how to draw love on feng shui What is every woman dreaming about on thisbig planet, how not about love? Unfortunately, it happens that this high feeling for some reason unknown to us is late, it turns out to be unreciprocal or too timid or, perhaps, we ourselves prevent the energy of love from breaking into our lives and staying there forever. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, first of all, it is our thoughts, faith and our actions that can attract love, and some symbols and attributes of Feng Shui will only strengthen the magic of the attraction of Qi energy - the energy of love.

Preparatory stage

So, what, according to Feng Shui, you need to do tolet the love in the house and keep it there for a long time? Everything new and good begins with getting rid of the old unnecessary things, especially reminiscent of the "former", especially the unpaired and especially broken, chopped and spoiled. Inspect your dwelling, look into the cupboard, open the mezzanine - how many things have accumulated that you do not need, and throw out a pity! Give it to friends, give it to the poor, just throw it away - you will never even think of them again! Forgotten "former" slippers, shirt and other things reminiscent of unrequited love, throw things out immediately, if you want to attract a new love. Reconsider the interior "things": pictures, figurines, photos - you should not have images of unpaired characters. If this is a picture, then let, for example, a man be next to a woman. If it's a figurine, for example, an elephant, buy a second and so on. Especially ruthlessly get rid of dried flowers and curly flowers. Feng Shui treats dry flowers as a symbol of dead energy, and curly plant specimens basically carry the passive energy of yin. how to draw love feng shui

Activation of the love and marriage sector

The next step to the target will bedesign of the love sector for its successful activation. According to the "compass school", the zone of love and marriage for feng shui is in the south-west of the apartment, and the "school of forms" devotes love and marriage to the far right corner of the room. Remove from this place objects related to water: a vase, an aquarium, an image of water, an air humidifier, etc. The energy of fiery love is easily extinguished with water. But when decorating the marriage sector, use the elements of red. Hang a picture with fire elements or glue the appropriate wallpaper, put a red napkin on a table and so on. Feng Shui considers it necessary to hang Chinese lanterns or put two candles of red in your intimate corner, which you definitely need to light in every new moon. It will be wonderful to hang two paired hearts and put two figures of ducks, swans, pigeons. You can also put a photo with your lover or just any photo of a man from the magazine. All attributes should symbolize the union of a man and a woman and evoke in you positive thoughts and emotions. In the bedroom, it is desirable to hang a reproduction with the image of the moon and moon track: according to Feng Shui, the energy of the moon helps attract a partner. And mirrors in the bedroom should not reflect your bed, through them your luck and love go away.

Symbols of love by Feng Shui

Of great importance are the symbols of love, which must be placed in the corresponding zone:

  • Peonies

These beautiful flowers are very strongtalisman of love. According to Feng Shui, single girls are recommended to hang a picture with peonies pictured on it before entering the bedroom, but married women after forty should be more careful with the choice of a place for a picture. Activating the energy of love in a man can push him to "side" campaigns. Therefore, it is best not to hang a picture, but during the season constantly buy live peonies and put them in the living room.

  • Crystal Crystals

Crystal or glass crystals carry in themselvesenergy of Mother Earth, disposing them in the south-western sector of love, you will enhance the attraction of stability, warmth and romance in your relationship. Feng Shui recommends having several crystals in different parts of the room; they can be rounded, in the form of a pyramid or in the form of trees with leaves of crystals. Keep the crystals clean, to do this every month put them in a saline solution. Do you want your chosen one to talk about feelings as often as possible? Then highlight the crystals. Be sure to purchase in the house the stones of your horoscope - this further activate the energy of the Earth-Mother.

  • Paired items

Paired symbols personify male and femaleStart. If you want to achieve harmony in your relationships, never bring in the house single items. Were you given a figurine of a kitty? Tomorrow, buy the second figure, preferably a cat, and put it next. Puffy pigeons, pair statues of a man and a woman, hearts, two trees, two stars - everything should personify love and a couple. Yin and Yang on feng shui are a single whole and can not exist without each other, like black without white.

  • "The music of wind"

Feng Shui talisman is "wind music". It is best to buy a talisman in pink and red shades with pendants-hearts; The tubes should be metallic and also covered with pink or red paint. Having hung such a talisman next to your photo, you can be assured of the powerful activation of Qi energy. However, couples who have harmony in a relationship should refrain from such "bells".

  • Fan

The fan is a very powerful andan effective talisman of feng shui, which instantly activates the flow of positive energy, suppressing the negative and stagnation in the relationship. The more the fan, the more effective its energy. It should be noted that there are many talismans and love symbols, so you can stop on one thing or use several items at once. But do not arrange in your apartment the likeness of a Chinese Feng Shui shop, do not overload the "altar" of love with objects. All talismans should be in harmony with each other and in no case be discordant. feng shui how to draw love

Materialization of desires

This stage is not just a formality, butan obligatory necessity, if, of course, you really want to attract love to your home forever. But first you need to consider some facts. First, the ancient teaching of feng shui does not share love and marriage and puts them at the head of all other concepts. Think again, are you ready for the fact that love and marriage - this is not such an easy thing. This is a daily work to build a harmonious and lasting relationship. Somewhere you have to concede, somewhere to agree, and sometimes there will be something that will need to be firm. Having fallen in love with a man for his dignity, do not forget that he, like any other person, will have shortcomings. And if you can not love him "with all the guts," very soon your relationship will fail. Do you want it? Be honest with yourself. Secondly, Feng Shui is not magic, and to attract a partner who does not like you at all, this teaching will not help you. And to discourage a guy from a rival is also not a task for feng shui. Bring the man into the house of the first person just to be there, you can yourself. But to achieve true harmony, tender and mutual feelings, to involve in your house love in its high sense - in this you will contribute to the wise teaching of feng shui. What do we do next? The most decisive stage begins - voicing their desires with affirmations and, no matter how trite, the "wording of the order." To do this, it is necessary to write positive thoughts on statements on love and marriage on red paper. For example, "I give and receive love easily and joyfully" or "I draw deep relationships into my life" and the like. Fold the paper and put a note behind your photo or behind the picture of your chosen one. Then another scrupulous moment: you must compile and describe all the positive qualities that I would like to see in the future elect. Do not hurry, this can take more than one day. Something after reflection may not seem so significant, and you will delete this paragraph, adding something else: attentiveness, scrupulousness, generosity, or something else. Finally, having determined all the points, we proceed to the next step. Just carefully and carefully make a list of the shortcomings of your future choice, which scare you least. With what qualities are you ready to put up for the sake of a long marital life: sloppy, miserly, forgetfulness? Take this list even more seriously, do not make mistakes that you might regret later. Feng Shui does not analyze your attachments, but only contributes to the materialization of desires. Having on your hands both lists, copy in two columns all the qualities on a pink or red sheet of paper, roll into a tube, tie a pink ribbon and place in your sector of love feng shui.

We equip the bedroom

A special place for Feng Shui is the bedroom andis and how your bed is equipped. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, there should be a lot of light in the room, wallpaper is preferable to paste in pink or peach colors, you can even have elements of red color. Do not put in the bedroom dry flowers, try to avoid placing curly plants near your bed. Use bed linen pastel shades, but accessories, on the contrary, select bright juicy tones. The most important instruction of Feng Shui - on the bed should always be two pillows and one blanket. Using all the above teachings of the teachings of Feng Shui, rest assured that in your house will come love! Perhaps not too fast, not tomorrow and not the day after tomorrow ... Be sure to wait and be open to love, but do not look for in each other those characteristics that you "ordered". Do not get obsessed with marriage, enjoy life, and the Universe will not leave you unattended!