do guys like full girls You are desperately trying to get his attention thoughwould be for a second? Do you dream that he would become interested in you as a person and not pay attention to your appearance? You are not alone - thousands of girls and women today ask themselves the same question: do guys like full girls? And, looking at the pages of glossy magazines with photographs of the thin in a bikini, sadly ascertain that their own chances of winning the heart of a chosen one are not great. And all because their figure does not fit into the model framework, and in clothing stores they catch, they think, mocking or sympathetic glances of saleswomen. And then the struggle begins with your own body. Strict diets, unloading days, tiresome training in the gym ... And what next? Let's imagine possible variants of the development of events. So, it's a great day: the scales showed a treasured figure, in your wardrobe clothes of size S, and you are ready to meet with the Beautiful Prince, for which it was all started. When was it? Half a year ago? The beautiful Prince has already found himself a Princess and now does not take her eyes off her. Such a betrayal can only be experienced if you seize it with a chocolate cake. And one more ... And more ... And the excess weight with which you said goodbye, it would seem, forever, comes back. Or this option: all your efforts to nothing lead. The damned kilograms seem to have grown to the hips and waist and do not want to leave. The guy that you like, still does not pay the slightest attention to you. You have lost heart, and you do not want to do anything. However, there is a sure way to cheer up - eat a chocolate cake. And one more thing ... And yet ... Unfortunately, this development is far from uncommon. And all because you became a hostage to the stereotype of female beauty that has developed in modern society - "be kilogram lighter than others." And also because, instead of finding out from the guys, whether they like full girls, you answered this question yourself. And - wrong. guys like full girls

The taste and color ...

You forget that all people are different, with their owntastes, preferences and ideals. Are not you surprised by the variety of culinary preferences? So why do you think that all the boys, without exception, should like the young ladies? Did you never look back on the street in love couples - a guy and a girl whose figure is far from the "ideal" parameters? Have you never seen a happy bachelorette? Therefore, one should not go on about invented conventions and attribute their unfortunate novels to excess weight. Remember: very much depends on the degree of completeness. A few "extra" kilograms does not spoil the girl. On the contrary, they often add charms and charms to it. Very many young people see off interested girls with rounded forms. Almost all men believe that the proportionality and harmony of the constitution is more important for the girl, rather than leanness.

Do guys like polnenkie girls?

According to observations of psychologists, guys likegirls who are easy and pleasant to communicate, from which emerge invisible vibes of self-confidence and their own irresistibility. Appearance and figure in this case do not matter to them. To please men, first of all you need to like yourself. This is a common truth, and you, of course, have heard it many times. But did you think about it? One should love oneself the way you are, stop cherishing complexes about your appearance and do not limit yourself in communication. Imagine yourself in the place of a guy who you would pay attention to first: a young girl with a cheerful smile on her face and a glance or a person with a sour and hunted expression? If you engage in constant self-flagellation and behave as if you are a victim of your own appearance, very soon others will begin to treat you in exactly the same way. Do guys like polnenkie girls? Yes, if they love and value themselves as a person! A great way to gain self-confidence is to enroll in a dance studio. It may seem surprising, but the dances have a tremendous psychotherapeutic effect. For people who are not self-confident, they are simply irreplaceable. Moving in the dance, you will learn to own your body and gain a beautiful posture. Do you know that correctly placed back is a powerful conductor of energy? We assure you that not a single guy will even look in the direction of a lean, stooped "beauty" if there is a girl with a flying light walk (even if with imperfect forms). A girl who knows how to move beautifully, does not have to worry about whether she likes young people or not: such a girl simply can not be unattractive. In addition, dancing is also a good way to pull up the "loose" muscle corset, lose a few pounds, get rid of cellulite and, therefore, look slimmer. Do guys like polnenkie girls? Yes, if they are graceful and plastic! Disadvantages of appearance can be hidden clothes. Say no to tight tops and trousers. Put aside the shapeless hoodies. It is necessary to emphasize their dignity: lush breasts and thrilling hips. If in the shops you do not find suitable outfits, you can turn to a good dressmaker and create beauty with her. Let you have to make an effort, but you should pick up such clothes in which you will look stunning. Do guys like polnenkie girls? Yes, if they can stylishly dress and present themselves! full girls like guys

Who choose men

Let's not blame the soul: in cafes, restaurants, clubs and discos, guys primarily stop their eyes on girls with a model figure. But this happens only because they constantly see a similar image in the pages of magazines and TV screens. They pay attention to what they are used to; this is natural: they simply have not been taught to see anything different from all. However, over time, if a girl can not boast of anything other than a slim figure, men begin to appreciate such traits as cheerfulness, intellect, education, kindness and self-respect. If the guy in his chosen one likes only an attractive appearance, think about whether you need such a "gift of fate". In the end, judging a person by his appearance can only emotionally immature people. After all, it's so stupid not to love or despise someone just because his appearance and figure do not match artificially imposed standards. In addition, a certain percentage of men prefer just pyshechek, which against the background of anemic beauties from the podiums look healthy, full of life and energy. Let's not forget that a centuries-old stereotype is embedded in the subconscious of men: a full woman can bear, give birth and feed a healthy child (that's why a few hundred years ago no one would have looked at modern photo models). For men, the full girl looks very erotic. And if you still have not met such a guy, it does not mean that you will never meet him. It's just that your time has not come yet. Some girls are full, as if nature had conceived them just like that. They are charming in their fullness. Having thrown off several kilograms, these girls lose their charm and originality. And men, I must say, instinctively feel this "something", hidden in a woman. And if she loses her "zest", she loses and male attention. The explanation for this phenomenon is quite simple: the fact is that the "pyshechek" produces more estrogen (the hormone of femininity) than their subtile rivals. By the way, that's why full girls often turn out to be more active and inventive in bed. And this man can not help. If you still ask yourself the question, do guys like lush-shaped women, we can reassure you: yes, they do. Do not forget that your claims to your own figure is the result of the prevailing fashion in modern society for anorexic models, on which designer clothes look so good. But the fashion is gradually changing. Already, models with parameters far from the coveted formula 90-60-90 appear. Who knows, maybe in the not-too-distant future the fashion will go by and they will look enviously at your rounded forms. And - yes - yes - there are chocolate cakes at night to look a little like you!