bikini hair removal Virtually every modern woman is familiarfull epilation bikini, received the second name - Brazilian hair removal. This name was drawn from the sisters from Brazil, who opened a beauty salon in Manhattan in the late 80s. They were the first to practice this method of hair removal. In those ancient times, when women painted their eyes with charcoal, removing unwanted hair on the body was like torture. Epilation at home bikini and in our days brings women little joy. Despite this, all the same, new technologies make it possible to minimize discomfort. It is worth noting that epilation of the bikini zone does not suffer any method of hair removal. Although every woman has everything purely individual, depending on the personal pain threshold. However, epilation of the bikini zone with a depilator or tweezers, and especially deep depilation of the bikini zone is a matter for real heroines. Whether such painful sensations of result cost - each woman solves itself.

Epilation of a bikini with an ordinary razor

The most simple and proven method of depilation -this is shaving the hairs with a razor. At the same hair is not destroyed in the bulb, but simply cut off at the base of the root. The availability of the technique explains that one hundred is the most popular epilation of the bikini zone at home. The use of specialized cosmetics helps to slow down hair growth and allows you to extend the effect of the procedure. Epilation with a razor can be done before sending on vacation and repeat as necessary during the swimming season. However, the use of a razor has a negative side. Literally the next day can begin to grow hair, because it is difficult to remove hairs neatly in this area. Frequent depilation of the bikini zone causes irritation and redness of the skin, so you should stock up with soothing and emollient cosmetic products and apply them after the procedure. epilation bikini

Lotions and creams for epilation of the bikini zone

How is epilation of the bikini zone cream? Very simply: creams for depilation with a special spatula is applied to the skin, and then after a certain period of time it is simply washed off with water. However, new hairs grow after the cream quickly enough - after 1-3 days. If you use a depilation cream for the bikini zone before you go on vacation, then remember that it will have to be repeated, so do not forget to bring along a set of cream and soothing. Do not take sunbaths immediately after the procedure. Remember - depilation of the bikini line is carried out exclusively by means specially designed for this zone, depilatory foot cream should not be used in any case! This method is as simple as shaving. It is inexpensive and fast. However, this kind of epilation zone of bikini reviews is negative: using a cream you can not reach hard-to-reach areas and remove hair thoroughly. You will be pleased with the fact that gradually growing hairs will become soft with time. The use of creams may be associated with the appearance of irritations or allergic reactions on the skin. Therefore, before proceeding to epilation in the field of bikini - the classic testing of the cream on the skin 48 hours before the procedure does not interfere.

Bikini waxing

Now let us consider in more detail what is waxyepilation of the bikini zone. Bioepilation is made by caramel or wax, which is applied to the treated area and covered with a napkin. After hardening, the material is broken off by a sharp movement, and unwanted hair is pulled out along with it. It is believed that waxing of the bikini zone was invented by Queen Nefertiti. If you are confident in your abilities, then we will tell you how to make an epilation of a bikini at home. The wax for the procedures is divided into cold and hot. The latter is most optimal for the bikini zone. The design of the future "hairstyle" is divided into a shallow and deep bikini. Waxing a deep bikini involves removing the hair, including the area between the buttocks and around the labia. With normal shallow depilation, only those hairs that are visible from under the panties are removed. With the help of wax depilation, you can achieve a quality hair removal for a fairly long time - 2-3 weeks. With regular application, the hair becomes thinner, grows slower, becomes soft and less noticeable. After the procedure of wax bikini waxing, you may have a problem of ingrown hair, such costs are depilation of the bikini zone - the reviews say that this can be avoided by using the skin treatment with a scrub after a few days after the procedure. depilation of the bikini zone

Photoepilation of the bikini zone

With regard to laser depilation bikini, itis carried out by exposure to heat and light, with the coagulation of the vessels and the destruction of the hair pigment in the treated area. The hair bulb as a result stops receiving food and dies. For complete hair removal, hair removal should be done in at least 10 sessions. Between sessions make an interval of 2-3 months. For one session of photoepilation it is impossible to put in order the bikini. Therefore, if you are soon on the beach - this option is not for you. A palpable amount of money and patience will help you to gradually get rid of unwanted hair forever. Most recently, a technology has appeared on the market that combines the effects of light and vacuum. It allows you to carry out the procedure correctly and with minimal discomfort. One of the painful procedures - bikini epilation: photos clearly show that after it inevitably remain redness. Calms down that in a few days they pass. This procedure has a large list of contraindications, which you should carefully read before deciding on such a method.

Laser epilation of the bikini zone

The best effect is provided by epilation of the bikini zoneLaser with dark hair on pale skin. During the procedure, laser energy penetrates the hair, resulting in the destruction of the hair follicle under the influence of heat. This type of hair removal can only remove visible hair. Subcutaneous hair comes out after laser hair removal on the surface and within 1.5-2 weeks gradually drop out. Laser epilation of the bikini zone reviews collected positive, because the laser does not leave traces on the skin, which becomes after the procedure is incredibly smooth. The same effect is given by the cream for epilation of the bikini zone, but it lasts an incredibly short time. The procedure for laser hair removal is expensive. This type of epilation borders on plastic surgery and hardware cosmetology, so it should be approached with full seriousness, having studied all possible contraindications. Types of epilation bikini photoimpulse and laser do not have almost no effect on red and blond hair. Although, as a rule, blonde girls do not do this kind of hair removal. For many women, epilation of the bikini line is too intimate a matter, which they can not, for various reasons, allow the salon specialist to produce. Therefore, it is possible and applicable to them exclusively for bikini hair removal at home. But remember that you can not always do it yourself!

Epilation of bikini at home

At home, hair removal is acceptabletweezers and a depilator. However, in this case you will have to suffer a fair amount of pain. To the procedure was less painful, it is worth to take a bath and steam out the treated area. Then the skin should be degreased and disinfected. Then hair removal at home will be much easier. And it's very important to do everything right. Therefore, start with a mini epilation. Plucking hairs should occur against hair growth. To reduce pain, try to stretch the skin a little. In the post-epilation period, your skin will need special care, do not regret special means for it. After the procedure, the skin should "breathe" about an hour. The effect of the electroepilator on average lasts 2 weeks. Although how many people, so many results. Everything is very individual. Waxing - happy with the popular to date hair removal at home bikini, which is made with the help of sugar, wax, resin and other folk recipes. The most painless procedure is waxing with hot wax. Although it is much better suited for mini epilation. We advise you to read: