothing more. For a guy to fall in love for real, one beauty is not enough. Ways to please the guy seriously and for a long time include a variety of all sorts of nuances that relate mainly to character traits, and not to appearance. So how do you start liking guys? what girls most like guys

How to start liking guys

What girl likes guys usually moreothers? Very attractive can be any girl, no matter what she has a complexion, and what her height and color of eyes and hair. Guys like, first of all, affable and smiling girls, able to see in the representative of the stronger sex is not the enemy or the object of seduction, but a man with all his human qualities. Girls who can understand and support at a difficult moment and in all endeavors. Next to such girls the young man feels clever, self-confident and strong, and he wants to go forward, to unchanging success. Such women's qualities do not appear suddenly. We are all different. And not every girl is easily given understanding and indulgence. In order to learn this, you need to get experience with the stronger sex. And in order to gain experience, these representatives should be liked. And what? Again a vicious circle? How to learn to like guys, if you have never had a long relationship with them? First of all, you should discard all doubts about your attractiveness and understand to yourself that every girl has some, only her inherent, virtues. And this means that each individual and interesting, so try to be like others can not in any case. But to improve one's own virtues is necessary - this will help to gain self-confidence. People who are confident in their own abilities are always attractive. Another answer to the question of how to learn to please guys is to learn how to communicate with them. The main thing in this matter is to be yourself and show respect for the young man. There are girls who, not knowing how to behave with a guy, from fright and inner tension try to portray a tempted in sexual matters a liberated girl who does not care. This style of behavior is not only erroneous, but also dangerous: a guy who believes in the sophistication of a girl or will persistently seek rapid sex, or will start spreading unflattering rumors about her. And to convince someone later that you are in fact a very tender and pure creature in the soul, it will not be easy. How to start liking guys and not cross borders? There are quite a few ways to please a guy, but before using them, it is advisable to find out which girls like a guy who is cute. Perhaps he really prefers only written beauties and strive only to be close to them. Is it worth it for such a young man not to sleep at night? Hardly. Nothing good with him is not promised. Such guys usually do not appreciate the girl's inner qualities and throw it without any regrets. And if you have managed to fall in love with such a woman of ladies, it's better to try to pull yourself together and stay away from him. Otherwise, shame, pain and hopeless longing await us. Fortunately, there are not many superficial young men. Therefore, the topic "How to start liking a guy" is still very relevant. Of course, there is no specific system of behavior in this case. Nevertheless, some common techniques, well-proven in practice, you can use. But first let's determine what the behavior of girls usually guys do not like. And they do not like it:

  • Written on the girl's face disappointment, indifference and anger;
  • The desire of a girl to look smarter than a guy and a desire to prove to him something superior;
  • Demanding a girl from all young people of worship without any sympathy for any of them;
  • Disrespect of the girl to the strong sex as a whole;
  • The girl's efforts to solve all their problems independently, without taking care of the guy;
  • The girl's inclination to criticize men's actions;
  • Rough, peculiar to men, manners of the girl;
  • Falsehood, falseness and quirkiness in the girl;
  • The causeless jealousy of a girl, the desire to control a guy.

In other words, young people do not like evil andinsincere representatives of the weaker sex, seeking to assert themselves at the expense of others. It is worthwhile for some guy to notice these traits in the girl, all his sympathy for her, no matter how strong she is, immediately evaporates without a trace. Therefore, the answer to the question: "What kind of behavior like guys" will be sincerity, affability, sense of humor, friendliness and softness. In addition, young people are very attracted to the girl's originality, light coquetry, femininity, the desire for love, the manifestation of sexuality. Extremely like guys confident, happy with themselves and surrounding girls with self-esteem. Such people always want to conquer and conquer, and what can be more interesting for a real man than conquering new peaks? Of course, before you adjust your behavior, you still need to ask what behavior a guy likes, which is nice to us. There are among the representatives of the stronger sex and the unique ones, which are repelled by coquetry and sexuality. They are looking for a modest uncomplaining lady, patiently accepting all the frills of her young man. But such, fortunately, not so much, and it is undesirable for girls to contact them: they are weak, unreliable people who try to assert themselves at the expense of their girlfriend. Relations with them can not be happy. And what do guys like in relationships, if these guys are dominated by strong-willed masculinity? They are impressed by open-minded, needy men and women, alongside which young men feel strong and smart patrons. Yes, every guy creates his own image of an ideal lover, but there are hardly any girls that fully correspond to these images. Do not try to completely remake yourself under the young man's idea of ​​the ideal. First, it is very difficult - we are all different, and trying to break your own personality can end badly. Secondly, we remember that the guy likes sincerity and organicity in the relationship, and if we begin to be hypocritical, trying to please him, he will feel it. Therefore, a girl just needs to be herself, using her own personal advantages. And such advantages are usually enough in every girl. No, of course, there are some common ways with which the girl can attract the guy's attention initially. Let's talk a little about them. what type of girls do guys like

Ways to please the guy. Gestures, clothes, make-up

Let's start with the clothes. We have already said that true men attract females in girls, which manifests itself in movements, and in conversation, and in gait, and, of course, in clothes. For example, a girl, shod in coarse boots on a thick sole, looks somewhat ridiculous and can hardly expect a flurry of attention from the guys. But if she wears elegant shoes or sandals on a heel and learns to walk in them, fluttering like a butterfly, a rare young man will pass by her indifferently, not even holding a glance. The same applies to the shapeless, baggy long skirts that disfigure the figure. To ensure that the male representatives do not ignore the presence of a girl among them, skirts are better to choose those that emphasize the dignity of the figure. They do not need to be short - the skirts can be midi and maxi, so long as their shape matches the physique and makes it exceptionally captivating. Now young people are happy to look at girls dressed in tight jeans and short little jackets. But similar to the bag pants on girls most guys do not like, because they look pretty strange and far from seductive. What can we say about the femininity, which such pants simply disfigure! I like most guys and when girls are dressed in strict elegant suits, dresses from flowing fabrics or light translucent sundresses. All this is extremely adorned by the weaker sex, emphasizing the most feminine features of its representatives. And, of course, very much impresses the strong sex, whose representatives see in dressed like a girl fragile, but a mysterious creature that wants to be groomed and protected, guessing every minute. What gestures do guys like? First of all, smooth and graceful. However, not all of the girls know the art of such gestures, so just take into account that the gestures that guys like are not careless and unsharp movements. Therefore, do not be lost in the presence of a young man, try to win his sympathy, randomly waving his arms, turning in all directions and frankly jeering. Looks like this behavior, to put it mildly, is unseemly. What kind of gesture do guys like more than others? Particularly attractive representatives of the stronger sex consider a graceful turn of the head when throwing the hair behind the back. This gesture can be used not only for long hair, but also for short hair - it always looks great. Greeted by the guys and a look thrown sideways sidelong. If the girl, lowering her eyelids slightly, gradually looks at the young man until he notices this look, and then quickly looks away, as if embarrassed, she seems to be bewitching and teasing a guy who is very interested in the fact that he is furtive spying. Such views are not left indifferent to men. In the number of gestures that guys like, there is also a female feature of crossing legs while sitting in a chair or on a chair. When a girl is sitting, wrapping one leg with the other, or bending one leg under the other and wrapping her arms around her knees, she will constantly catch the interested looks of the men. Well, and if a young woman also starts to play on the toe of a foot dropped from the heel of the shoe, it is doomed to the increased attention of the guys. I like young people when the girl corrects her hair with her hands, holds her hand in the throat, strokes herself on the thigh, gently taps the floor with a heel ... In short, everything that emphasizes maiden sexuality, emotion, interest and tenderness, gestures are to the liking of the representatives of the stronger sex, attract them and excite. The main thing is that these gestures were soft, but disturbing, concealing incomprehensible for men understatement. At the same time, it should be remembered that a strong gender does not endure if the girl crosses her arms on the chest or in the abdomen - such gesture indicates that she closed and repels guys who are able to subconsciously decipher this signal. Well, well, we say. We attracted the attention of many guys, but only one of them is necessary! How can you let this young man understand that he is chosen from many? It's enough just to look into his eyes and smile. This look, accompanied by a smile, is a very powerful means of attracting attention and works better than any words. At the same time, it must be said that even girls enthusiastic about the girl often skillfully hide their interest, rather artistically playing the role of people engaged in their own affairs and thoughts. How to determine that you like the guy, if he does not make any attempts at rapprochement?

Signs that a girl like a guy

Many young girls are still very poorly orientedin the true feelings of the young man and are often mistaken, believing that this or that boy somehow dislikes them. This often oppresses the girl, causing her to suffer and all the time asking the question: "How do I know if I like a boy, or does he really take me badly?" Well, in fact, how to understand some young man who, looking after a plump classmate, sarcastically throws: "Here's a fat woman!", after the fragile and skinny girl: "The washing board is gone!", and calls the tall girl a telegraph pole? At first glance, these rude remarks indicate his contempt for the girls. However, it is not. Such obvious rudeness is nothing but the manifestation of the young men of his frightening sympathy for them. For the present, he does not know how to cope with sudden sensations, and tries to hide them under deliberate rudeness. And in order to understand how to find out if you like the boy, you need to determine how much attention, even if in a crude form, is given from his side. If this attention is pretty much, it means that he is clearly not indifferent, but he is trying his best to portray contempt. Some time will pass, the boy will turn into a young man and will certainly learn to express his sympathy in a more cultured way. However, most of the men continue to be timid during their life with their beloved woman, and this timidity is expressed in different ways. Someone just loses the gift of speech, someone, like in the early youth, begins to be rude to the girl, and someone pretends to be indifferent. And to understand the true state of things to the fairer sex is sometimes very difficult. How do you know if you like a guy in this case? By and large, all the lovers guys, no matter how they try to hide their love, give themselves a certain manner of behavior. And to solve them is quite simple, if you know the signs that a girl likes a guy. The first such sign is the guy's gaze. If in the presence of the girl this look becomes attentive and focused, but secretive, then the guy is interested in the girl and quietly observes her, evaluating and adjusting to the girl's behavior. Another sign that a girl likes a guy or, conversely, does not like it, are his gestures. If she begins to reflexively copy her movements with her - she also folds her hands, almost at the same time gets her phone and sits or gets up and so on, - this indicates that the guy subconsciously seeks to the girl. To understand that the guy is not indifferent to you, you can and according to his phrases. In the case when a young man is regularly asked: "Have we seen each other before?", You can say for sure that he likes the girl, and so the young man really thinks that they have already met. A good proof of sympathy from the part of the guy or his indifference are touches. This is somewhat provocative, but it works well. The girl just needs to seemingly accidentally touch the guy, touching, for example, to his hand. If he did not ignore this touch, blended or blushed - then everything is in order, the young man is not indifferent to the girl. Well, if he did not notice the touch, well, there's nothing you can do, you will not force yourself to be sweet. Well, finally, to understand if you like the guy, you can ask him for some small favor or help in solving a difficult question. The boy who sympathizes with the girl will gladly agree to help, the indifferent will find an insignificant excuse for her and refuses. All of the above signs, of course, are a fairly simplistic approach to determining the relationship of a guy to a girl. Man, is a complex creation, and, often, unpredictable. It happens that today the guy does not notice the girl, and tomorrow falls in love with her until she lost her mind. Therefore, if now he shows no signs of sympathy, do not despair. Life often presents surprises to us, and at what point it happens, nobody knows. You just have to hope and be able to wait, and happiness will come necessarily. It is laid for every girl, regardless of whether it is plump or thin, tall or small, spectacular or not. The main thing for any girl is to remember that she is a woman and take care of her feminine essence. And this essence does not betray her, because a real man is looking for a womanhood, supplemented by spirituality. And he will one day appear in the life of a true woman. We advise you to read: