types of bangs Spring comes, then summer, autumn - time goes by,and every woman wants some kind of change. And the easiest way to change yourself is to come up with a new stylish image. Owners of long curls do not immediately radically change themselves, but it is better to start with small changes. For example, try to make a bang or change its length and shape. But in order to take advantage of this advice, you should know what kinds of bangs happen. This acquaintance will be devoted to our article.

What bangs to choose

Naturally, the shape of the bang every womanchooses to your liking. But it also happens that it can not come to your type of person, and then it should not be done at all. But it's better to figure out if this or that option is right for you. Women's bangs can be very different - straight and combed to the side, asymmetrical, torn, oblique, multi-layered, short. And, depending on the type of person, different kinds of bangs are recommended that can completely change your appearance. They will help correct the appearance and hide the small imperfections of the face. The bang also creates an emphasis on the eyes and cheekbones, and with it you can look younger for several years. Different types of haircuts can be used by women of any age, although with fine hair, beauticians do not advise to lower the locks on the forehead, as they quickly zhirneyut - thin curls better to comb on the side. The classic straight bang will emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, but women with very curly locks do not fit. It is inappropriate for them to have a slanting bang, because it will have to be constantly adjusted - it will constantly be lost on its side, and the slanting line will not be visible. And long strands above the eyes are not recommended for those who have poor eyesight. It should also be remembered that for different types of hairstyles and care should be in different ways. And most women have to make daily efforts to look stylish. The first time is best to do a haircut with a good specialist who will be able to offer fashionable in this season types of bangs and determine which one is most suitable for your type of face. bangs species

Tips for choosing a haircut

  • If you are still very young, then you can spend onany experiments to choose a hairstyle. If your age is solid enough, then try to avoid unreasoned drastic changes, because they may not be combined with your style.
  • If you need to make your hair more voluminous, then this will help a wide strand of hair, starting at the crown.
  • If you are tall and slender, then long straight strands can disrupt the proportions of the body and, conversely, with small growth, one should not put hair on the forehead luxuriantly.
  • Curly locks do not necessarily cut, but if you really want this, then be sure to ask the master about all kinds of women's haircuts and together with him choose the suitable option.
  • If you trim the bangs for the first time, do not make it too short. If the result you do not like, then strands on the forehead can be removed and stabbed.

Types of bobs

Types of straight strands on the forehead may be as follows: straight, concave, convex, triangular, asymmetrical, with denticles. Straight short strands are well suited for oval, narrow and triangular faces. A bang with the same length is suitable for different haircuts, a concave bangs are used in "Sassoon" haircut, the oblique is suitable for asymmetrical haircuts, triangular and convex is used for "Kare", and strands with denticles are used for short sporting haircuts. In all types of straight bangs, hair should be thick. So that they lay well, without requiring additional packing, they are cut at an angle of 45 degrees, and then milled. The popularity of the brow does not decrease, and each time something new appears. We bring to your attention the types of oblique strands, which are currently in high demand. They can be long, short, torn. Such a fringe will give the woman not only mystery, but also will allow to throw off some years. But you should also take into account the fact that a long strand of hair visually reduces the face, so for small features the most suitable type of oblique bangs will be a short length with torn milled edges. types of bangs with long hair

The choice of hairstyle depending on the type of person

Having dealt with all kinds of bangs, now followsPay attention to how their choice depends on the shape of the face. If the shape of the face is close to a triangular shape, then its owner will not be very thick bangs, which can also be laid on one side. It is best to give it a rounded shape with longer hair at the edges. In this case, instead of contrasting colored hair should be used lightening. Types of bangs for a round face can be different. For this type, long, asymmetrical, torn bangs fit. Women with a round face can also use thick straight strands. But do not overload them with different styling tools, but, then your hair will look heavy. With the correct selection of the type of hair cuts on the forehead for a round face, it can become more elongated and close to the oval. For a square person should be selected such a hairstyle, which also can extend the face, bringing it to the correct form. And the best way to deal with this asymmetric bangs. The worst option is straight hair. Heavy chin can be balanced with thinned hair on the forehead, smoothly flowing into the bulk of the hair. Types of bangs for the oval face suggest different options. With a narrow oval haircut on the forehead, you should choose a clear geometric shape that visually can expand the face. And for a person close to the ideal shape of the oval, a long slanting, straight, short, combed bangs and other variants will do. To any kind of hairstyle for the oval face, you can choose the appropriate jewelry, which will give the image even more elegance. Especially beautiful look hair, combed from the forehead on the right or left side and pinned beautiful bobby with a flower. You can wear bangs both with loose hair, and with gathered ones, which perfectly match the business style of clothes. Correct its form preferably once a month. But even if the hair needs a forehead to grow strongly, it also does not matter, since stylists can make it the basis of a new image. You already know what hairstyles are, and you can experiment with hair styling on your forehead - you can comb them, for example, back or on your side. If you remove the hair from your forehead and pin it with a pair of invisible ones, and then tie a thin scarf or ribbon on top, you get a new fashionable hairstyle. You can split the hair with a side parting and pin the strand over the eyebrow. Or make a direct parting and fix hair with varnish - such a bang will beautifully border the face. The topic of hair care is very extensive and we were able to provide you with only a small amount of information about what kind of bangs are. After reading our article, you can start experimenting with your hair. Or go to a beauty salon, where an experienced master will give your image a new look and charm. We advise you to read: