stair steps for long hair For more than a decade,long hair is one of the most popular hairstyles. She is loved by both ladies of a respectable age, and young girls in all countries of the world. She won women with her simplicity and elegance. The owner of such a hairstyle will feel great both in the office at a business meeting and at a solemn event. The scaffold can have both a classical appearance, and rather extraordinary. In any performance, it will look luxurious. Stylists use it to give the hair lightness and splendor. Its appearance can also vary depending on the styling variant. Cutting ladder on long hair will be a good decision for owners of any type of face. It is very popular among the stars. This technique (graduation) is also often used by hairdressers when creating other haircuts.

Universal haircut?

Although the ladder is quite simple anduniversal haircut, it is difficult to wear on hair with hard curls. In this case, you have to spend a lot of time and stowage to make the hair look dignified. In addition, we can not do without irons for straightening, which are not always useful. As a result, due to incorrectly chosen haircuts, you can later damage your hair. For this reason, stylists often recommend the owner of curls to stop their choice on another version of the hairstyle, taking care of their customers. If you have long straight hair, then this haircut is one of the best options for you. In this case, it will look perfect even with minimal effort. Owners of thin hair ladder will help to give volume. This hairstyle looks always dynamic and relevant. styling of hair on the hair

Technique of a hairstyle

Cutting ladder on long hair refers tonumber of the most democratic. It is quite simple and can be executed in several variants. In classic design, the strands of the face are made shorter than the lower ones, the cut is made along the control strand perpendicular to the head, as a result, each growing strand is longer than the previous one. Professionalism of the master is in the ability to create the softest possible transition, in this case the hair will look fashionable and elegant. With this haircut, different variants of bangs perfectly match: asymmetrical, straight, thick, thinned. The scaffold looks like a bang, always more alive. Cutting a ladder on long hair will help to correct some details of appearance. For example, it will suit the owner of a round face. Such a hairstyle will make the face oval visually more elongated and will hide part of the face on the sides. The same effect will be in the case of a square face. For the triangular shape of the face, a ladder with a long bangs is suitable, and with a parting - visually narrows the forehead, with a long face look great twisted strands. different staircase laying options

Ways of laying

At a haircut of a ladder on long hair existsmass methods of styling. Picking up the corresponding one, you will create a unique stylish image. Consider the most popular options that will not take long and allow you to create your own hair.

  • Volumetric styling. To create this hairstyle you will need a hairdryer, a hair foam, a round hairbrush. The strands need to be lifted from the roots and applied to them for styling. The ends of the strands are twisted inwards towards the face. With the help of such a styling, the owner of a wide face will be able to visually extend it. If you do not want to create volume, but want to twist the tips of the hair inside, use ironing. Before using irons, do not forget to apply a thermal protective agent, so as not to damage your hair.
  • Styling of curly hair. Owners of these hair, who do not want to spoil them with iron, you can leave strands of wavy, with each of them allocated wax. Styling very quickly can be transformed into an evening hairstyle, using some exquisite accessory, for example, a hairpin.
  • A bunch. If you want to remove hair, collect them in a tail or bundle, release a small strand from the face (or several - symmetrically on the sides). This slight negligence will make your image more soft and romantic.
  • Fidgety styling. This styling will allow you to become young overnight for several years. Screw the strands from the face and fix it with lacquer. Such a hairstyle will always look spectacular.
  • There is one very important point that can not bemiss, choosing this hairstyle. Hair with split ends strongly spoil the appearance of the entire haircut. Therefore, if the health of the hair is weakened for some reason, professionals recommend paying special attention to the tips: to use restoring masks, oils, to do a haircut with "hot scissors".