haircuts for oval face with bangs A beautiful hairstyle is half the success of a woman. It's not a secret for anyone that picking the right haircut is not an easy task. By means of a hairdress it is possible both to underline, and to hide certain lacks. In choosing a style, you should, first of all, take into account the type of person. Finally, the face is fully formed to the adolescent period, when the growth of bones ends. Then the face acquires a definite shape: oval, round, rectangular, square and triangular. Owners of any type of person must find their own style. Chubby girls, for example, are categorically not recommended short haircuts and straight bangs, but for owners of the oval face such hairstyles will suit perfectly. It is necessary to try, experiment, in order to finally find what really beautifies and emphasizes your beauty. It is generally known that, most of all, of course, lucky girls with an oval face shape. They are almost any hairstyle, whether long or short hair, a haircut cascade, romantic curls or bangs. First of all, let's define what an oval face is. Its shape is an elongated circle with smoothed, neat outlines and smooth transitions without angles. In this case, ideal proportions are observed, namely, equal forehead and cheekbones and chin up to 5 cm. Proportionality is also sustained in the width of the face in relation to its height: the width is less than the height by about one and a half times. The most famous representatives of the oval face are Cindy Crawford and Sharon Stone. Try to remember how these famous beauties changed their hairstyles, and they all approached them. But these actresses also have almost perfect appearance. Therefore, we can not fail to mention that the choice of hairstyle largely depends on the features of the face, the presence of bangs, the type of figure, growth and even age.

Facial and hairstyle features

Few women have no complexes aboutappearance. This applies to the owners of the oval face. Someone does not like a large nose or small eyes, someone tries to hide the big ears and high forehead. These problems can be solved with the help of skillfully imposed make-up and correctly chosen hairstyle. So, protruding ears are easy to hide with your hair. Do not try to open your face too much. You can use voluminous wavy haircuts. The length here is not significant. The main thing is that the curls are covered with insufficiently small ears. Chalka, too, for such women will surely be to face. If you have a large nose, do not choose too long or too short a haircut. They will underline your shortcoming. It is best to stay on slightly curling hair of medium length - approximately on the shoulders. Smooth too large features of a straight long bangs. Many are concerned about too high or too low a forehead. It can be easily hidden with a bang. That's just the form you need to choose the right one. The high forehead will not be so noticeable with straight bangs of any length convenient for you. But too low a forehead will successfully correct a bang, combed on its side. haircut with a bang for an oval face

Hairstyle and age

In choosing a haircut be sure to followage. As the popular saying goes, "the older a woman, the shorter the hair." And with this it is impossible not to agree. Let's return at least to Sharon Stone. In the declining years she chose a short haircut. And she was absolutely right in her choice. With such a hairstyle, the actress looks not only elegant, but also significantly younger than her years. Long, curvy hair is inappropriate to wear to women of an age, no matter how ideal they are. A bun is the same for a woman of any age. As for young girls, they can wear long wavy hair and bangs of any length. But you should avoid too short haircuts and fancy high hairstyles. Let it be better that the curls fall freely on the shoulders, framing the face.

Hairstyle and figure

A well-chosen hairstyle pours into the image,harmoniously combined with the growth and features of the figure. Here it is worth remembering one simple pattern: short women are more short haircuts, and tall - long. Thus, the figure looks maximally proportional. However, if you are not very skinny, give up a short haircut. It will greatly increase. Give preference to medium length hair with a small volume. If we talk about the shape and length of the bangs, then it should be noted that full women will not go a long thick bang. It is better to comb it sideways or well profiled.

Types of haircuts with bang for girls with an oval face shape

Short haircuts with bangs.

  • Pixie - the perfect haircut for women with a faceoval type of any age. This is Halle Berry's favorite hairstyle. She looks stylish and seductive and will profitably emphasize the perfect face oval. Especially good pixy is suitable for miniature women. Put this haircut can be both waves, and smoothly. An interesting and fashionable version of the hairstyle is slightly disheveled hair with fixed tips with wax. And to give volume of a haircut of a pixie it is possible by means of hair curlers or a hair dryer - a diffuser.
  • Hairstyle Ganson. Fussy boyish haircut. No wonder its name in French means "boy". On the technique of execution, it also looks like a man's. The hair is processed with thinning scissors in such a way that the curls on the temples and on the back of the neck fit tightly to the head. The bangs are trimmed in the same way. Despite the fact that the garson is originally a man's haircut, it looks very feminine and stylish.
  • Short Bob-kar The options for stacking this gorgeous elegant haircut are huge. It can be both straight and curly locks. You can pick any length and shape.

Haircuts with a bang for women with an oval face and hair of medium length. First of all, let's define that the average length is the hair to the shoulders and just below.

  • Kare This is one of the most popular female haircutsat all times. It is ideal for women with fine hair. The technology of making a haircut will allow your locks to look heavier and thicker. The square can be both classic - up to the shoulders, and shortened - slightly covering the lobes of the ears. Choose a haircut according to the facial features and features of the figure. Chick can also be made to your taste. The choice is yours, although the original option is a square with a straight long bang. After all, the origins of this haircut go to ancient Egypt. It was the cara worn by the famous beauty Cleopatra. It is impossible not to mention the diversity of this haircut in shape. It is interesting to look at the graduated square, at which horizontal strands are maximally stretched. Fashionable and fervently look girls with asymmetrical quads. This haircut is also always in vogue. Many women prefer quads with a cut neck and hair extending to the face. This version of haircuts, however, recently is not very popular.
  • Bob In the classic performance, the bean is executed withoutbangs. However, fashion does not stand still. Stylists decided to refresh this haircut with bangs. It can be of different lengths and combed both forward and sideways. Especially popular is the bean with torn edges.
  • Grooming cesson This is the type of hairstyle with a bang of oval shape and hair, whose length on the sides is shorter than the back. This haircut is a beautiful framing of the face of the oval type, emphasizing its beauty.

Hairstyle for an oval face with a bangs

Haircuts for long hair for owners of oval face shape

You can choose a bang of any shape, based onown preferences and features. However, the ideal options that favorably emphasize the shape of the face, you can call ragged and slanting bangs to the eyebrows and a little lower. Cascade. This hairstyle is very popular among the owners of long hair. And it's not accidental. It is easy and quick to pack it, using only the hair dryer and comb. It looks very advantageous on thin hair, giving them the necessary volume and density. Suitable cascade for both straight and curly hair. A ladder. The stylist cuts his hair in such a way that a smooth transition along the length is formed. In this case, the strands on the vertex are shorter than all the others, and each lower layer is slightly longer than the previous one. The calf is, as a rule, cut straight, to the eyebrows. Thus, the ladder looks like a series of successive steps. She beautifully frames her face and looks very stylish and elegant. Correctly executed haircut can successfully hide some of the shortcomings of the shape of the face. Choose its owner a rather big nose. The scaffold ideally looks as on dense and heavy, and on thin hair. Stacking it is also quite simple. It should only slightly twist the tips inside and make sure that they do not stick. Attached hair will not retain a special stepped form of haircuts. Choose the right haircut with a bang for the owner of an oval face will not be difficult. After all, they fit almost any hair. However, if you doubt your abilities, it is better to consult the services of an experienced hairdresser - a stylist. It will help you create your own unique image and emphasize the beauty of the oval face.