herbs for face For many centuries, womenbe more beautiful and younger, used the recipes of traditional medicine. And in the modern world many beauties prefer instead of expensive hygienic cosmetics for the face to use medicinal herbs. Well, this is understandable: folk recipes for skin care include many herbs with their pronounced beneficial properties. Nature does not deprive anyone. It gives us herbs that help to care for dry or oily skin, have antiseptic, smoothing, stimulating, soothing, nutritious (and so on, etc.) action. It helps with the help of medicinal herbs to cope with the problems of oily skin, stop the rapid aging of dry skin and prolong the natural beauty and youth of the most normal and problem-free skin. By the way, herbs, or rather, their extracts and extracts, are actively used in the cosmetic industry. They are used to make a wide range of care products, ranging from traditional creams and ending with newfangled serums.

Where to get the herbs for the face?

It is, of course, possible to organize an expedition inflooded flowering meadows or rush to find medicinal herbs in impenetrable woodlands. You can turn to local herbalists, but only being absolutely sure that they do not collect their herbs along the nearby motorway or on the outskirts of the neighboring chemical plant. But there is an easier way out: to buy ready-made natural cosmetics or useful herbal preparations. By the way, the increasing popularity of natural cosmetics and medicinal herbs is explained not only by their useful properties. Today, these magical products can be purchased in specialized stores or pharmacies. And interestingly, on sale you can find both herbs for the face, and various products made on their basis: lotions, masks, creams, gels, tonics, tinctures, collections, ointments, teas. Given our not very favorable ecological situation, ordering medicinal herbs by mail is often the only possible option to acquire really rare and really useful herbs. And the grasses collected in really ecologically clean areas. And if such cosmetics or the necessary herbs are not sold in walking distance, then, probably, really it is worth using the services of online stores. However, for the sake of confidence, you need to make sure of the seller's impeccable reputation. However, we do not urge you to rush to find potential rescuers of youth and beauty of your skin. Perhaps there is a chance to do without such material sacrifice (after all, natural cosmetics is not a cheap pleasure). After all, our ancestors managed to do without industrial cosmetics. But in any case, when deciding whether to buy herbs or herbal cosmetics for yourself, you need to find out what type of skin your skin has (dry, fat, normal or mixed). And if you have already found out everything for a long time, then it should be disassembled with what kind of herbs are useful for your skin. herbs for face skin

What kind of herbs for facial skin to choose?

Here, fortunately, everything is stable. How possessed herbs with certain useful properties thousands of years ago, and today continue their healing practice. Therefore, if for dry skin of the face our grandmothers made decoctions from some herbs, and for fatty ones from others. That and we will follow their experience. "Top 10" herbs for dry skin:

  • dandelion,
  • mint,
  • petals of a peony,
  • rose petals,
  • parsley,
  • chamomile,
  • St. John's wort,
  • mother and stepmother,
  • field horsetail,
  • Linden blossom.

All these plants can moisturize, smooth and nourish. And this is important for dry skin. "Top 10" herbs for oily skin:

  • sage
  • silver wormwood,
  • succession,
  • Oak bark,
  • nettle,
  • celandine,
  • cranberry leaf,
  • strawberry leaf,
  • calendula,
  • cotswold (rhizome).

These herbs are useful, above all, becauseable to narrow pores, inhibit the work of the sebaceous glands and relieve inflammation. As you understand, for mixed (combination) skin, it is necessary to combine the composition of herbal preparations. A normal skin, unfortunately, in adults almost never occurs. This, alas, is the privilege of childhood. Therefore, purchase natural cosmetics and herbal preparations in accordance with what type of skin you have. Because what is good for oily skin, will do harm to the dry. And vice versa. And of course, do not focus only on finished products. Firstly, it is not necessary that you find the remedies suitable for your skin, and secondly, your own hand-made herbal masks and lotions have (believe!) An equally curative effect. herbs for dry skin

How to prepare face masks?

Almost every woman has her own favoritefolk recipes for the person on which it is possible to easily and quickly make effective means at home. Below are the folk recipes for the person, on the basis of which you can prepare magnificent masks for all occasions. Here are just a few of them:

  • Mask from sunburn of the face. In a blender chop the daisy, mix with yogurt and raw yolk. Mix the mixture on your face for twenty minutes, then rinse with water.
  • Cleansing mask, narrowing the pores. Grind the sorrel and yarrow, mix with oat flakes. Apply to cleansed face for fifteen minutes. Rinse off with water.
  • Rejuvenating mask. Use the following herbs for the face (5 grams each): nettle leaves, black currant leaves, aloe tree juice, St. John's wort herb, fruit of mountain ash. Grind to the gruel a tablespoon of the collection, adding a little boiling water, aloe, one egg, 5 g of honey. Mix the mixture on your face for twenty minutes, then rinse off with cold water.
  • Degreasing mask. Take two teaspoons of chopped fresh chamomile flowers, add four teaspoons of oatmeal, a little water and mix. Mask to impose on the face. Wash off after twenty minutes. Very useful for inflammation prone to inflammation.
  • Anti-inflammatory mask. For twenty minutes, put on your face a mask of fresh leaves, flowers, St. John's wort, chamomile, calendula, aloe, cooked in a blender.
  • The Golden Mask. It is made from a pusher (horsetail of the field). For the mask use a cream, cooked on the basis of cow's oil. For 30 grams of oil take two tablespoons of shredded grass pusher. The grass is mixed with butter, re-heated in the oven for about twenty minutes. Ready cream is stored in the refrigerator for no longer than five days.
  • In general, useful herbs for the face - justUnique gift Mother Nature for our dry or oily skin. Herbs (as well as roots, fruits, leaves, bark) have truly magical properties. So, for example, the above-mentioned field horsetail is able to accumulate gold from the soil, and its ash contains this precious metal even more than the same volumes of gold-bearing ores. Is not it a miracle? And what do we notorious golden threads, implanted in the skin, when there is a magical field horsetail? You just need to be able to take what is given to you. And, mind you, almost for free! We advise you to read: