how to wind hair Some thirty-seven-year-old Ellie Webb from the United States,left without a job alone with two children, was forced to spend a lot of time looking for work. Everyone knows that appearance plays an important role in job placement, so Ellie had to get up early to look appropriate. That's how she came up with the idea of ​​creating a narrow-minded hairdresser - only for daily hair styling, nothing more, no haircuts, no painting, and only forty dollars, and only thirty-forty minutes. So Ellie Webb from the US earned her first million, and now her network has more than fifty hairdressers. Her motto is: "We will sell women their self-esteem." Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to visit the hairdresser daily, and most women try to make hairstyles on their own. An easy way to make the most beautiful and uncomplicated laying is to curl up. Curls and curls are very different, and the methods of winding depend on the length and structure of your hair. In this article we will look at how to wind hair on curlers or on tongs at home, and give other folk ways of curling. wind hair

Using hair curlers

It is desirable not to use curlers on wethair, and on wet. We do not have much time to dry our hair, and dry hair will not be able to take the form we need (except for the motorbike). To speed up the process of forming curls, you can dry your hair with a conventional hair dryer. Twist the strands in the direction of hair growth, first in the center from the forehead to the nape, and then along the sides from the temples to the back of the head. To make locks natural, the parting should be done not in a straight line, but in a zigzag pattern. And the strand needs to be taken in the appropriate thickness, that is, the larger the diameter of the curler, the thicker the strand of hair is needed. And one more important detail. Twisting the hair on the curler, pull the strands to the roots. Thus, you will give a radical volume to the hair. Types of curlers If we decide how to wind hair at home, the curlers first come to our mind, because this is the easiest way to get curls. There are a variety of shapes of curlers, you only need to choose which of the following methods is suitable for your hair type and to get the desired result.

  • Thermo curlers

Thermobikes are smallPlastic cylinders filled with paraffin or wax. Immediately before the use of curlers it is necessary to warm up to complete dissolution of paraffin, on average it takes no more than five minutes. Then the hot cylinders are wound dry hair in the usual manner, and after complete cooling the thermal hair is removed from the curls. This method is acceptable for the hair is not more than average length and conquers many women for its simplicity and speed of shaping the curl. It's easier to say: while you are washing, breakfast and guide the marafet, the hair curlers cool down, and you just have to comb - the hair is ready!

  • Papillons

Small foam rubber curlers that formcurls "a la African curls." It is best to wrap them at night on slightly damp hair or use a hair styler. One question is how to wind hair, and the other - how to sleep with it. This is the case with the usual methods of curling. But the papillot is one of the most sparing types of hair curlers. They are soft, so they are not felt at all during sleep. And the idea of ​​this method of curling (as well as the name for these hair curlers), we borrowed from our grandmothers. Only paperbacks served as paper or strip of cloth.

  • Velcro curlers

Velcro-stickers, or "hedgehogs," you can usedifferent diameters - depending on what you want to get curls. The larger the diameter of the curler, the larger and larger the curls will be. Very convenient to use due to the fact that they perfectly hold on the hair; but they do not need to be wound on long locks: your hair will either not stick to it, or become entangled. Screw the curlers to the wet strands using a styling aid and do not remove them until the hair dries completely. It should be noted that it is not possible to sleep in such curlers, and for quick drying you can use a hairdryer.

  • Spiral curlers

Hair curlers intended for girls with hair length are notless than twenty centimeters. They differ from the usual twisting of strands in a spiral into the existing grooves. The effect is stunning, curls are formed in the form of curls along the entire length.

Use of forceps, plaques and irons

Another quick and easy waywinding curls is the use of various kinds of electric forceps (plaque, ironing). However, it is also the most harmful, because with such a wave it is likely that you will dry it up or burn your locks. The hair must be clean and dry. The holding time of the metal forceps should not exceed thirty seconds, the ceramic fuses allow longer use - about fifty to sixty seconds for each strand. With this method of winding, pre-treatment of hair by special means for laying is allowed. A great popularity is the use of special ironing to level the curling hair. The question arises: how to wind hair with a device designed not to curl, but straighten? It turns out that it is very easy to create beautiful flowing curls with his help. You can do this as follows: take a small strand and clamp it with iron a few centimeters from the roots of the hair; then, holding the hair by the ends, wrap them once around the ironing. After this, be sure to scroll the device 180 ° so that the wound strand is on the outside of the ironing, and slowly pass through the forceps the remaining strand of hair. how to wind hair for the night

Folk techniques of winding hair

Modern ways of winding hair appearednot so long ago, but how did our grandmothers manage? After all, they did not have any curlers, no hair styling, no time. And now there are situations when we are forced to use improvised means to form beautiful curls and curly hairstyles. We conducted a survey among the readers and found out the most common ways with which you can curl your hair at home.

  • One of the most common folk waysgiving the hair a wavy form - plait at night a few tight braids. Next morning pigtails are weaved and gently combed with fingers. It's very easy to make this hair style.
  • Instead of curlers you can use differentpaper rollers, rags, ropes (so did our grandmothers). Instead of the usual foams and gels for styling, use the usual beer. As a rule, the smell of a foamy drink is very quickly eroded (only take a light beer, it smells less), and the effect from it is no worse than from special means.
  • If you want to have African pigtails,wind hair on bobbin, which is used for chemical perm. It turns out absolutely gorgeous little curls, just like African ones. Screwed hair should not be combed, but only slightly disheveled to give naturalness. Such curls last for more than two days.
  • A good way to wind curls is to make dull flagella from slightly damp strands and stab them in the form of snails, leaving them until completely dry. Curls are natural and magnificent.
  • You can wind curls with differentclips for the hair. To do this, wet the lock on the finger, then carefully remove it, if necessary, loosen the lock and chisel at the base with a clip-pin. For a firm result, first apply the hair to the hair for the styling. If you do not have enough clamps, you can use ordinary invisibles.
  • The effect of wet hair and a small wave can beget, doused hands wet hair with a deposited on them styling means. The method is good because you do not need to comb your hair, and it looks like a natural hairdo.

We hope that now you will not get upthe question is, how to make curls, if you do not have the usual modern hairdresser's gadgets. Our simple tips will help you wind your hair at home. Experiment and do not get scared of the result. This hairstyle can be changed every day, and you will always look well-groomed and beautiful.