hair care after a chemical wave Perm, even sparing - thisalways a strong stress for the hair. Chemistry in any of its manifestations negatively affects the structure of the hair, because they need a deep phase-out. About how to properly care for hair after a perm, we'll tell in this article. But first let's understand with what kinds of curls exist, and we will reveal their differences. Curl, made on an acid basis, can provide the most durable fixation, but it does not affect the structure of the hair at the same time. Another type - alkaline perm - affects the hair softening, giving them a natural shine and brightness, but it is not suitable for everyone. The period of its durability is ninety days. Relatively soft is a neutral wave, softly affecting the hair. Its pH is neutral, which does not affect the structure of the hair. Very popular is the amino acid type of wave. Its peculiarity consists in the presence of proteins and amino acids in the composition of the preparation. The latter type, acidic, has a neutral pH, but for straight, thin and smooth hair, such a wave is contraindicated.

A few tips before the wave

If you decided to chemical perm, then neitherDo not stain your hair before the procedure. On average, after staining, it should take about twenty days to prevent a complex reaction between the chemicals in the paint composition and alcohol from the curling agent. Otherwise no treatment then such hair will not save. Do not hang on your hair either - it's best not to wash your hair for at least one day. Many hairdressers advise not to wash them and even more. What is it for? Skin fat will naturally prevent drying. Listen to professional opinion - stay a couple of days with dirty hair, but then you can enjoy a good wave. Choosing the curling products, pay attention to those that in their composition have a maximum of useful, nutrients. And, of course, the main rule is the choice of a good salon and a master: do not let work with your hair to people who do not have any good experience or appropriate cosmetics. Otherwise, then you will have to deal with very unpleasant consequences. how to care for hair after a perm

A day after the wave

So, you have done a wave, and your reflection inyou are pleasantly pleased with the mirror. Now you need to think about how to take care of your hair after a chemical wave and provide them with maximum power and hydration. In order to keratin tightly "sat down" in the structure of the hair, you have for a few days completely forget about the existence of a hair dryer, ployka, water and other means of care. Yes, you will again have to spend some time with not quite clean hair, if they quickly become fat. However, all this is necessary in order for the initial effect to be fixed for a longer period of time. Otherwise, you risk becoming the owner of a naughty mote of burnt, hard hair. Who will be pleased with this prospect?

Proper washing and combing of hair

Hair exposed to curling,need regular care, which should begin with the proper selection of shampoo. Here the best means, in which there is a permanent, is best. If such a purchase you can not, then just use the softest one that you can afford. Do not forget about balsams - without them, treatment will be ineffective. In addition, balms will soften the effect of shampoo. Also, masks made on the basis of essential oils, which must be used after every fifth wash, are also excellent assistants in this matter. However, we'll talk about this in more detail later. Now about combing. Do not remind that wet hair can not be combed - so you only damage them more. Get a comb with sparse denticles. Not pressing and pulling hair, comb them slowly and smoothly. It is better not to use a hairdryer and wait until the hair dries naturally - use artificial drying only in extreme cases. And do not forget that especially zealous combing makes the curls less elastic - try to comb them carefully.

Restoring the hair

Restoration of hair after a perm -this is a complex process. The treatment should be approached in a comprehensive manner. First of all it is necessary to say about the importance of essential oils - pamper them with your curls as often as possible. A full course of etheric treatment usually amounts to ten procedures. This primarily moisturizes the tips of the hair, as well as protects their structure and prevents further cross-section. When laying, apply foam and balms. In summer, protect your hair from sunlight. For this purpose, wide hats or the constant use of sprays and balms with a high UV protection index will work well. To date, developed a special hair cosmetics, which were subjected to a chemical wave - pay attention to these funds. Do not forget about the folk recipes - nature has created everything for beauty! Decoctions, masks, sprays based on herbs to cook will not be difficult. And the benefits of such funds will be no less than from the expensive professional cosmetics. Apply flowers of calendula, chamomile, decoction of the oak bark - depending on the type of your hair. Now about essential oils. It has already been said that they actively help in the process of hair treatment. Before applying oil to the hair, warm it up a little on a water bath. Especially it concerns solid oils, for example, cocoa butter or coconut oil. In addition, substances in a warm form penetrate faster and more efficiently into the structure of the hair, as if enveloping them. For hair restoration, shea butter, known for its miraculous properties, is perfect. No less effective is wheat germ oil, peach seed oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter. The simple olive oil that you probably have in the kitchen can also give your hair softness and shine. hair restoration after a chemical wave

Medical masks for hair care

Cosmetic mask is a fast and effectiveway to bring hair into good condition. If we are talking about a chemical wave, then the masks are an obligatory component in the complex care. About what kind of mask is better to use, caring for the hair, we will consider below. So:

  • With castor oil, yolk and cream

Here you need one yolk, a pair of spoonscastor oil, a large spoonful of cream and five grams of yeast. All components must be heated in a water bath, then rubbed into the scalp. Keep the mask for about half an hour, then wash your hair with shampoo and rinse with herbal infusion.

  • With castor oil and aloe juice

Take some castor oil and a largespoon of soap (liquid), adding a teaspoon of fresh aloe juice. Preheat the mixture and rub into the roots. After 20-30 minutes, wash off the mask with shampoo and rinse hair using apple cider vinegar. Instead of vinegar, you can take lemon juice. Observe the following proportion 1 large spoonful of juice or vinegar per liter of water.

  • With yolk, lemon juice and vodka

Mix the yolk with a teaspoon of lemon juice, aloeor onions, adding a spoonful of vodka. For thirty minutes rub the mixture into the roots. After the meaning of the mask, rinse the hair in the following way: let the water to infuse on rye bread and wash the hair with such infusion. You will notice how your head of hear will become even more brilliant.

  • With honey and onion juice

To make this mask, take the juicebulbs and several cloves of garlic, as well as a spoonful of honey, yolk and half a glass of shampoo. The mixture must be rubbed into the roots and left for 15 minutes. To wash off not shampoo, and usual water, then rinse with boiled water with glycerin (a spoon of glycerin on 1 liter).

  • Mask for overdried, discolored and dropping hair

This mask will suit those whose hair is strongoverdried or discolored. It is worth saying that this same mask will suit those who need treatment for hair loss. It will take a little juice of aloe and castor oil, as well as a large spoonful of honey. Mix the ingredients and apply on the scalp for about forty minutes. It will not be superfluous after washing your hair to rinse your hair with a decoction of nettle or chamomile - we leave the choice to your discretion.

Photochromotherapy and its features

Many of those who encountered chemicalthey heard about such a procedure as photochromotherapy. Treatment with this technique will improve the appearance of the hair, affecting them with red, yellow, blue and green light. For example, red light allows you to strengthen curls and relieve you of dandruff. Yellow accelerates hair growth, increasing microcirculation. In order to prevent hair loss, green light is used, which expands the capillaries and significantly enhances the blood supply. In turn, blue light destroys the fungus and prevents allergies. However, remember that this therapy is contraindicated for those who have pustular skin diseases and tumor formations or even a predisposition to them. It is inadmissible such treatment and for those who suffer from active focal alopecia. In this case, it is better to delay using hardware procedures. In principle, to ensure that hair after a chemical wave look excellent, you should not make any special effort - just treat them with care, use the right make-up and provide a comprehensive hair care in the form of nutrition and moisturizing. Hair - this is your main luxury, the appearance of which depends only on you!