nicotinic acid for hair Nicotinic acid, or niacin (vitamin PP,vitamin B3) is a substance that stimulates the blood circulation of the skin of the head, participates in the formation of pigment. In cosmetology nicotinic acid for hair growth, for their strengthening and recovery is used very actively. On its basis, masks are made, they are rubbed into the skin near the roots of the hair. Features of this substance are that it is one of the types of coenzymes that are necessary for metabolic processes occurring in the cells of the body. With a deficiency of nicotinic acid, the functions of the cells begin to be severely impaired. In addition, the acid dilates the blood vessels, that is, improves blood circulation. For the scalp and hair, nicotinic acid is used as a restoring agent that makes the hair thicker, more durable, gives it shine and attractiveness, improves growth. Many experts are sure that at the moment nicotinic acid is the only remedy that can really be used to accelerate hair growth. But not everyone can use the vitamin PP, as there may be allergic reactions, and in some cases - dandruff. Therefore, before starting the application, it is necessary to conduct a test on the skin of the hand, just applying a small amount of liquid. If after a while redness appears, itching or burning sensation, then you are not recommended to use acid, and in all other cases - try it safely.

The use of nicotinic acid for hair

Nicotinic acid is useful in that itparticipates in all kinds of metabolism, especially if it is taken in injections or tablets. But to accelerate the growth of hair, it is enough to use special masks, which are easy to prepare at home. For this, ordinary ampoules are taken, the contents of which are mixed with natural herbal infusions. Getting on the scalp, the acid begins to contribute to the fact that the peripheral vessels expand, that is, the hair bulbs get more oxygen and the necessary nutrients. This becomes the cause of active growth, cell renewal. a nicotinic acid

How to use the tool correctly?

External application of vitamin PP isUse of hair masks that help to speed up hair growth and restore their condition. This procedure is carried out at home, it is very simple and accessible to anyone. The process is as follows: the mask is rubbed into the scalp with massaging movements, after which it is necessary to leave it for a while, without wrapping the head. After an hour or two, the mixture is washed off with shampoo, you can repeat the procedure every day, but time is limited - no longer than one month, after which you need to take a break. This external application allows for the shortest time to accelerate the growth of your curls without visiting expensive salons and buying expensive but inefficient means. Taking nicotinic acid inside To improve the condition of the hair, nicotinic acid can be consumed inside. You can do this by buying tablets that have a big advantage over masks. The fact is that the nutrition of the bulbs passes in this case more evenly, all the vessels and bulbs are activated simultaneously, and when using masks this is simply impossible. This applies not only to tablets, but also to injections of vitamin PP, but there are also negative aspects here. For example, oral administration is not recommended for stomach diseases, since a vitamin can cause stomach pain, spasms, it corrodes the mucous membrane. If you become aware that taking pills causes discomfort, you should immediately stop drinking them, contact your doctor. Remember that any intake of medicines is very serious, do not treat it lightly. Contraindications to use The intake of nicotinic acid may not only be beneficial, but also cause harm. Therefore, before you start the home procedures, carefully read the instructions on the package, it is advisable to consult a specialist. The fact is that, as we have already mentioned, allergic reactions are possible, and this is quite dangerous. In addition, poor hair condition can be associated not only with lack of nutrition, but also with other reasons, which should also pay attention. In the presence of chronic diseases, with a lack of nutrition, it is better to first have a checkup with a doctor, then only start treatment for the hair and scalp. Do not use acid for bleeding, hemorrhage, other problems with the vessels, since the use of nicotinic acid will only strengthen them. It is not recommended for gastrointestinal diseases. mask of nicotinic acid for hair

Home recipes with nicotine: try and analyze

To make a nicotine mask for hair inhome conditions, you need to prepare a special ampoule, for one mask usually enough one to three. Among the additional funds for the mask should take the juice of aloe, ginger root, various herbal tinctures. The very cooking is very simple - all the ingredients are simply mixed and applied to the hair for an hour or two, after which the head should be thoroughly washed. One package contains ten capsules and a nail file for opening. For one course, three packs, that is, thirty capsules, are usually enough. Before using it is necessary to carry out a test for the remedy, if there are allergic reactions, then you can not use nicotinic acid. The process of applying the mask on your head is simple: you need to rub the mixture into the scalp every evening before going to bed. After an hour or two it can be washed off, but to cover your head with a cap or a handkerchief should not be. An open capsule should be used all, leaving it to the next procedure is not worth it, since nicotine loses its properties after thirty minutes. The mask is applied to infrequent progenitors, gently rubbed into them. Thirty days later, the course should be stopped, as dandruff or severe irritation may appear. After two or three months you can repeat the mask with nicotinic acid. If you do not like the smell of nicotine, you should be patient, since you do not need to add any essential oils to the mask. It is best after application to use self-made essences from water and selected essential oil, which is simply sprayed onto the head. To make it very simple: in a small bottle with a nebulizer you must pour up to half plain water and ten drops of oil. Usually lavender oil and ylang-ylang are suitable for this purpose in equal proportions. After that, the mixture is shaken and ready for use. Consider how to make a mask for hair in more detail:

  • first you need to wash your head;
  • after that we prepare a mixture of two or three ampoules, a tablespoon of aloe juice or a natural herb infusion;
  • the solution is applied to the scalp, while at first on the frontal part, on the crown, after that you can descend to the ears, the nape.
  • Keep the mask for an hour or two, do not be afraid if it feels warm. After two hours, my head needs to be washed.

nicotinic acid for internal use

Recommendations for use

Usually the regularity of using masks, terms and so on are produced individually, based on the condition and type of hair, but it is best to observe such conditions:

  • a course of two weeks of daily use, followed by a break;
  • a course of ten daily procedures and a break for a day, after which the course is repeated;
  • in the case when there are no allergic reactions, the course can be extended to one month, but the break should be two to three months.

If there is discomfort, it is necessary at oncestop taking, wash the mixture off hair and consult a doctor (if redness and itching do not go away, become too strong). Nicotinic acid for hair growth - this is one of the most unusual means for care, but it is not suitable for everyone. Among the advantages of using it is necessary to note the following:

  • The application of nicotinic acid is extremely simple;
  • possibly self-contained or integrated use;
  • treatment with this tool isimperceptibly for others (onion and mustard masks are effective, but the smell can scare anyone away). In addition, nicotinic acid does not dry the scalp.

But there are also negative aspects of the application, amongwhich are contraindications, of which we have already spoken. In addition to allergic reactions, redness of the skin, there may be severe headaches, and sometimes there is a deterioration in well-being. Such attacks can occur after the second application. If this happens, you must immediately stop the procedure. Specialists conducted research, during which questioned about two hundred people who used nicotinic acid to restore the condition of the hair. The following data were obtained:

  • the improvement of the hair condition and the acceleration of growth occurred in about 35 percent of the subjects;
  • side effects occurred in 12%;
  • did not notice a significant change of about 53%.

What is the evidence of such results? The use of nicotinic acid is not suitable for everyone, so you have to try, the result can be quite impressive, it certainly will not harm. In order not to suffer from allergic reactions, you can make a small test, and if it's okay, then boldly prepare the mask and get a stunning effect.