shugaring at home Popular now a kind of epilation - shugaring - for a long timeis known to oriental beauties. From time immemorial, the women of the East conducted shugaring at home, and the recipe for pasta for epilation was passed down from generation to generation. Today the most famous beauty salons have adopted a recipe for smooth skin of oriental beauties and offer their clients to do this miracle-hair removal. We suggest we do shugaring at home. First, let's figure out what is shugaring, what are its advantages over other, more familiar methods of removing unwanted hair. In addition, you will learn the recipe for pasta and how to make shugaring at home.

What is shugaring?

Shugaring is sugar depilation. Hair on the body is removed with a special paste. Pasta is a thick sugar syrup. Sugar epilation is of two types:

  • Sugar Waxing

This epilation is done with the help of a ready-made paste. The principle of action resembles a wax epilation. Hot paste is applied to the skin with a special spatula or brush. Then the fabric strip is superimposed on top, it is smoothed and tears off forcefully against the growth of the hair. This is a rather painful procedure that requires patience.

  • Sugaring

This type of sugar hair removal is to removehair soft sugar caramel, which is rolled into balls. Such a ball is first distributed over the skin against hair growth, smoothed out, and then breaks away in the direction of their growth. This sequence of actions makes shugaring an almost painless procedure in comparison with waxing. A hairs removes no worse than wax. It is this kind of sugar hair removal that is very easy to replicate at home. shugaring at home prescription

Advantages of slugging

More and more women all over the world are doing shugaring at home. And this is not surprising, because this type of hair removal has so many advantages!

  • Economical

Recipe for pasta for shugaring usually looks like this: sugar and water. They are available to absolutely any woman. In addition, some caramel balls are enough to conduct quality shugaring at home, which includes the epilation of hands, legs, bikini and armpits. Epilation with wax will be much more expensive. Consider yourself - in addition to wax you will also need spatulas, strips, as well as a special device for warming up the wax.

  • Hypoallergenicity

The composition of the shugaring paste includes absolutely noallergenic components. The composition of the wax, in addition to all possible chemical compounds, includes preservatives, which very often cause allergies. We add that the wax for epilation should be hot, and this significantly increases the risk of skin irritation. Then how to caramel is taken warm caramel.

  • Painlessness

Compared with wax, sugar is smallersticks to the skin and therefore makes the epilation less painful. Home shugaring is simply created for the delicate skin of the face, as well as the sensitive areas of the bikini and armpits. And this is why shugaring is suitable for women with varicose veins and other vascular problems.

  • The absence of ingrown hairs

Sugar caramel gently envelops everyonehair, including its bulb, and completely removes it. With other methods of hair removal, the root of the hair can survive - the hair will begin to germinate inside. In addition, the hairs are removed in the direction of their own growth, so during the shugaring process, the hairs are not warped and do not break at the base.

  • Convenience

It is much more convenient to use sugar balls,than wax. Firstly, with the help of wax and strips it is difficult enough to make yourself a deep epilation of a bikini. Secondly, wax can stain everything around: floor, clothes, skin. While caramel is very practical to use. Durability. The effect of shugaring lasts up to 20 days, and waxing should be repeated every two weeks.


This recipe for making pasta for the house is designed for one procedure. So, you will need:

  • 6 teaspoons of sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of water
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice

All mixed in a metal container and put onslow fire. The mixture must be stirred constantly so that it does not burn out. After a few minutes the mixture should darken and turn golden. A sweet caramel smell should come from it. After that, add the lemon juice. Remove from the fire and let it cool down, but not until the end. Otherwise, the mass will harden, and then it will be very difficult to knead it. If, using the same recipe, take 1 kg of sugar, 8 tablespoons of water and 7 tablespoons of lemon juice, you will get a half-year supply of pasta for shugaring. The truth and it is prepared a little differently. All ingredients must be mixed in a metal container and put on a strong fire. The mass must be stirred constantly so that sugar does not burn. After a few minutes, the fire should be lowered, cover the dishes and weigh for about 10 minutes. Sugar must completely melt, mix with water and juice and become liquid. It must be mixed again, and left for another 10 minutes. When the mass begins to gurgle, we mark another 10 minutes. During this time, the mass should darken, become homogeneous and get a sweet caramel smell. When the sugar starts to foam, measure another 5 minutes and remove it from the fire. Hot mass is poured into a plastic container with thick walls and let it cool. It cools down about 3 hours. We keep the shugaring paste in a dark dry place. Before the next epilation it is enough just to slightly warm the mass in a water bath. Lemon juice can cause irritation on sensitive skin, so in the recipe for preparation as a substitute can include citric acid in the same proportions. A shugaring recipe can also include a nut tincture and honey. Honey, as is known, has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, and the nut tincture effectively destroys the hair follicles. Be sure to check the mixture for availability. To do this, take a small slice of caramel mass and try to roll it into a ball. If the mass is malleable and does not spread in your hands - you did everything right. If the mixture turned out to be too hard, add 1 tablespoon of water to it. Put in a water bath. When the mixture melts, mix it well. Then remove the flames and allow to cool again. Too much liquid, unfortunately, indicates that the recipe was not followed. Such a mass for epilation is not suitable. shugaring recipe

How to make shugaring

Immediately before the application of the sugar masson the skin, it should be kneaded as necessary to make it plastic. Take a small piece of caramel, about the size of a quail egg and begin to mash it. If the mass is difficult to warm up, add literally one drop of hot water. When the caramel mixture becomes lighter, and the threads will become pearl luster when stretched, the mass is ready for use. Sugar balls ideally remove short hairs approximately 2-4 mm long. Longer hairs mass simply can not completely "grab".

Shugaring of feet and hands

Roll out a mashed slice of caramelball, stick it to the skin. Roll it against the growth of hair. Wait a couple of minutes. During this time the mass envelops every hair. You will understand this by the feeling of tightness and tension of the hairs. Then, with a sharp movement, remove caramel from the skin in the direction of hair growth. Together with the mass must leave and hairs. Then, again, mash the slice, and apply it again to the skin. So it is necessary to do on all surface of legs or hands. When the piece is completely in the hair, pinch off a new portion of caramel. It is very important that the movement is sharp and strictly parallel to the skin surface - so the sensations from epilation will be less painful. For the convenience of removing hair from the legs with a free hand, you can lightly stretch the skin. After the shugaring procedure, it is enough to wash off the sugar mixture with hot water and apply a moisturizer to the skin. Since the sugar epilation irritations on the skin does not leave, right after it you can safely flaunt in miniskirts and tops with short sleeves. Complete hair removal with caramel paste will take about 1.5 hours. But the result will pleasantly surprise you - gentle and smooth skin without irritation. When you master enough skill, and the sensations will be almost painless - swipe the shugaring and other more sensitive areas (bikini, armpits).

Shugaring armpits

To remove unwanted hair in the areaUnderarms at home, take small pieces of caramel. It is also necessary to treat small areas of the skin, since the underarm zone is very sensitive. Since the hair in the armpits grows upwards, the ball on the skin needs to be rolled down, and tear off - respectively upward. The first time shugaring armpits can take about half an hour and be quite painful. This is due to the fact that the hair bulbs are very strong and "do not want" to leave the follicle. But over time, the hair is weakened, and the procedure will take no more than 5 minutes. Mastered shugaring armpits? Feel free to go to the caramel epilation of the bikini zone!

Shugaring bikini

For bikini zone bustling at homeHairs should be no longer than 5 mm, otherwise the procedure will be very painful. For ease of epilation in the bikini zone, place one foot on the edge of the bathtub or on a chair. Take a small ball of caramel. Razumnite it and apply to the skin. Epilate the bikini area you need small areas of the skin, about 2 cm by 2 cm, so that the hairs are removed from the first time. Smooth the mass against the growth of hair and, lightly pulling on the skin, sharply tear caramel in the direction of hair growth. Keep weight on the skin, so that it is better to grapple with hairs, you need no more than half a minute. Even better, if you cope with each part of the skin in about 10-15 seconds. The longer you hold the mass on the skin of this tender zone, the more painful it will be to remove the hairs. For the first time, separate hairs may remain. But you do not need to treat the skin until all the hairs are removed - so you can get redness. It is better to go to the next section of the skin, and the underprocessed zones can be completely depilated later. After epilation, rinse the caramel with warm water and apply a soothing cream "after epilation." The second procedure of bikini slouching can be done only after 10 days. And if you completely switch to shugaring and refuse the razor, then the hairs will grow slower, and the procedure can be done much less often.

Shugaring faces

Undesirable hairs on the face are also idealare removed by sugar mass. The face is usually the shortest hairs, and they are removed with sugar paste completely painless. It is necessary to remove by the same principle as on other parts of the body. Smear against hair growth, tear off - in the direction of their growth. After the sludge procedure for a few days, refuse to go to the solarium, otherwise you risk getting a burn and pigmentation.