how to make hair thick The density of hair is affected by the amount of hairfollicles. This amount is inherent in each of us genetically, so many experts believe that any treatment is powerless to make hair thicker than they are from nature. If your hair is naturally thin, thin and weak, then you can make the hair thicker, sturdy, thick and shiny, you can not by any means. The exception is the hair transplant operation - it's fast, but not everyone is available. As a rule, the normal scalp has 120-150 thousand follicles. If the process of formation and growth of hair is balanced, then every day we lose up to a hundred hairs. But there are a lot of reasons that significantly slow down the growth of hair, hair thinning and leading to their loss. If you want to understand how to make hair thick - at home or with the help of specialists - you should know the main "aggressors" - stresses, diseases, dysfunction of internal organs and frequent hair dyeing. There are many methods from which you can choose for yourself how to make hair thicker and thicker. Today we will consider these methods of natural and artificial increase in the density of hair.

Medical methods

If your hair is bothering you with lack ofvitality, dullness and thin brittle hair, then consult a specialist - a trichologist: he can always tell how to make hair thick and lush.

  • Head massage

There are times when some hair folliclesremain asleep, "conserved". For some reason, they do not go through all the stages of proper development. In this case, to activate them and to return to life will help massage the head. This is one of the simplest, but quite effective ways to get hair to become stronger. Such a procedure in most beauty salons is carried out in conjunction with the use of stimulating and fortifying preparations containing proteins necessary for the health of hair and microelements. Correct massage of the head is done by light circular motions with the pads of the fingers.

  • Nutrition and vitamins

Can I make my hair thicker if I startHealthy food? The answer is obvious. The main condition for the growth of thick hair is the intake of the right amount of amino acids in the body. Do not forget about proteins and vitamins. If the body lacks vitamins and trace elements (especially iron), then the development of hair bulbs slows down. Include in your diet products containing vitamins B, C, E and P.

  • Trituration

For healthy hair follicles dailyrub your head with a towel. Do this after dousing or rinsing with water at room temperature. The scalp is rubbed with intense movements until a sensation of heat and "burning" appears. This means how to make hair thicker, and greatly accelerate their growth. In addition, the hair will become shiny. During the procedure, there is an active flow of blood to the roots of the hair, so to increase efficiency, you can tilt your head down. If you want to achieve a positive result, then get a little patience, because the success of this method depends on the regularity of the procedures. After about three to four months of daily grindings, your hair will become noticeably lush and bulky, and the roots will be stronger than they were before. how to make hair thick at home

Tips for hairdressers

Unfortunately, medicine can not always help instruggle with thinning strands. Then the annoying vice can be corrected by a master in a beauty salon who will be able to answer the question of how to make hair thicker. There, together with a specialist, you will choose a hairstyle that visually makes the hair more magnificent. In addition, if you have rare and thin hair, the proceeds will come to the means to increase the volume of hair and special shampoos. Especially useful will be such a means to care for thin long hair, to give volume which is more difficult than short hair.

  • Conditioners

Is it possible to make rare hair thicker, usingconditioner for hair? Unfortunately, hair conditioners only visually impart to the hair the splendor and volume. Naturally, this effect is very short-lived. When choosing this remedy, be guided by its composition: a minimum of chemistry and a maximum of natural ingredients. After applying good conditioners and rinsers, the hair becomes soft and easily combed. Again, this is especially true for caring for long hair - rare and thin long strands are very confused.

  • Shampoo

Do they really know the manufacturers of shampoos,how to make hair thicker? When buying shampoo, pay attention to the fact that it is transparent - this indicates that it contains the minimum amount of coloring substances. Exception - shampoos with silk proteins. It happens that you are at a loss to determine what type of hair you have. Try to avoid shampoos for mixed hair types, it is better to choose the "for all types" product. Now on sale you can find a lot of shampoos, on the label of which it is written that with their help you can very quickly make hair thick. But you must understand that using only shampoo alone will not save your hair. The approach should be comprehensive.

  • Artificial Hair Extensions

In many beauty salons not onlyservices for cosmetological hair care, but also build-up. This method can easily correct the density and structure of the hair. In addition, you can experiment with the color and length of your hairstyle. This method is relatively expensive, but thanks to modern technology, we can no longer worry about how to make thin hair thick. The essence of the buildup is that additional natural strands are attached to the "native" hair at a short distance from the roots. They require the same care as their own hair. That is, you have to wash, stack, model, color them. Now the most popular are four technologies of hair extensions: Spanish, English, Italian and build-up with metal-ceramic clips. The Italian and English methods include the hot method. It consists in the fact that additional strands are fixed on your hair with the help of special resins heated to the required temperature. In Spanish technology, Rueber glue is used instead of resin. If you are concerned with the question of how to make a weak hair thick and do not damage it, then the best option is to build with clips. This method is the safest, because additional strands are attached to their own hair by means of metal rings. However, the hair is not subjected to heat treatment and the effect of any adhesives. Accreted hair regularly serve for four months, after which it will be necessary to make a correction. Well, now you know how to make hair thick with a hairdresser-stylist! how to make hair thicker

Folk remedies

Many generations of women have fought over the problem, likemake hair thick. They left us a lot of proven recipes for masks, rinses, and lapping. You may have to try several options before you find a recipe that "will please" your hair. So, let's start treating hair with folk remedies! To stimulate the growth of oxen and nourishment of the scalp, this composition is suitable: two tablespoons of basil, dried mint, sage and rosemary (all herbs can be purchased in any pharmacy), five drops of lavender essential oil, three drops of peppermint essential oil, two cups of apple cider vinegar . If the hair is already so dry, then you can reduce the proportion of vinegar. Method of preparation: the grass should be thinned, pour with vinegar and oils, insist in a glass container for two weeks, and then strain it well. Application: two tablespoons of this dilute a glass of warm water and rub into the skin once a week, with gentle massage movements. It is best to perform this procedure before going to sleep, so that overnight the infusion has its healing effect, and in the morning, wash it off and wash your head. You will not even have time to look back, how to make the rare and weak hair thick. If you store the prepared product in a dark container, then its shelf life is eight to ten months. There is another effective folk remedy for hair loss. It is recommended to eat berries of sea-buckthorn berries or regularly drink broth from young twigs of this plant. Prepare it simply: one tablespoon of branches boil in one liter of water and cool. After each washing of hair it is very useful to rub in the head sea buckthorn oil. For the thickness of the hair, a mixture of castor oil and calendula is used in a ratio of 1:10. The mixture must be rubbed into the roots of the hair a couple of hours before washing the head. Many girls doubt whether it is possible to make hair thicker if you rinse them with beer. Lovely girls, we assure you that beer is very useful for growth and strengthening of hair. Dark beer - for brunettes, and light - for blondes. Of course, during this procedure you will have to suffer a specific beer smell, but the result justifies all expectations. The bay leaf is famous for its antiseptic properties, it improves blood circulation. For hair care, you can prepare a bay of laurel. Recipe: A handful of leaves boil in a liter of water for twenty minutes. The broth cools and is used to rinse the head after washing. For fans of folk remedies, we recommend making herbal rinsing with a decoction of nettle, burdock and marigold. This broth makes the thin hair thick, and restores the already damaged hairs.

Hair masks

The difference of masks from mashing and rinsing is,that they should be left on the skin for at least half an hour. In addition, the mask is not used more than twice a week. So we advise you to spend a couple of free hours with benefit for yourself. We present a few simple recipes for hair masks.

  • From eggs, yeast and herb decoction

Mix the egg yolk, a tablespoon of yeastand the decoction of the herb that best suits your hair. For example, owners of red head of hair can take calendula, blonde - chamomile, and brunettes and brown-haired women - St. John's Wort. Leave the mixture in a warm place for an hour. After that, pour into the resulting mixture one tablespoon of burdock oil and 10 drops of any aroma oil of your choice. Warm a warm mask from the roots along the entire length of the hair, wrap the head with polyethylene. The procedure time is 30-40 minutes. The mask is easily washed off, simultaneously cleanses the hair, nourishes and stimulates their growth. It is preferable to conduct such treatment courses: once every three days for a month, then take a break for a couple of months.

  • From pine nuts

Another great recipe, how to make liquidhair is more dense, - mask based on butter or pine nuts. Method: carefully rastolkite a handful of pine nuts, gradually pour water. As a result, you should get a thick mushy mass, which is put in ceramic dishes and placed in the oven for half an hour (at a temperature of 150 ° C). When the mixture of consistency begins to resemble milk, it can be reached by their ovens and cooled. This mask is suitable for daily use for two weeks, after which a break is made for two to three months.

  • From milk and almonds

To stimulate hair growth, preparethe next mask: grind half a glass of sweet almonds, dilute it with a small amount of milk to make a creamy mixture. This mask is applied to the hair for two hours, after it is washed off with warm water. For a positive result, it is recommended to carry out the procedure four times a month.

  • Egg-honey mask

Many girls dream about how to make hairvery dense and fascinate anyone with their beautiful curls. Help them in this mask of honey. Ingredients: 1 yolk, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 tea brandy, 1 tablespoon burdock oil. All this is neatly mixed. The resulting mask is applied to the scalp and hair, wrapped in film. The procedure lasts two hours, after which the mask is thoroughly washed off with shampoo. We remind you that before using natural or chemical agents, you should make sure that you do not have allergies to the components that make up them. Now you know how to make hair very thick and healthy. Luxurious head of hair gives the image of any girl a special femininity and attractiveness. It all depends on you: choose, experiment and achieve the best results! We advise you to read: