Usually we get the cream only aftercarefully read their composition, having studied the label. However, the terms appearing on this label may sometimes be incomprehensible. As a rule, the composition of creams includes the so-called antioxidants, - vitamins C, E, retinol, - vitamin A, and biologically active substances. It is these biologically active substances that give the creams healing properties. They are plant extracts that stimulate immune processes in skin cells and possess anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Biologically active substances are extracted, mainly from arnica, chamomile, valerian, coltsfoot, horsetail, wheatgrass, meadow grass, aloe, anise, sea-buckthorn, yarrow, rosemary.

Cream Composition

The composition of all cosmetics is compulsoryincludes natural oils. They heal and moisturize the skin, making it supple, fresh and clean. Usually for cosmetics, cocoa butter, avocado, jojoba, corn, almond, castor and olive oil, peach and apricot kernel oil are used. One of the indispensable components of moisturizing creams are hydrolysers of keratin and collagen. These are the main proteins of the skin, which retain moisture in its stratum corneum and maintain its freshness and elasticity. In the rejuvenating line of creams are used fruit acids derived from lemons, sugar cane, apples, hyaluronic acid and superoxide dimustase. Creams and natural preservatives are made of propolis, birch, cherry and eucalyptus extracts.

Rules for the application of creams

The effectiveness of any cream depends on somefeatures of its use. So, nutritious creams should be applied for an hour and a half before bedtime and for half an hour - forty minutes before leaving home. Biocreams are used only after thirty five years. The face skin before applying the cream should be cleaned and moistened, then the nutrients will penetrate the skin faster. Apply it with a thin layer of light massage movements in the direction of dermal lines for three to five minutes. Hands palms are preheated. Any, even the most careful efforts to care for the skin of the face, will be futile with constant lack of sleep and overwork. Therefore, allow yourself to relax, often in the fresh air - and you can look great at any age! We advise you to read: