hair treatment by home methods It was considered from ancient times that the attribute of female beautyare luxurious and healthy hair. Women in pursuit of fashion trends spoil their hair with chemical dyes, hairdryers and ironing. Because of this, problems such as hair loss, fragility of hair, alopecia areata and other troubles associated with the scalp, began to occur more and more often. In case there is at least one of the above problems, this serves as a serious signal for starting immediate hair treatment. And the sooner it is launched, the faster the recovery process will take place. In neglected cases, the problem may become irreversible. If you do everything in a timely manner, then hair treatment at home will be successful. But you should know that in some cases, when the hair is undergoing serious changes, it is necessary to consult a trichologist and a thorough examination of the whole organism, as the cause is sometimes hidden in the disease of an organ or in the presence of a dangerous infection. For example, hair loss in this case will be the result of an ailment, and not just a sign of a lack of vitamins. Of course, a person's hair should fall, as their shift is a natural physiological process. The norm is about 50 pieces per day. When more hair is left on the brush when combing, this is already a pathology.

What should I do if my hair has problems?

First of all, you need to establish food. After all, women often aggravate the situation with various diets that deplete the body, and the lack of trace elements or vitamins affects the skin and hair, as they are some kind of indicator of the condition of internal organs. Some doctors can even put a preliminary diagnosis in their appearance. In order to determine which micronutrients or vitamins are not enough in the body, it is advisable to take tests. After all, in most cases, hair loss begins precisely because of the shortage of any elements. It is important to note that many doctors have long concluded that indiscriminate intake of vitamins can harm the body. Therefore, laboratory studies are simply necessary in such a situation to avoid overdose when taking medications. But there are also such methods for hair restoration, which do not have serious side effects. They are effective, as they have been tested in practice for years. causes of hair loss

Treatment of hair with sprouted wheat

There is a long-studied (since the timesHippocrates) a product that has a beneficial effect on hair growth, restoring their structure. It is sprouted wheat. Systematically using it inside, germinating wheat saturates the body with all the substances necessary for human health and thus feeds the hair from the inside. It restores and metabolism, and just its violation is a frequent cause of their loss. It even began to produce medical products intended specifically for the restoration of the scalp. Of course, it is not necessary to buy expensive drugs, as wheat grains are available to everyone and can be grown at home on their own. This is quite a labor-intensive process, and, spending only a couple of minutes a day, you can get a truly real "youth elixir." It is better not to buy grain in grocery stores, but in places where they are sold precisely for sowing, since they must be unprocessed. So, to germinate them, you need to have any small container or deep dish. Before placing the grains in a container, they should be rinsed well. It is enough to take approximately 100-150 g. Then you need to pour them with cool water so that it closes them 1 cm higher. After this, the grain should stand for several hours. When they swell well, they must be washed gently under running water and placed again in a container. The next days, until the wheat germinates, it should be washed every 12 hours. The container should be covered with a lid, through which water will evaporate. The container should stand in a cool place. As the water evaporates, it will need to be poured. As soon as sprouts 1 cm in size appear, you can begin to use sprouted wheat daily for 1 tbsp. l. in a day. You can take it in this form throughout your life. This will help restore and strengthen the hair, activate their growth. home masks for hair treatment

External means against hair loss

Hair treatment at home also includesin themselves and the parallel application of external methods: various masks, all kinds of infusions and herbal teas, and other folk remedies. It is carried out by either direct application to the scalp of various medications, or simply by rinsing. In some cases, massage helps. That is, you need to choose the methods for treatment, depending on the condition of the hair and the factors that have a negative impact on them. First of all, if the hair falls out strongly, it is necessary to eliminate mechanical and chemical harmful effects on them: a hairdryer, a curling iron, artificial dyes and so on. The head should be washed not with ordinary shampoos, but with special medical products. Now they are not a problem to buy in any pharmacy. When buying them, you should carefully read the instructions, as they are available for each type of hair. When falling out, the broth from the mug and the root of the marsh is very helpful. For its preparation, both plants (6 tablespoons) are taken in equal parts, filled with a glass of boiling water, then boiled in a water bath for about 20 minutes. The broth should be rinsed 3 times a week. Nettle is also an effective tool. Cut it should be until flowering, as long as it is still young, its healing properties are much stronger. To prepare a decoction, pour 10 tbsp. l. plants with one liter of water, then boil and cool. They should rinse their hair 3 times a week for several months. Pepper tincture on alcohol acts as an irritant. It helps to improve blood circulation, thereby supplying bulbs with useful substances. As a result, hair not only ceases to fall, but new ones start to grow. This is a great tool that really helps. It is used even with focal alopecia. Pepper tincture is rubbed into the scalp several times a week. Often it should not be used, because you can overdo the scalp, which can cause dandruff. You can buy it in a pharmacy or prepare yourself. Garlic and onions have a similar effect. They can be used every other day for a few weeks. For this, a gruel is made from this or that product and is rubbed into the scalp. Onions still stimulate hair growth due to the fact that it is rich in vitamins of group B, namely, they are known to be necessary for nourishing hair follicles. Also, to strengthen the roots of hair, gently rub the large table salt into the head for 5-10 minutes. Then they take a break and repeat the procedure a month later.

Useful masks for hair restoration

Effective means for treating hairare masks made on the basis of common products that are always available in the refrigerator. Egg yolk, honey, kefir are considered to be the most useful products on the basis of which they are made at home. Added in them vegetable oils strengthen nutritious properties of masks, too being a source of useful substances. Excellent oils have proven themselves, such as olive, burdock and castor. It should be noted that it is better to use them in a warm form. There are many recipes for masks, and among them there are those that really "work". Revitalizing Cognac Mask To prepare this mask, take 1 yolk, 1 teaspoon. honey and 1 tbsp. l. cognac or rum. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and immediately applied to the roots of the hair. After 15 minutes it must be washed off with warm water. To enhance the effect, you can rinse your head with a nettle decoction. This mask should be used once or twice a week. Mask for shine hair In half a glass of kefir it is necessary to add juice of one bulb, 1 tbsp. l. olive oil or 1 yolk. The mixture is applied for 1 hour in the form of a warm compress. It should be noted that the onion smell is perfectly eliminated by apple cider vinegar, which is slightly added to the water when the mask is washed off. Mask against split ends and for hair density In 1 egg yolk is added 1 tbsp. l. castor oil, 1 lemon juice and mix everything thoroughly so that a homogeneous mass is obtained. You can also add pharmacy vitamin A and E. The mass is applied to the head and holds for 30-50 minutes under a warm towel. After it is necessary to wash off with warm water, where you can add apple or diluted table vinegar. It should be noted that it is easy to lubricate the split ends of hair with a simple castor oil for the night, since it perfectly eliminates this problem. Doing this procedure for a month, with split hair, you can say goodbye. Mask that removes fatty hair. To prepare such a mask, it is necessary to crush the parsley so that the juice is extracted from it. It should be about 3 tbsp. l. Then mix it with 1 tsp. castor oil and pour 1 tsp. of vodka. After applying the mask on the mask and do not rinse for 40 minutes. The procedure should be repeated every 4 days. Masks for brittle and dry hair In 1 yolk, add 1 tsp. of the selected vegetable oil (castor oil should not be used by those with light-colored hair, as they will fade), mix thoroughly and apply to the scalp. Then you need to put on a cap of cellophane and wrap your head with a towel. The procedure lasts 1 hour. After that, wash everything off with warm water. Yolk can be replaced with yogurt. In such a mask, you can add a pharmacy vitamin B12, which is sold in liquid form. This will increase the nutritional effect. It will be enough to have one ampoule. Take 200 g of rye or black bread and soak it in a glass of yogurt. When it softens, grind everything into a homogeneous mass. Then add 1 tbsp. l. olive, burdock or castor oil and mix everything. After applying on the head, wrap the towel and hold it for 40 minutes. This mask helps not only to strengthen weak hair, but also helps to get rid of dandruff. In conclusion, it should be noted that aloe juice can be added to the above masks, since it also has medicinal properties. It is very useful to rinse your head with a decoction of chamomile - it removes skin inflammation and gives hair silky. Experts recommend every morning to massage the scalp - this will help improve blood flow, and with it the supply of nutrients. That is, if you start treating hair in time or systematically take care of them, then they will be beautiful and healthy. Fortunately, there are such useful products that will help women at home to immediately take action if there are problems with the hair and thus not bring the situation to the trip to the doctor-trichologist.