Fashionable fragrances 2012 The main tendencies of 2016 in the world of perfumeryare: lightness, airiness, notes of flirting, individuality. The main components will be: flower-fruit and citrus compositions with the addition of tender notes of the East. Such fragrances perfectly emphasize the individual image of a woman, betray her sexuality, confidence, mystery. Particular attention deserves the fragrance of Vanitas from the world brand Versace. This fragrance contains floral-citrus notes with the addition of a note of freesia. The aroma is reminiscent of Mediterranean motifs that inspire new feats. This is a very inviting, feminine fragrance for both sensitive and very daring women. In this season, oriental motives are more popular than ever. Roberto Cavalli introduced, as already known to everyone the line of aromas , and a novelty - the perfume «I Love Her». The smell is already captivating from the first notes: this is a bold combination of cedar, bergamot, musk and sweet notes of vanilla. Girls can pay attention to the fragrance "Miss Pucci", created by Christina Nazhel and Francois Demak. Its composition consists of: petals of roses, magnolia, as well as musk, iris. This fragrance will add to your image flirtatiousness and a little flirting. A collection of fashionable fragrances will also be replenished with the already famous perfume from Donna Karana "Be Delicious". The novelty will be an experiment where all the rules of the combination are broken: notes of cucumber and green apple, petals of violets and roses, and notes of white wood. In a word, it remains only to try and plunge into the world of beautiful and such mysterious fragrances. We advise you to read: