how to remove wrinkles on the forehead Remember how you first saw on your foreheadfirst wrinkle? Surely you were unpleasantly surprised by the fact that on an absolutely clean, fresh face take and yes this nasty wrinkle appeared! And how old were you then? Thirty-five, twenty, maybe fifteen? Do not panic if your option is a third one. For some, mimic wrinkles on the forehead may appear in ten years. Here everything depends on genetics and on how emotional the girl is. Although emotions - not the only reason for wrinkles to settle on our foreheads. The reasons for the appearance of early folds in this place include the effect of direct sunlight on the skin, and poor eyesight (squinting, we strain the muscles of the forehead, forming folds), and, of course, aging. Looking at these reasons, it may seem that wrinkles on the forehead - this is an inevitable evil, to combat which is useless. However, do not give up: there are enough ways to remove wrinkles on your forehead or completely prevent their appearance.

We follow facial expressions

The first wrinkles, hurrying to appear on our forehead -mimic. They can be "earned" even at a very young age, and thanks for this is an overly emotional, agile face. To avoid such troubles is quite possible, you just need to watch closely the facial expressions. Do not constantly grimace, frown and look askance - from this your face is guaranteed to get a pair of wrinkles on his forehead. Try to look at yourself in the mirror during a conversation - for example, during a telephone conversation with a friend. You will see perfectly well how the muscles of your face move, and at what emotions wrinkles appear on your forehead. As soon as you smile or laugh, horizontal lines will appear, become angry or frown - vertical. Try to learn to control your facial expressions, this will help you avoid the appearance of early wrinkles.

Try not to squint

Another important reason for the appearance of wrinkles onforehead - a habit of constantly squinting. Someone underestimates the importance of sunglasses and frowns from the bright sun, and someone suffers from myopia and constantly screwing up his eyes to look at something. Go to the mirror and express yourself as you used to do it. What did you see? Lots of fine wrinkles on the forehead. Now do you understand that they themselves "plant" them on the face, becoming visually older? Prevention of the appearance of such wrinkles is not a secret for anyone: just do not forget sunglasses, regularly check the eyes of the ophthalmologist. It will be quite wonderful if in the summer you wear a hat with wide margins, which will protect you from direct sunlight. So you squint and stop, and protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet. remove wrinkles from forehead

Properly nourish the skin

It's no secret that each of us enjoyscosmetics in the hope of preserving beauty and youth as long as possible. And the final result depends on the quality of this cosmetics: it happens that, using overdue creams or clandestine cheap products, we put the skin just huge harm. And even if the makeup is fresh and of excellent quality, it should be selected according to the type of skin and your age category. It is known that wrinkles appear on oily skin later than on dry skin. However, with inept use of cosmetics, the forehead skin can be simply "dried", resulting in a lot of deep wrinkles on it. Use moisturizers, do not neglect masks and lotions. And, of course, often massage your face, this is a great way to fight premature wrinkles, including on the forehead. Of course, you can learn and self-massage, but a much greater effect you get when you visit a professional beautician. Believe me, it does not cost so much money, and absolutely every woman is worthy to trust yourself from time to time with the hands of a specialist. It is better to save on something else: in the end, to remove wrinkles will arise much more expensive than to prevent them.

Folk remedies for wrinkles on the forehead

No matter how good the beautician, and home masks,allowing to improve a condition of our skin, nobody canceled. Their advantage is that for an excellent result you do not have to go anywhere, spend a lot of money and energy. It is enough to look into the refrigerator and kitchen cupboard in order to find all the necessary ingredients.

  • Mask of rice flour with grapefruit helpremove wrinkles from the forehead. Chop a small amount of rice in a coffee grinder, for a mask, we need 1 tablespoon of this flour. Add 1 tablespoon kefir and 2 tablespoons of grapefruit juice (of course, not from the box, but squeezed out). This mixture can be applied not only on the forehead, but also on the entire face. The mask lasts 3-5 minutes, after which it is washed off with warm water. Suitable for all skin types.
  • The following mask is extremely simple to prepare: all that is needed for her is yeast and milk. Yeast is very rich in vitamin B, and therefore have the ability to fine tones the skin of the face. It is best to buy yeast not in bags, but in the form of bricks (they are still sold by grandmothers at stops). Pound a small amount of yeast and add milk to them until you get a creamy mass. Apply the mixture for 20 minutes and rinse with water.
  • If wrinkles only start to appear, then youthe following lotion will help: take 50 ml of strawberry juice, fresh cucumber, alcohol and water. Add 0.5gr of salicylic alcohol. With the resulting lotion, moisten the wadded disks and apply to the problem site for 10-15 minutes.

Remove wrinkles on the forehead is not easy, muchit is easier to prevent their appearance. However, such a formula is relevant for other aspects of life. In any case, if you follow the recommendations, you can, if not get rid of, at least reduce the depth of wrinkles, which is quite enough. We advise you to read: