hair loss All people on earth dream of lush and healthyhairstyle and are very upset when they see that their hair falls out. However, do not despair, because they themselves still fall out, even if the health is all right. The fact is that hair loss is a normal and natural process. New hair grows, and old, which have already outlived their, of course, should fall out. There is an approximate rate of hair loss. In a day it is about 100-120 hair a day. That is, in 30 days to lose 3000 hair - this is normal. Do not panic and run to buy expensive means. But it happens that the hair begins to drop much more. And with this we have to fight.

Hair loss when washing the head

If your hairstyle begins to thin out whenwashing your head, that is, when you wash your head, you see about 100 hair in the bathroom, then this is the signal to action! The rate of hair loss has already been fulfilled, and a whole day ahead. A very important step will at this time in time turn to a specialist trichologist. Otherwise, you will begin to grow bald, and with baldness it will be difficult enough to restore the old hair. In such moments, you need to use butter burdock, it is very beneficial for the growth of new curls and prevents the loss of old ones. It seems to strengthen their roots. Apply it to the scalp 2-3 times a week and at least 30 minutes. It will also be important to exclude all stress on the skin of your head. It will be necessary at the time to abandon the hair dye, all kinds of varnishes, plaques and hair dryers, and then, afterwards, monitor how much hair you have when washing your hair. Mask for hair growth with olive oil

Loss of thick hairstyle after pregnancy

Loss of some hair after birth -this is normal. After all, the child takes many useful substances from the mother's body. But over time their growth is normalized. Old hair, of course, already drop out, but the new ones will grow remarkably further. However, not everyone has such a happy ending. Many young mothers complain that even after a year after pregnancy, the hair is still thinning, and the tail on the head becomes quite short. In this situation, you must take vitamins. For example, vitamin E, which, as we know, is a vitamin of youth. Such pills are sold in pharmacies, cost 10 rubles per package. They are made on the basis of fish oil, but they are completely tasteless, as they are covered with a shell, so you will not feel the opposite taste. mask against hair loss

Folk remedies

There are many folk remedies that can becook at home. They help restore the structure of hair, strengthen their roots, and have a beneficial effect on the scalp. One of these means, undoubtedly, can be called honey. With this product people in ancient times strengthened their hairstyles, and they had such chic and dense curls that today's beauties can only envy them. In order to apply a mask of honey, you need to do the following: put 2 tablespoons of honey into 1 liter of water into boiled but warm water, stir it all and then apply it to the roots of the hair 2-3 times a week. Hair from this will grow like a leap. Still perfectly strengthens hair usual table salt. It should be rubbed into the scalp after washing. Massage should be about 10-15 minutes and repeat this procedure almost every day. Ancient believed that such a tool helps with alopecia of dry scalp. You can also use a variety of herbal decoctions. Here, for example, nettles have long been considered grass from hair loss. People took a young nettle, which is not yet burnt, cooked a broth from it, that is, just brewed it, and after washing their hair rinsed them with their curls. And it's no accident that now there are many hair care products based on the decoction of the nettle or its extract. This remedy really helps! In conclusion, I want to say that we are all different, someone uses one means to strengthen the hair, someone completely different. Here the main thing is to start consulting with an expert, so that it does not happen that instead of helping yourself you only harmed your chic hairstyle.