Celebrities, as well as ordinary girls,sometimes there are problems with the hair. Is it any wonder, because permanent staining, sun exposure and styling are not in vain. Here Fergie suffered the same fate, but she found a way to quickly return a healthy and attractive look to her locks. According to the soloist of Black Eyed Peas, her hair did not always look the same as it is now. However salon methods of healing hair, she prefers home care. For this, the girl uses Moroccan oil. She puts a miracle cure over the entire length of her hair, collects them in a knot, wraps herself with a towel and goes to bed. After waking up in the morning, she washes her hair with a usual shampoo. According to her, the course of such procedures, she was able to cure her damaged head of hear. Moroccan oil, unlike many other products, is suitable for all types of hair and does not make them fat. This product has a special formula that has a beneficial effect on both the hair and the scalp: deeply nourishes every hair, heals and restores them after staining and perm. After the procedure, the hair becomes shiny and has an attractive healthy appearance. We advise you to read: