the right paint choice Any woman is beautiful in itself, but everyseeks to become even more beautiful. Hair - this is the main detail of a beautiful appearance, and their well-groomed and healthy appearance plays a crucial role. Sooner or later any lady wonders what hair color to choose. Someone wants to hide gray strands, and someone just wants to change the image. In any case, everyone wants their hair to get the desired shade, while remaining healthy and beautiful. And for this you need to be able to choose the right paint.

How to choose a paint color?

To decide what color tone to choose, you needtake into account the natural color of hair, skin and eyes. If you belong to the northern European type of appearance, have a light skin and eyes, you will go blond, reddish, honey strands. Nut, milk-chocolate tones will look great. And, of course, always natural brown is actual. You can give hair and very light shades, for example, become a platinum blonde. However, it is worth considering that such bright and bright locks in the face imply an ideal skin condition, otherwise any flaw in it will be noticed immediately. Girls with dark skin and brown or black eyes are closer to dark shades. Agree, bronze skin and dark brown eyes are unlikely to be naturally combined with golden or light-brown hues on the hair. In this case your colors are dark chestnut, dark brown, black, chocolate. For bold - ripe cherry, wild plum and other varieties of red, black and other shades. Young beauties can experiment and try bright colors. Ladies after forty years are recommended to bring the appearance of the hairstyle closer to natural, more traditional tones. It should also be remembered that if you nevertheless decided to change dramatically, an important role is played also by the type of hair. And if reincarnation from a natural blonde in a brunette or red can and do not harm the hair, then radical clarification in several stages by blonding means can lead to disastrous results. In this case it is necessary to be painted several times with intervals between clarification and coloring in a necessary shade about two or three days, not less. And it is desirable that the hair in the near future not exposed to a chemical wave, which additionally burns the hair. So, after you have decided which shade you need, we go to the store. Modern stores provide such a choice of coloring agents, that sometimes just run your eyes and it becomes very difficult to choose which of them to buy. To determine the choice without errors, you need to remember what types of paints are. mixing of paint ingredients

Persistent chemical paints

This is probably the most popular type of paint amongmodern women. Persistent paints are ideal for painting gray hair, and if you decide to change the color to something quite different from the current one, or paint over the melioration that has failed or gone out of fashion. Persistent colorants for a long time stay on the hair, they almost do not harm the daily washing of hair with shampoo, hair masks and other procedures. It is necessary only to tint the roots, because they will differ from the painted areas. However, persistent paints have a disadvantage: they are most damaging to the hair. Due to the fact that persistent paint contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, after staining your strands can be damaged and overdried. A fairly common case, when the tips are split, then they have to be sheared every month, otherwise the hair looks very untroubled. For those who want to release long braids, this approach to the issue is highly undesirable. In addition, during hair coloring, their natural pigment will be "washed out" and it will be impossible to restore the previous natural appearance. In other words, it is better to use persistent paints in the most urgent cases.

Semi-resistant and tinted paints

Semi-resistant funds have a more gentleimpact on the hair. However, such colors will not be able to lighten the hair, because lightening is possible only with hydrogen peroxide, which is not part of the semi-stable paints. However, if you need to make the curls darker or just give them a bright saturated shade, it is worth stopping the choice on semi-permanent means for staining, because they do not harm the hair, making them more beautiful. Over time, if desired, you can return the natural color, because the semi-stable dye does not remove from the hair its natural pigment, but only stains its outer shell. As for coloring paints, this kind of staining is not harmful to the hair absolutely, sometimes even tinged balms are found. Applying them, we paint only the uppermost layers of the hair. The color is usually washed off for 3-4 washings, however, red and black shades can last a few days longer. Tint colors are good for young girls who love experiments and frequent changes in images without harm to the health of the hair. But women aged shade paints are not always necessary, because they can not hide the gray hair. Even if you like the result at first glance, after the first washing of the head, the gray strands will be visible. dyeing

Natural type of paints

The method of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, by the way, is notless urgent and now. Basma and henna, which form the basis of natural colors, not only do not harm the hair, but also treat them. Such means are suitable even for not very healthy and needing especially careful treatment of long hair. By their action on them, natural dyes are similar to semi-permanent paints, they also envelop the upper layers of the hair, without affecting its core and without removing the natural pigment. Different proportions of basma and henna give a variety of shades: from golden and light-brown to coal-black. These paints do not cause allergies and have a healthy effect on hair, giving them silky and shine. But in this barrel of honey, as always, there is a fly in the ointment. If you dye your hair with henna, then repaint them with chemical means is simply impossible. There are cases when the hairstyle after such attempts acquired a cheerful green and marshy shades. To go with green hair hardly anybody would like, therefore it is necessary to wait only, when the painted hair otrastut and are shorn. Therefore, to make a choice in favor of natural colors you need only when you are sure that this color you have been carrying for many years.

In the conclusion about the choice of paints

  • For the very first coloring is bestchoose shade or semi-permanent types of paints. In this case, you will return the original hair color without problems, if you do not like the result of staining or the shade does not work.
  • If you do not want to change the image at the root, stop the selection on shades 1-2 shades lighter and darker than your natural.
  • Painting the gray strands is difficult, so women after 50 years old, who have a lot of gray hair, choose persistent dyes. Only this type of paints will cope with gray hair for sure.
  • Before giving preference to one or anotherhair dye, look at the color of the probe in the presented palette, and not on the picture with the girl on the package. In most cases, the photos on the packets do not correspond to the color that is obtained after the application of the product.
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