cleaning the face of the house Every woman wants to be beautiful. And from the very childhood. Little girls with rapture try on my mother's shoes and clothes, getting tangled in a long hem and stumbling on the stilettos. Over time, attempts to become attractive become more successful. Shoes fit, clothes are bought in fashion. Women care about the condition of their skin. Still would! After all, no matter how tall the heels are, no matter how slender the figure, but the untidy person is guaranteed to spoil the whole picture. And in order to improve the skin condition, one face cream will not be enough. A more thorough ultrasonic cleaning of the face is necessary, which is carried out by professional cosmetologists in beauty salons. But what if a woman does not have the opportunity to make an appointment with a cosmetologist? All kinds of situations - both life and financial. Then the cleaning of the face at home will help. And to do it will not be a beautician, but you yourself. How exactly? Now we will teach.

Cleansing the face

Any cosmetic procedure is carried out onpre-cleansed face. Therefore, first of all, wash with milk or a special gel. After that, apply a little scrub on your face and massage the skin with light movements. It is very important that the grains in the cosmetic agent are not too large, otherwise you will injure the skin. It is desirable to use the scrub for cleaning not shop, but own preparation. Moreover, making it simple is easy. To do this, it is necessary to dilute the ground coffee with ordinary sour cream to a mushy state. Everything, the scrub is ready, you can use! But the use of coffee scrub will have to be abandoned by women, whose skin is prone to irritation. They can put on the face a mask-film, which also cleanses the skin and prepares it for cleaning. After your skin has become smooth and silky, wipe your face with a tonic. ultrasound face cleaning at home


Now we must open the pores. In the cosmetic room, ultrasonic cleaning is accompanied by hardware skinning. Houses for these purposes you can use an ordinary pot, a towel and herbs. In this herbal collection should be chosen according to your skin type. For greasy horsetail and chamomile, for dry and sensitive - wormwood, rosemary and yarrow. Brew in a saucepan herbal collection, remove from heat, cool a little. But remember, steam should stay. It is he who will help us to open the pores. Sit down. Take a comfortable pose. Bow over the saucepan, covering your head with a towel. Watch for the fact that under your home-made dome did not get air. You must breathe only herbal steam. After two minutes, the face begins to sweat. This is exactly what we need. In 15 minutes of a steam bath all the pores on your face will open and be ready for cleaning. However, we want to warn you: during the steaming process, you should not rub your face with a towel, so you injure your skin. Therefore, if the sweat is too abundant, gently pat it with a towel and continue the procedure.


Well, we came to the most responsiblethe stage of cleansing the face. Before doing it, it is advisable to wipe the face with a 3% hydrogen peroxide. By this you prepare the person for "general cleaning". Further on the plan:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water. Rub your hands with alcohol.
  • Wind on the index fingers sterile bandage, creating the so-called gauze caps.
  • Carefully and step by step squeeze the walls of the sebaceous glands from two sides with index fingers. Your task is to squeeze out sebaceous plugs from the excretory ducts.
  • During the whole procedure it is necessary to wipe the faceperoxide hydrogen peroxide. This will help remove the scales, make the skin more friable and disinfect it. However, do not use alcohol lotions. They are designed to dry the skin and narrow the pores, so only make it difficult to clean.
  • Remove from the skin of the face of comedones (the so-calledblack dots) can be used with a shaving cream. Thoroughly whip the foam and apply it to those areas of skin that have affected black acne. Strike her in the face so that the soapy substance penetrates deep into the pores. After this, take a bone or wooden knife, wrap it with gauze and, tightly pressing to the skin, carry out strong movements in the face. The intensity of pressure will allow to squeeze out soap foam from pores, and together with it and the remains of fat.
  • how to do a face cleaning at home

    After-care care

    After all the sebaceous plugs have been removed, the porescleaned, the skin must be soothed. Apply a mask on the face, tightening the pores, and leave it to dry. After that, wipe the skin with lotion on alcohol. For hasty girls or young moms, whose child is guaranteed to give rest for an hour and a half, there are a couple of other skin cleansing recipes. Here, cleaning the face of the house will be two, or even three times faster than usual. Are they intrigued? Read, write down: The first recipe The soap shaving cream is diluted with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Beat into a strong soap foam, put on face. After that, apply extra salt to the skin (over the foam). Leave to dry, then rinse with warm water. Cosmetologists say that such a simple method helps to clean the skin at home no worse than it will ultrasonic cleaning. Of course, this does not mean that you can now ignore the cosmetologist's office and ultrasound as a skin cleanser. Not at all. Just as an express purge this method is quite suitable. The second recipe (intended for women with oily skin with comedones)

  • Within 10 minutes steaming a face with a herbal steam bath.
  • After that, rub a soap solution into the skin for about a minute.
  • Wash off soap with hot water.
  • Again make a steam bath for the face. This time, steam the skin for 5 minutes.
  • Wipe your face with a pad moistened in a 5% hydrogen peroxide.
  • Next - another herbal bath for the face.
  • Wash your face with cold water and rub it with a mixture of water and vinegar (1: 1).
  • That's the secret of beautiful skin. High-quality cleaning, whether it's ultrasonic or made at home, helps the face shine with cleanliness and well-groomedness, and you - from pride for its appearance. We advise you to read: